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World News

Sputnik | The United States plotted the coup which took place in Ukraine in February 2014 in response to Russia’s policy in Syria.

RT | A bankrupt businessman has driven a car containing gas cylinders into the headquarters of Spain’s ruling People’s Party (PP), which he blames for his misfortune.

Washington’s Blog | Obama Knew Drone Strikes Were Counter-Productive, But Did It Anyway.

Bill Gertz | Five commando units trained for strikes, sabotage.

Sputnik | Eight children, aged between 18 months and 15 years were found stabbed to death on Friday in Cairns, Australia.

Washington Free Beacon | China carried out a long-range missile flight test on Saturday.

Ron Paul | I have a better suggestion if the US truly wants Cuba to become a free and prosperous country…

NY Times | American officials have concluded that North Korea was “centrally involved” in the hacking of Sony Pictures computers.

RT | Western nations want to chain “the Russian bear,” pull out its teeth and ultimately have it stuffed, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned.

AP | ‘Isolation has not worked,’ Obama said in remarks from the White House. ‘It’s time for a new approach.’

Tony Cartalucci | Hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Eric Zuesse | The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia than at any time since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

Zero Hedge | Islamic State militants are launching bombs containing live scorpions as the latest terror weapon in Iraq.

RT | No end seems to be in sight for the plight of the Russian ruble.

Variety | The Sony hackers have threatened a 9/11-like attack on movie theaters that screen Seth Rogen and James Franco’s North Korean comedy.

London Independent | China has developed a long-range pain gun.

CNS News | Told their killers, “We love Yeshua [Jesus], we have always loved Yeshua.”

Deutsche Welle | 15,000 people have marched through the eastern German city of Dresden in an anti-Islam demonstration.

RT | More than 120 people, most of them students, have been killed.

New American | The United Nations and its largely autocratic member regimes agreed to a “historic” deal.

Tony Cartalucci | The latest incident should be examined in the context of ISIS’ genesis.

UK Daily Mail | Four gunmen took at least one hostage in an apartment in the Belgian city of Ghent today, the state prosecution service confirmed.

Business Insider | The campaign is trending on Twitter under the hashtag #Illridewithyou.

Addicting Info | A list of some of the “crimes” that are punishable under the new laws.

Washington’s Blog | Prosecute … Or They Will Do It Again.

News Corp Australia | A SYDNEY court heard details of an alleged terror plot to be carried out in Martin Place in the wake of terror raids in Sydney and Melbourne in September this year.

Eric Zuesse | Washington isn’t out to help the Ukrainian people.

Zero Hedge | The good news is that preparations for yet another world war are taking place.

NY Times | One detainee attempted suicide at least three times.

Sputnik | Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said that people are “trying to make this overly complicated”.

RT | A freight train carrying a whole column of American armored vehicles has been caught on camera in Latvia.

RT | The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has released new information claiming the Bush administration misled the American people in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Bloomberg | A Senate panel voted to give President Barack Obama a three-year authorization to use military force against Islamic State.

CNS News | A bill passed by the U.S. Senate on Thursday could, if enacted, supply Ukrainian forces with U.S. weapons for use against Russian tanks in eastern Ukraine.

RT | The US Navy continues to tout its sophisticated warship laser system.

New American | China’s goal is to “counter the growing trend of fragmentation in the region that directly undermines economic integration.”

Washington Free Beacon | The Pentagon is considering the re-deployment of nuclear cruise missiles in Europe.

RT | The release of the so-called CIA torture report will likely create momentum that will lead to justice, UN special rapporteur for torture Juan Mendez told RT.

Sputnik | Islamic State was identified as the deadliest group with 308 attacks across Iraq and Syria resulting in 2,206 deaths.

BBC News | The Ebola virus that has killed thousands in West Africa is still “running ahead” of efforts to contain it, the head of the World Health Organization has said.

CNS News | The U.S. was obliged under international law “to bring those responsible to justice.”

RT | The CIA paid at least a million dollars to Poland for it to host secret prisons, where it incarcerated alleged 9/11 terror suspects, according to the recent US torture report.

London Independent | ‘Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims’.

Sky News | The CIA’s claims were wholly inaccurate.

Washington Free Beacon | An alleged weapons maker for the Islamic State (IS) claimed that a “radioactive device” has been smuggled into an undisclosed location in Europe.

CNN | Thousands of Marines have been put on a higher state of alert around the world.

RT | Russian gas deliveries were received by Ukraine on Tuesday, with a total of 43.5 million cubic meters to be imported.

Tony Cartalucci | Israel has once again conducted air strikes against the Syrian government and its people.

International Business Times | an attempt to promote transparency in military activities between the two countries.

Washington Times | Congress is increasing procurement of a second bomb-dropping and surveillance unmanned aircraft.

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