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World News

Zero Hedge | “The Russians have been there a long time.”

Michael Krieger | If you have any interest in geopolitics whatsoever, you need to be paying very close attention to the complete and total shit show that is Turkey.

Bill Gertz | High-tech spy vessel carries cable-cutting gear, mini-subs.

Reuters | Two European countries are exploring the possibility of erecting towering steel security fences along parts of their borders.

Sputnik | The wing fragment was found on the coast of Reunion on July 29 and identified as a “flaperon” of a Boeing 777 a few days later.

London Guardian | Train was first to leave Budapest since police blockade ended while move raises concern people were taken to refugee camp.

Eric Zuesse | Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to establish in Syria a military base.

Michael Krieger | Chinese warships were seen off the coast of Alaska for the first time ever.

Michael Snyder | Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced legislation that would deal a tremendous blow to the U.S. dollar.

Charles Hugh Smith | China’s double-bind is especially instructive.

Louder With Crowder | RACIST.

RT | Already, the mission has conducted several recent strikes.

London Independent | Germany has urged counties to accept binding quotas of refugees but the proposal has been rejected by several eastern European states.

Daily Beast | To take down the so-called Islamic State in Syria, the influential former head of the CIA wants to co-opt jihadists from America’s arch foe.

Tony Cartalucci | ISIS is not sustaining its fighting capacity from within Iraq or Syria, but rather through supply lines that lead to and from adjacent nations.

Zero Hedge | Would Putin abandon his protege?

The Daily Sheeple | For the third time this month, the Chinese have witnessed a massive chemical explosion in one of their cities.

Gateway Pundit | There are nearly 4 million Syrian refugees in five host countries.

London Independent | Bombing reportedly left 15 civilians – including six children – dead.

RT | Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has called for more European countries to join airstrikes against Islamic State, claiming that bombing will relieve the refugee crisis.

Zero Hedge | “There may be hazardous substances dating from the Second World War in the hidden train, which I’m convinced exists.”

RT | Ukraine is hosting naval military exercise in the Black Sea with NATO forces.

RT | A nuclear strike against Afghanistan was on the table in Washington in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Reuters | An air strike by warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition killed 36 civilians working at a bottling plant in the northern Yemeni province of Hajjah on Sunday, residents said.

TheAntiMedia.org |The U.S. ranks 20th.

Mac Slavo | For many, the Cold War tensions with Russia had become a distant memory… until, of course, NATO and Russia squared off over the Ukraine issue.

Kit Daniels | Pope wishes LGBT author “ever more fruitful work in the service of young generations.”

Eric Zuesse | The U.S.-backed Ukrainian Armed Forces, on Wednesday August 26th, resumed their all-out war against the breakaway Donbass region

London Independent | Libyan coastguard said around 200 people had been rescued.

RT | The largest NATO airborne drills in Europe since the end of the Cold War aim to reassure allies against external aggression threat.

RT | A Forbes report on alleged Russian army casualties in Ukraine citing a dodgy Russian website has sparked a media and Twitter storm.

Tony Cartalucci | Along with an ongoing naval blockade and months of bombing raids, the ground invasion adds a lethal new dimension to the conflict – for both sides.

London Guardian | Birmingham-born hacker, who adopted the nom de guerre Abu Hussain al-Britani, said to have been killed in Syria.

Sputnik | We look at why the new China-Russia exercises demonstrate a new level of trust between the countries, as well as China’s emergence as a military power.

thenextweb.com | Mobile internet services have been blocked in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Daniel McAdams | Just fourteen years after al-Qaeda attacked New York, the New York Times is wondering why the Obama Administration is not cooperating more closely with al-Qaeda.

Bloomberg | China’s stocks extended the steepest five-day drop since 1996 in volatile trading as lower interest rates failed to halt a $5 trillion rout.

Sputnik | The US’ decision to deploy its state-of-the-art F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to Europe is nothing more than a provocative move, according to Richard Labeviere.

Michael Krieger | There are only two logical conclusions that can be reached about American foreign policy leadership in the 21st century.

BBC News | The Moroccan’s phone showed that he had watched a jihadist video shortly before launching the attack.

NY Times | Oil appears to be rapidly turning into an ever-cheaper economic curse.

London Independent | Baidu, stopping citizens looking for information about financial chaos.

Speisa.com | A powerful explosive device detonated next to a police bus in Tumba, where four policemen sat.

Sputnik | The United States continues to flex its muscles and provoke Russia – the US Air Force announced it would deploy its F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to Europe to “enhance regional security.”

Mac Slavo | Last week North and South Korea exchanged live artillery fire across the demilitarized zone known as the 39th parallel.

London Independent | Military officials said deployment of the submarines was the largest in the region since the Korean War.

BBC News | Islamic State militants have destroyed Palmyra’s ancient temple of Baalshamin, Syrian officials and activists say.

Sputnik | It is hard to say what US leadership was exactly thinking.

Zero Hedge | The collapse in rates is nothing short of a bloodbath.

LBC | Nigel Farage told LBC that the EU’s open borders must be closed to stop Isis reaching Britain.

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