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Information Liberation | Wow, what an interesting coincidence!

Kit Daniels | Alex Jones triggers Hillary Clinton!

Kit Daniels | Unusual stock market activity only hours before Hillary causes biotech collapse.

Kit Daniels | Low dietary selenium could be a risk factor for Zika-related defects, says UNC study.

Kit Daniels | Obama spends more time on golf course, despite Trump owning several.

Kit Daniels | Pentagon denies, but evidence suggests otherwise.

Kit Daniels | Black shooting victims ignored because they weren’t shot by police.

Kit Daniels | Hillary apparently suffers Parkinson’s or a similar disease.

Alex Jones | Let’s stop fake elections by the elite.

Kit Daniels | Hillary even admitted U.S. created al-Qaeda, the precursor of ISIS.

Kit Daniels | Video: Clinton counted on death of Obama to win 2008 nomination.

Kit Daniels | I’ve got two guns, and if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem, Biden said.

Kit Daniels | Hipster liberals triggered by Trump’s gun statement.

Kit Daniels | Man attacked for wearing Trump t-shirt in public.

Kit Daniels | Shooter ignores “No Guns” sign when he attacks Trump voter.

Kit Daniels | Bill Clinton comes to her mind when Hillary says “opponent.”

Kit Daniels | Clinton hasn’t held a press conference since Dec. 2015

Kit Daniels | Trump signals the end of establishment media.

Jamie White | Dishonest media clicking its heels three times to try to make Trump go away.

Kit Daniels | Share this list to every establishment leftist you know.

Wayne Madsen | Khan defends Sharia law responsible for the executions of gays and women in 11 countries.

Kit Daniels | The Kenyan King resorts to desperation as Hillary falls behind.

WND News | Says Mark Zuckerberg ‘stabs America in the back’.

American Mirror | “Hey, maybe they’re a Hillary person.”

Kit Daniels | Did you know the Bushes & Clintons party together?

Buzzed | “You can’t forget that Hillary Clinton is a player as well, and she’s an awful candidate.”

Steve Watson | GOP Nominee’s campaign denounces Clinton’s “globalist agenda”

Kit Daniels | O’Keefe strikes again: Project Veritas exposes disunity of DNC.

Mikael Thalen | Crowd outraged after Sanders continues support for Clinton.

UK Mirror | The shooting is reported to have broken out at Club Blu in Fort Myers, Florida, in the early hours of the morning.

RT | The design features a photograph of a smiling Clinton, and is a nod to the blue-and-red ‘Hope’ posters we saw from the Obama campaign back in 2008.

Business Insider | Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel ignited a thunderous applause on Thursday night when he became the first openly gay man to address the Republican National Convention and tout his sexuality onstage.

Breitbart | Two executives from Twitter, the social media giant, refused to answer over and over again for more than eight minutes whether the company believes in the basic American principle of freedom of speech.

Kit Daniels | Here’s where the media conspires against Trump.

Prison Planet.com | Paul Ryan doesn’t complain about Secret Service walls protecting HIM.

Prison Planet.com | Why Karl Rove failed to stop Trump.

Prison Planet.com | Wall shows how immigration enforcement would work.

Kit Daniels | Rove doing damage control for Bush dynasty.

Kit Daniels | Obama wouldn’t be the worst president ever if Hillary’s elected.

Kit Daniels | Last ditch effort to stop Trump exposed by Infowars.

Kit Daniels | Here’s why BLM is only creating division.

Kurt Nimmo | Candidate cynically panders to welfare class voting Democrat.

Infowars.com | Former Bush kingmaker scared of reporters!

Breitbart | The California newspaper hid the actual poll numbers in the eighth paragraph.

Breitbart | The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) is specifically named as having connections to terror.

Mike Cernovich | If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone.

Kit Daniels | Speaker list points to Pence as running mate.

Kit Daniels | It’s statistically rare for robbers to use AK-47s, according to the FBI.

Kit Daniels | FAA likely approving no-fly zones for political reasons.

Kurt Nimmo | Questions her mental capacity to serve on the highest court.

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