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World News

London Independent | Russia has built up a “substantial” military presence including ground troops in Syria, according to the Nato secretary-general.

UK Mirror | The move is a blow to Britain and America’s mission to wipe out ISIS but maintain an opposition to brutal dictator President Bashar al-Assad.

Zero Hedge | “Russia has moved several ground combat weapons and troops into the area.”

RT | Increasing numbers of MPs are signaling support for UK military action against Islamic State in Syria.

RT | The number of refugees and migrants expected to arrive in Germany by the end of 2015 has soared to 1.5mn.

RT | The iconic arch at the UNESCO heritage site in Syria’s Palmyra has been blown up by ISIS jihadists.

Truth Revolt | Acid attacks in the UK have doubled in the last ten years.

Zero Hedge | Russia looks to supplant the US as the superpower puppet master.

Breitbart | He repeated his promise that if he was elected he would send any Syrian refugees back.

CNN | “It just won’t work, and they’re going to stay there for a while.”

Sputnik | With its airstrikes in Syria against the ISIL terrorists, Moscow “caught the White House off guard,” German newspaper Die Welt wrote.

Truth Revolt | Israeli Police Inspector: “They were close enough.”

Kurt Nimmo | Gun laws are about confiscation, not ending violence.

Tony Cartalucci | There Are no Moderates, and There Never Were.

London Independent | Russian Foreign Minister insists Moscow sees ‘eye-to-eye’ with US-led coalition in wanting to combat Isis militants.

RT | Six decades after the events, a series of unreleased videos has seen the light of day.

The Australian | A massive police operation is under way in Parramatta in Sydney’s west after two people were shot dead.

Michael Krieger | Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney smiled and repeatedly said, “Nice to see you.”

Sky News | Moscow releases new footage of a warplane attack, as the Defence Ministry says 18 airstrikes have been conducted since last night.

Michael Krieger | The following would be funny, if it weren’t so incredibly sad. The United Nations’ spiral into clownish insignificance continues unabated.

London Independent | A second day of bombing on Thursday has reportedly hit areas held by other Islamist groups.

Sputnik | Another explosion rocked southern China’s Guangxi province on Thursday, just hours after several parcel bombs went off in the region, local media reported.

RT | Syrian state television named at least seven areas targeted by the air strikes.

Zero Hedge | A series of at least 17 “massive” explosions rocked the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou earlier today.

Sputnik | Surprised US defense officials are concerned about the decision by Iraq’s Joint Operations Command.

Haartez | Over 10 different attacks in Syria have been attributed to Israel over the past two and a half years – but Russia’s presence in Syria could soon change that.

London Independent | The three men were convicted of accosting three teenager girls in Cambridge city centre in 2014.

RT | The US will open “lines of communication” with Russia to avoid “misjudgment and miscalculation” as a US-led coalition conducts strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Zero Hedge | The prince, who is not named for security reasons, wrote two letters earlier this month calling for the king to be removed.

Washington Times | Nuclear annihilation across the globe.

Weekly Standard | Late last week, time ran out.

Yahoo News | Space agency says no, but like life on Mars, the idea isn’t so far-fetched.

CNS News | Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that relations between his country and the United States were “at a pretty low level,” and he blamed the U.S. for the deterioration.

RT | US warplanes hit Taliban positions near the city of Kunduz, captured the day before by Taliban forces.

Michael Krieger | Nothing screams out human rights like bombing women and children at a wedding party.

Michael Snyder | According to the Jerusalem Post, such a resolution is still very much in play.

Washington Free Beacon | U.S. defense officials have confirmed that military equipment issued by the United States to Syrian rebel fighters has been funneled to an al Qaeda offshoot.

London Guardian | Liquid water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars.

London Telegraph | University of East Anglia student union officials orders Tex-Mex restaurant to stop handing out free sombreros to students.

Zero Hedge | Last Thursday, we asked if China was set to join Russia and Iran in support of the Assad regime in Syria.

London Telegraph | Mark Prendeville, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was moved out of sight of other patients by staff at a Kent hospital.

RT | France has carried out its first airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria, the Élysées Palace said in a statement.

Sputnik | They are – not in total, but in part – a creation of Western interventions in the region.”

RT | US has been getting ready for a possible war involving Russia in Europe’s Baltic States, German media reports.

ABNA | ISIS has executed a 22-year-old girl in the town of Khacham in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour.

Zero Hedge | China has made two things absolutely clear this year.

RT | Until recently, police officers were only allowed to fire when their own lives were in danger.

RT | Germany is often the preferred destination of refugees seeking to settle in Europe.

Truth Revolt | Do as I say, not as I do.

Washington Times | The pope, traveling to the U.S. for the first time, has made a special appeal to Americans to welcome immigrants.

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