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World News

Breitbart | The country has not officially been at war in over 200 years.

Gateway Pundit | The suspected crime took place in Helsinki in the vicinity of the main train station in November.

Breitbart | Italian authorities fear that their worst nightmare is materializing before their eyes.

Sky News | The 22-year-old victim, described as “an angel”, was stabbed to death at a Swedish refugee centre for youngsters aged 14 to 17.

Kit Daniels | “Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men,” Muslim killer said.

Sputnik | The ongoing migration crisis adds significantly to modern-day Europe being turned into a “medieval mess,” according to political analyst Robert Kaplan.

Sky News | One militant holds up a captive’s head and warns he will do the same on the Champs-Elysees in newly released footage.

Zero Hedge | Inspired by the Pentagon in the United States.

Paul Craig Roberts | On the basis of secret evidence, a UK inquiry under orders from Washington decided that the death ten years ago of a low level spy was “probably” ordered by President Putin of Russia.

Prison Planet.com | Lack of evidence has many thinking otherwise

Prison Planet.com | That’s only one of the ways they are stomping out American prosperity

RT | The increased activity of the terrorists was witnessed in several suburbs of Damascus.

Prison Planet.com | Tens of millions of unskilled immigrants are creating a tower of Babel

Prison Planet.com | The Devil lives in the twisted, profane, and diseased because cannot create

RT | Carter discusses ‘accelerating’ ISIS campaign.

Prison Planet.com | Trying to make Africa financially independent ended up costing Muammar his life

Prison Planet.com |No matter who is in office, the elite agenda keeps getting worse

International agreement between some nations to downplay migrant crisis? Wayne Madsen Prison Planet.com January 20, 2016 Evidence that municipal authorities […]

Prison Planet.com | Civil suit determined a conspiracy existed in Dr. King murder

Prison Planet.com | Money to be used for humanitarian aid

Reuters | China is locked in the midst of a protracted slowdown.

Prison Planet.com | Elite use the rapture as cop-out for Christians

Prison Planet.com | Cashless society will have hellish ramifications for everyone

Prison Planet.com | Analyzing the “mark of the beast” and more – Full Show

RT | 45 countries with nuclear facilities are struggling to put basic measures in place.

RT | 400 were also taken hostage.

Reuters | The two Koreas remain in a technical state of war since their 1950-53 conflict ended.

RT | Famed professor also accused the Turkish leader of hypocrisy.

The good is much greater than the evil, and that is the secret | Prison Planet.com

The German people aren’t going to put up with a migrant ‘trojan horse’ | Prison Planet.com

Kit Daniels | Already weak stock markets fall in response to suspected ISIS attack.

Elite use the rapture as cop-out for Christians | Prison Planet.com

A.I. robots that have a conscience will be a new species, an alien one | Prison Planet.com

Prison Planet.com | European media downplays gang-rape epidemic as just a game

Prison Planet.com | Most popular book at U.N. library is about immunity for international crimes

Daily Caller | Oil drops $70 a barrel in only two years.

Reuters | Pope Francis said he was confident the continent could successfully integrate the newcomers.

Zero Hedge | Ultimately, riot police were called in to disperse the crowds who held signs calling for the expulsion of “Rapefugees” and the ouster of Merkel.

RT | As part of global rivalry, not countering Moscow at sea entails the “risk of falling behind,” another Navy chief warned.

Sputnik | Russian military aircraft hit 1097 terrorists targets in Syria and conducted 311 sorties since the beginning of 2016, the Russian General Staff announced.

London Independent | His comments come as the chief of police in Cologne is forced to take early retirement.

Daily Mail | May have taken part in New Year’s Eve attacks.

AFP | A group of Pakistanis and a Syrian were violently attacked by about 20 unknown assailants late Sunday in the German city of Cologne, police said.

Sputnik | The al-Nusra Front terrorist organization attacked a radio station belonging to its FSA allies ahead of a ceasefire which does not include terrorist organizations.

Washington’s Blog | The Shias Are Sitting On All of the Oil and Gas.

RT | A humongous gold-coloured statue of Communist China’s founding father Mao Zedong has had a spectacular fall from grace after it reportedly fell foul of government planning laws.

London Guardian | German chancellor’s party to discuss range of measures at policy meeting as far-right Pegida movement gathers for rally in city.

Daily Mail | Wolfgang Albers was heavily criticised for the police’s response to the attacks on women by the groups of men among a 1,000-strong crowd.

Reuters | A Palestinian born in Iraq who entered the United States as a refugee more than five years ago is due to appear in federal court in Houston on Friday.

London Independent | Ali Saqr al-Qasem shot his mother Lena, 45, in the head with an assault rifle.

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