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The Hill | Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the nation’s top military officer, said Thursday that reports that U.S. payments to Iran will go to the Iranian military are “troubling.”

RT | Speaking to the US Senate, the Pentagon’s leaders blamed Russia for the Aleppo aid convoy attack, but admitted they “had no facts.”

RT | After 15 years of wars, a majority of US service members are deeply skeptical about America’s foreign interventions.

Information Liberation | Disturbing video reportedly out of London shows a black male violently kick an old white man to the ground while two female onlookers, one of whom filmed the incident, are heard laughing over the attack.

Louder With Crowder | Countries with sharia law have a track record when it comes to punishment overkill.

Information Liberation | This is what feminism hath brought us.

London Independent | Officials say initial tests of the agent used reveal it to be ‘poorly weaponised’ and ‘ineffective’.

UK Express | SWEDISH police are losing the battle against increasing levels crime and violence in the country as now 55 areas have been labelled as “no-go” zones.

RT | A polling expert has dismissed claims Brits are experiencing ‘buyers’ remorse’ over Brexit, insisting most people in the country do not regret voting to leave the European Union.

Information Liberation | Germans are on track to becoming a minority in their own country.

Daily Mail | Group plots Paris-style carnage.

Sky News | The US believes Russian jets carried out a deadly airstrike as Moscow says drone footage shows a militant vehicle near the convoy.

Information Liberation | A 22-year-old Afghan “refugee” who sodomized a 4-year-old boy will only serve 2 years and 4 months in jail because the judge said it wasn’t really rape and he may suffer from “severe detention sensitivity.”

Breitbart | The French government plans to open a rehabilitation centre for young Muslims who have been radicalised by Salafists, but critics are wary of the programme.

Michael Snyder | Staunchly defended globalism.

Washington Free Beacon | Obama admin criticized for ‘strategic patience’ in wake of Pyongyang’s latest nuke test

Speisa | The weekend has been fierce for police and firefighters in Sweden again. Among several other things, more than 15 cars were set on fire, shootings – with one man shot, and four stabbed with knife.

RT | The US State Department was quick to vent its outrage, blaming Damascus and Moscow for the attack.

Information Liberation | In the past few months, over 70 cars have been set ablaze in the culturally enriched utopia of Malmo, Sweden — yet the government and media establishment just can’t seem to guess why.

Michael Krieger | And you wonder why everyone despises mainstream media.

Daily Mail | Angela Merkel’s party has made historic losses in elections for the Berlin state parliament after a mayor warned of a resurgence of Nazis in Germany.

Sputnik | The airstrike is unlikely to have been unintentional despite the Pentagon’s claims to the contrary.

Information Liberation | The best way to keep Muslims from blowing stuff up in our countries is to import them without limits and show them “authentic hospitality,” so says Pope Francis.

Daily Mail | A Turkish court on Sunday released a man who confessed to kicking a young woman in the face on an Istanbul bus because she was wearing shorts.

Truth Revolt | Not a woman or child among them.

Information Liberation | The U.S. admitted hours ago they “may” have been responsible for the attack which reportedly killed 62 Syrian soldiers.

Times of London | Nato rival will not happen, vows defence secretary.

London Independent | Isis could have been invented by the US to “justify the devastation, partitioning and occupation” of the Middle East, writes Noha Al-Sharnoubi.

CNS News | Obama also said is that “[d]angerous changed in our climate, caused mainly by human activity…are happening now.”

RT | Japan has announced plans to increase joint military activities with allies in South East Asia to counter Chinese dominance around disputed reefs in the East China and South China Seas.

London Telegraph | Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands.

Michael Snyder | United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has harshly criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank and is calling for urgent action to save “the two state solution”.

Daily Mail | Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one.

London Telegraph | “Now we are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own.”

RT | President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker dismissed claims that he is an excessive drinker… during a boozy interview.

The Local | A 15-year-old boy who was reportedly intending to carry out a terror attack has been arrested in Paris.

Washington Free Beacon | Cash payment by U.S. goes to Iran’s military budget, report finds.

CNS News | Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson briefed Senate and House Judiciary subcommittees on the issue on Tuesday.

RT | Obama blasted Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump for offering a soundbite to the Larry King Politicking Show that airs on RT.

Michael Snyder | A little more than four months from now Barack Obama’s time in the White House is scheduled to end.

London Telegraph | An Austrian cardinal who is one of the frontrunners to be the next pope has warned of an “Islamic conquest of Europe”.

London Independent | Investigators say 17-year-old suspect had been trained with weapons and explosives in Raqqa.

CNS News | They kidnapped young girls for sex, filmed the abuse and texted it to the girls’ families.

Fox News | Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy surveillance aircraft flying close to Iranian territory in the Persian Gulf over the weekend.

Zero Hedge | SANA news agency said the warplane had attacked an army position at 1 a.m. on Tuesday in the southern Quneitra countryside. It claimed that it and a drone were then shot down.

Breitbart | Migrants with recognised refugee status are holidaying in the countries they supposedly “fled”, with their vacations funded by German taxpayers, a newspaper has found.

Daily Mail | Germany has at least 520 Islamic militants living in the country who are capable of lone-wolf attacks or ‘hit team’ strikes at any time, the country’s interior minister has warned.

CNS News | With three weeks of the fiscal year to go, the Obama administration has exceeded its Syrian refugee admission target by 15 percent, with 11,491 resettled in the United States as of the beginning of this week.

Speisa | Weekends in Sweden are not as peaceful as they used to be. Being relatively calm during the week, immigrant youths turn Swedish suburbs into war zones as soon as the weekend arrives.

AFP | The eight-day joint exercises will include a focus on “seizing and controlling” islands and shoals, Chinese navy spokesman Liang Yang said in a statement.

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