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London Independent | The crux of the deal is a US promise to join forces with the Russian air force to share targeting and coordinate an expanded bombing campaign.

London Guardian | “There is strong reason to believe that the government’s withdrawal decision would be unlawful, and hence that the notification would be invalid.”

Breitbart | Soros has said Angela Merkel provoked the migrant crisis with her open-door policy, which brought “chaos” to the continent.

UK Mirror | The extremist group has released a graphic showing its strongholds around the world.

Reddit | This past weekend has seen three separate attacks on Danish students by young Arab immigrants.

UK Express | BELEAGUERED Angela Merkel is facing calls for a referendum to free German people of “EU slavery” in the wake of Britain’s sensational decision to cut ties with Brussels.

Politico | “Yet another terrorist attack, this time in Turkey. Will the world ever realize what is going on? So sad,” Trump tweeted.

Zero Hedge | Jean-Claude Juncker, perhaps once again under the influence, is seemingly engaged in a one-man crusade to accelerate and crush any last hope of an amicable UK departure.

Sputnik | In the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attack at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Sputnik looks offers a brief glimpse of similar incidents that occurred in the country over the past year.

Daily Mail | Britain will refuse to sign a free trade deal with the EU unless it includes curbs on free movement David Cameron told leaders as he admitted it was immigration fears which led to the Brexit.

Reuters | Several online travel sites have seen a jump in queries from Americans about travel to the United Kingdom since it voted to leave the European Union.

CNS News | A Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman sparred with a CNN anchor Monday over the process for vetting Syrian refugees.

Sputnik | What is likely an unfortunate design fail is nonetheless disconcerting in the wake of the military coalition’s major buildup along the Russian border, led by German troops.

RT | The online petition carries no legal authority.

Zero Hedge | It appears The Brits may have dodged more than a bullet in their decision to leave The EU.

Bloomberg | The upheaval in the U.K. after its Brexit referendum in favor of leaving the European Union has similarities to the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman.

London Guardian | Decision deals major blow to leave campaign leaders, who show no sign of wanting to launch formal proceedings.

PJ Media | A new video released by ISIS today that heavily praised Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen also made specific threats against San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Reuters | German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff has said politicians in London should be able to have the chance to think again about the consequences of leaving the European Union.

Breitbart | Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has announced that he will be leading a gay pride march through one of Sweden’s Muslim ghettos in Stockholm in a few weeks’ time.

London Independent | ‘We have to accept the decision that was made’

London Independent | ‘It was the moment it really sunk in for all of us that it was over,’ says a Cameron aide.

Zero Hedge | It appears Brits are quick to rotate from their Pounds Sterling into pet yellow rocks as Gold prices spike (in GBP) explode almost 15% overnight… the most in 42 years…

Information Liberation | Brexit fever is spreading, politicians all over Europe are calling for their own referendums on ditching the EU superstate.

Breitbart | As Breitbart News predicted, severe flooding hammering the UK on Election Day depressed British turnout enough to assure a victory for the “Brexit” from the European Union.

Reuters | A masked man took hostages at a cinema in western Germany on Thursday before police stormed the complex and shot him dead, police said.

London Telegraph | The day of Britain’s vote to decide its future with the European Union, will also be marked by another unusual event: the arrival of Donald Trump in the United Kingdom.

Zero Hedge | YouGov will be the de facto exit poll, and in the absence of official exit polls, the YouGov survey will be closely watched by FX traders who will not be sleeping much if at all tomorrow night.

Prison Planet.com | The people are to blame for everything according to the German president.

Reuters | The offensive aims to sever the group’s only major route to the outside world.

Pamela Geller | Monitor the mosques.

RT | Russia will take adequate measures to counter NATO’s increasingly “aggressive rhetoric,” President Vladimir Putin told MPs.

Prison Planet.com | “I believe that this Thursday will be our countries independence day.”

Breitbart | Premier League football clubs have rushed to distance themselves from claims they support a Remain vote in Thursday’s referendum.

Breitbart | Americans are once again forced to face the threat of ISIS-inspired terrorism.

London Independent | Nearly a third of Leave voters believe Britain’s intelligence agency MI5 is in cahoots with the Government to stop Britain leaving the European Union, according to a new poll.

Sputnik | Russia is emerging as a global power as the European Union collapses, US billionaire investor George Soros said.

Breitbart | Belgian authorities took a man into custody following a pre-dawn security alert at a major shopping center in downtown Brussels early Tuesday.

London Independent | Police were called to disperse the attackers, resulting in tear gas and rubber bullets being fired.

London Independent | ‘What we are seeing here is the Prime Minister and the Remain campaign trying to conflate the actions of one crazed individual with the motives of half of Britain,’ says Ukip leader.

CNS News | “We have an obligation when the administration won’t call it what it is, to start calling it what it is.”

Spunik | The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for four years already, expressed his support for Brexit.

RT | Italy’s eurosceptic anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) has achieved a breakthrough by winning mayoral elections in Rome and Turin.

London Guardian | Special police units who searched the house of the man arrested after the killing of Jo Cox are believed to have found samples of Nazi regalia and far-rightwing literature.

RT | Bucking current US policy, dozens of State Department officials have reportedly signed an internal document calling for military action and regime change in Syria.

Truth Revolt | “Dramatic rise in Islamophobia among Germans”

Information Liberation | The 20-year-old Iraqi migrant who raped a 10-year-old boy in Vienna, Austria was only sentenced to six years due to his “young age” and “unfavorable life conditions.”

McClatchy | CIA Director John Brennan will tell Congress on Thursday that Islamic State militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West.

Daily Caller | In 2001, Al-Marayati suggested that Israel — not Islamic extremists — was ultimately behind the September 11 terror attacks.

UK Express | VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to bolster Russia’s military training after condemning NATO’s plans to deploy more forces in Eastern Europe.

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