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Kit Daniels | Unbound delegates flip to Trump, pushing him past 1,237.

Information Liberation | Trump slammed Kristol as a “loser” and a “real lightweight.”

Alex Jones | Mainstream media reveals globalist fears over Trump.

Kit Daniels | Obama’s proxy army eradicating Christianity.

Kit Daniels | Migrant police force to likely enforce Sharia law.

Kit Daniels | Beck’s turning into an American Psycho trojan horse.

Kit Daniels | Proposed bill would create database to monitor gun owners.

Kit Daniels | Trump gains 90% of young voters who had supported Hillary!

Kit Daniels | Yet Hillary’s top donor funded Ferguson rioters and violent activists in Ukraine.

Kit Daniels | Incident sparks bathroom debate – and discussion over Michelle Obama.

Kit Daniels | Senator praises her private security while eradicating your gun rights.

Kit Daniels | Poll proves Redskins “debate” whipped up by perpetually offended media.

Kit Daniels | Clinton was also notably silent during Benghazi attack.

FoxNews.com | Hannity went on to question whether the newspaper would interview women including Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. All three have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Kit Daniels | Francis claims ISIS similar to Jesus sending his disciples to all nations.

Kit Daniels | President failed to meet expectations, he said.

Kit Daniels | Shock: MSM admits Clinton campaign dying!

Kit Daniels | Former Rand Paul pollster Tony Fabrizio joins Trump 2016.

Kit Daniels | Bernie pushes “free college” while his wife bankrupts school.

Kit Daniels | TSA agents stood around and cracked jokes while passengers waited over four hours.

Kit Daniels | “For Trump to be a bigot, there should be hundreds of examples over his 40 year career, which there’s not,” student says.

Prison Planet.com | Movie reveals why you NEED to prepare for an EMP attack.

Kacie Burnett | Everyone’s been making a big stink out of LGBT inclusion.

Kit Daniels | Don’t be fooled: Politician Obama couldn’t care less about individual rights.

Kit Daniels | Here’s how the proposed wall would serve as a gateway to America.

Kit Daniels | Wendy’s announcement leads to fully robotic restaurants.

Kit Daniels | Are the elite intentionally using the Olympics to spread Zika worldwide?

Kit Daniels | If Hillary steals nomination, Trump gains Bernie voters.

Kit Daniels | Hypocrisy: Mexican govt. attacks Trump but won’t help migrants.

Kit Daniels | Zombie Ted Cruz to chase Trump?

Kit Daniels | Hillary tells GOPe she represents them better than Trump.

Kit Daniels | Sizable percentage of Democrats choosing Trump over Clinton.

Paul Joseph Watson | Curt Schilling says network is “bigoted and intolerant” to non-liberals.

Forbes | Others claim they will leave if Hillary is elected.

Kit Daniels | Trump previously called for release of 28 pages of 9/11 report.

Kit Daniels | Dems unveil 10′ Trump piñata in St. Louis.

Kit Daniels | Trump has “electrified U.S. politics in a way nobody has ever seen,” Morgan says.

Kit Daniels | Trump finally defeats everyone in GOP race.

Kit Daniels | Blogger who exposed voter fraud died right before primary.

Kit Daniels | “That was reported, and nobody talks about it,” Trump says about mainstream media.

Kit Daniels | Most bizarre statement of the presidential campaign?

Kit Daniels | From Facebook to porn, people are replacing real, tangible life experiences with a fantasy world.

Kit Daniels | Activists attempt to storm hotel where Trump is speaking.

Kit Daniels | Target could lose over $1.5 billion annually.

Kit Daniels | Protestors block traffic, harass Trump supporters.

Paul Joseph Watson | Republican frontrunner’s vow to “put the interests of Americans first” draws dark comparison.

Kit Daniels | Trump will likely hit over 1284 delegates even if he loses Indiana.

Kit Daniels | No wonder MSM is rapidly losing viewership.

Kit Daniels | Jesus was intersex, influential pastor says.

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