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American Mirror | That’s what CNN’s Jeff Zeleny wondered this morning as he noted Clinton has not been in the state since her epic Cleveland coughing fit on Labor Day.

Alex Jones | …and the GOP establishment

Prison Planet.com | Dems distance themselves from Hillary.

Kit Daniels | Debate commission denies Hillary’s request for step-stool.

Matt Drudge | No commercial breaks for Hillary.

Kit Daniels | Current US flag targeted next?

Kit Daniels | Pro-Hillary media already jumping ship.

The Hill | Reddit users appear to have uncovered a two-year-old post from an account believed to belong to Combetta, an engineer with Platte River Networks.

Kit Daniels | Technician asked how to strip VERY VIP emails.

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RT | A “potential” second explosive device has been safely removed by the NYPD Bomb Squad from a site near the Manhattan area which was hit by a probable homemade pipe bomb earlier in the day.

The Last Refuge | These MSM dolts are so dependent on collaborated and scripted narratives, they can’t even stop themselves from following the script when it makes them look silly.

Kit Daniels | Trump makes it safe for politicians to question “man-made climate change.”

Daily Caller | “Have you endorsed her yet?”

Kit Daniels | Even Jimmy Carter had more black support in loss to Reagan.

Kit Daniels | Google searches on Hillary’s health explode in popularity.

Kit Daniels | Infighting erupts inside mainstream media!

Kit Daniels | Blue sunglasses routinely worn by epilepsy patients.

Kit Daniels | Even the pro-Hillary media now questions Hillary’s health.

Kit Daniels | Several former first ladies acted as de facto presidents.

Paul Joseph Watson | EMS workers in bullet proof vests traveled with Clinton’s motorcade.

Kit Daniels | Beefcake Michelle shows off masculine physique next to skinny president.

Kit Daniels | But what the hell is the acronym Aleppo?

Kit Daniels | Bill Clinton calls himself racist.

Clifford Cunningham | Donations to Hillary Clinton allowed under new directive.

Kit Daniels | Pro-Hillary media conceding defeat to Trump.

Kit Daniels | Media unable to hide Hillary’s failing health.

Prison Planet.com | This is why the press never asks Hillary real questions.

Kit Daniels | An icon of human liberty.

Kit Daniels | W.H. pushing Russian hacking conspiracy theory, despite no proof

Infowars.com | Clintons linked to 100s of suspicious political deaths.

Kit Daniels | Trump talks economy to hundreds of black leaders.

Weekly Standard | MORE LIES.

Kit Daniels | Physical barriers needed for border security, Hillary said.

Kit Daniels | Libertarian Party no longer libertarian.

Controversial Times | The game is being called the “Salute to the Military”.

Kit Daniels | Trump, Nieto promote nationalism of U.S. and Mexico.

Kit Daniels | …And Jeh now wants DHS to “oversee” presidential election!

Kit Daniels | Banksters using Brexit as false flag to avoid responsibility.

Conservative Daily Post | There are a ton of issues with his actions, but the leading factor that drove his position towards hating America came from one source: Islam.

Information Liberation | Wow, what an interesting coincidence!

Kit Daniels | Alex Jones triggers Hillary Clinton!

Kit Daniels | Unusual stock market activity only hours before Hillary causes biotech collapse.

Kit Daniels | Low dietary selenium could be a risk factor for Zika-related defects, says UNC study.

Kit Daniels | Obama spends more time on golf course, despite Trump owning several.

Kit Daniels | Pentagon denies, but evidence suggests otherwise.

Kit Daniels | Black shooting victims ignored because they weren’t shot by police.

Kit Daniels | Hillary apparently suffers Parkinson’s or a similar disease.

Alex Jones | Let’s stop fake elections by the elite.

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