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World News

Kit Daniels | Russian Air Force equips jets with air-to-air missiles.

RT | Russia warns that Islamic State is taking control of heroin production and trafficking.

RT | The Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations came into force in early June this year.

Truth Revolt | As usual, the laugh is on us.

Zero Hedge | Russia does indeed have economic interests in Turkey.

RT | Meanwhile journalists who broke the news face similar charges.

RT | Terrorist group Islamic State earns millions of dollars selling oil on the black market in Turkey.

Tony Cartalucci | US demands Turkey to “seal” notorious 100 km border region with Syria, but may be pretext to invade and establish long-sought after “safe haven” for terrorists in Syria.

Zero Hedge | The Kurds’ move to sell crude independent of Baghdad stems from a long-running budget dispute.

UK Express | AIRLINE officials have launched an investigation after Arabic graffiti was found daubed on planes in France.

London Guardian | France steps up diplomatic efforts to get consensus on a global deal six days before official talks conclude.

RT | Commercial-scale oil smuggling from Islamic State controlled territory into Turkey must be stopped, Putin said after meeting Hollande in Moscow.

RT | Beijing plans to set up a naval facility in Djibouti, East Africa, to boost counter-piracy and peacekeeping efforts, officials say.

Daily Mail | Takes a veiled shot at Merkel by saying ‘It was not France that said to come’.

Zero Hedge | The cargo consisted of 781 shotguns model “Winchester SXP” from 12-51 cm, 66 shotguns “Winchester SXP” from 12-41 cm. 15 rifle and kicking.

Zero Hedge | Russia could even take down targets over northern Israel.

Bloomberg | President Xi Jinping announced a major overhaul of China’s military.

London Telegraph | Russian president says Moscow had given prior information to the United States of the flight path of the plane downed by Turkey.

Steve Watson | Propaganda video mocks Obama’s cooking of intel reports; laughs at solider suicides.

Gateway Pundit | Former CIA Director Michael Morell said Obama did not bomb ISIS’s oil infrastructure because of environmental concerns.

Sputnik | Islamic State and al-Nusra Front militants are intentionally targeting Russian journalists.

RT | A hellish nightmare welcome to one of Europe’s most tolerant nations.

Daniel McAdams | Why are Turkey and the US and its allies protecting ISIS?

RT | Lavrov added that many Russian partners called the incident “an obvious ambush.”

CNS News | The U.S. military conducted a second wave of attacks on (parked) ISIS oil tankers in Syria on Sunday, Nov. 22, but the attack fell short of its goal.

London Guardian | Navigator of Su-24 jet rescued after Syrian special forces and Hezbollah conduct 12-hour operation in rebel-held territory.

RT | Some Turkish officials have ‘direct financial interest’ in the oil trade with the terrorist group Islamic State.

Rebel Media | Why aren’t those buildings in rubble?

RT | Airspace violation contested.

Kit Daniels | Months before Turkey shot down Russian jet, prime minister was shipping guns to ISIS.

Gateway Pundit | They won’t hesitate to declare war against Republicans.

RT | CNN has come out with a new definition of Islamic State leaders.

BBC News | French police are examining what appears to be a suicide bomb belt dumped on a Paris street following attacks that killed 130 people.

Kit Daniels | Censorship gives officials opportunity to engage in cover-up.

Twitchy | Educational institutions and subways in Brussels, Belgium will be closed on Monday.

UK Express | INTELLIGENCE chiefs fear that British jihadis helped make the suicide vests worn by the Paris attackers and could be plotting a similar outrage in the UK.

Bloomberg | U.S. actions in the Middle East helped Islamic State to gain influence, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, according to Interfax.

RT | Russian airstrikes have torched more than 1,000 tankers taking stolen crude oil to Islamic State refineries.

Zero Hedge | Note that no tin foil hats or conspiracy theories are needed.

Michael Krieger | Mass surveillance at home and endless military projection abroad.

The News Tribune | The exchange this week brought about 80 soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to a military base in the continental U.S.

Reuters | “Several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them – except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket,”

BBC News | A third body has been recovered from the apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis raided by police after last Friday’s attacks, prosecutors say.

Daily Caller | Obama has “closed his mind” to some intelligence reports with which he disagrees.

Zero Hedge | “Around 500 fuel tanker vehicles transporting illegal oil from Syria to Iraq for processing have been destroyed by Russia’s Air Forces.”

AFP | Series of raids target terror suspects as Belgium faces criticism for failing to foil Paris perpetrators.

Gateway Pundit | This audio was reportedly recorded inside the Bataclan that night.

Paul Joseph Watson | Witnesses told not to talk about discovery of bombs.

Gateway Pundit | A new Pew Poll released this week found that 63 million Muslims support the Islamic State in the eleven Muslim countries polled.

Zero Hedge | Will the last remaining superpower, China, join the conflict?

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