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World News

7 News | 7News can reveal a fleet of Russian warships is steaming towards Australia.

RT | The US president has announced Washington’s and Beijing’s agreement to avoid military confrontation by reducing Air Force- and Navy-related incidents.

Defense One | The U.S. military sent a giant C-17 cargo plane to an air show in China this week as a way to strengthen its relationship with the People’s Liberation Army.

Daniel McAdams | On September 10, President Obama addressed the nation on his plans to “downgrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.

Washington’s Blog | China May Be Closing the Gap on U.S. Military Superiority.

London Independent | Villagers claim 83 women underwent tubectomy operations in six hours.

RT | President Barack Obama is again pushing international leaders to finalize the trans-Pacific trade deal.

CBC News | New guidelines could mean quarantine for returning health-care workers.

RT | Further expanding the Al-Qaeda offshoot’s influence in the region.

Zero Hedge | There is one terrifying ‘currency’ that needs to be curtailed… Bitcoin.

FT.com | China is no refuge from Obama’s woes.

RT | Five Syrian nuclear scientists have reportedly been killed by unknown assailants.

Mike Bird | Russia and China just agreed to a second major gas deal, worth slightly less than the $400 billion agreement reached earlier this year, according to Bloomberg.

RT | A secret memo from the FBI’s archives has revealed that Britain’s Winston Churchill once urged the US to drop an atomic bomb to “wipe out” the Kremlin.

New American | Former top diplomats for the Soviet Union told the French news agency that “the reunification of Germany was allowed on the condition that the USSR would participate in the new European order.”

Fox News | An Iranian opposition group claimed to have information showing the country is still working toward nuclear weapons.

New American | Obama maintained that the two nations shared a common interest in fighting Islamic State militants (known as ISIS or ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

Zero Hedge | “We have reached an understanding in principle concerning the opening of the western route,” Putin said.

Stuff.co.nz | New Zealand MP Maggie Barry has not been put off official duties in London by an uncovered plot to kill the Queen.

RT | Both Pentagon and NATO are aware of a “Russian invasion” rumor produced by Kiev official.

William Engdahl | It’s beginning to look like the neo-conservative Russia-haters and Cold war wanna-be hawks around Barack Obama may have just shot themselves in their oily foot.

RT | The US Navy has successfully tested an Aegis missile defense system.

RIA Novosti | The Pentagon has acknowledged that more than 600 US military personnel reported being exposed to chemical agents while on duty in Iraq, The New York Times reported Thursday.

UK Daily Mail | A mouthpiece of the Chinese Government has described President Obama as ‘insipid’ and claims U.S. voters are sick of his ‘banality’.

RT | The world has come ominously close to a nuclear war in the past and it could happen again.

Reuters | China’s major web portals have signed a commitment to “self-manage” comments on their websites.

Daily Mail | A group of migrants arriving on a Canary Islands nudist beach caused panic among naked holidaymakers.

London Independent | File rumoured to be locked in archives at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library.

RIA Novosti | Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird voiced deep concern over reports on the alleged movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border in what it described as “provocative actions by Russia.”

AP | Three men in their 20s have been arrested.

Zero Hedge | Another ominous example of why the two party monopoly is failing America.

Zero Hedge | Nothing to see here, move along.

RT | The Million Mask March will course through London on Wednesday November 5.

RIA Novosti | A Russian Northern Fleet nuclear submarine on Wednesday fired a test intercontinental missile from the Barents Sea.

Washington’s Blog | Governments Have Suppressed the Dangers of Epidemics Before, Only Making Things Worse.

Mark Dice | Islamic terror groups post at least 90 tweets every minute, a new report has found.

Associated Press | No delegation from Moscow at planning session for 2016 summit on preventing terrorists gaining weapons-grade material.

London Independent | Dr Margaret Chan hits out at profit-driven vaccine industry.

Tony Cartalucci | Many “Occupy Central” supporters now admit the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) role in ongoing chaos in Hong Kong and simply say, “so what?” Here’s what…

Washington Post | Fighters linked to al-Qaeda routed U.S.-backed rebels from their main northern strongholds.

UK Daily Mail | Oblivious to passing traffic.

Maram Susli | The US is considering bombing pipelines in Syria, which it claims is in an attempt to cut off the huge profits being made by ISIS from captured oilfields.

AFP | Laser has 1.2-mile range and can bring down small low-flying aircraft within five seconds of locating target.

RIA Novosti | German Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly condemned Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to establish limits on immigration.

Al Jazeera | Ebola is spreading nine times faster than two months ago, according to the Africa Governance Initiative.

Reuters | Islamic State fighters have mocked the U.S. air strikes as a campaign against Islam.

Reuters | Unidentified drones illegally overflew five French nuclear power plants overnight.

CBS LA | One person was killed and another suffered major injuries.

CNS News | “Well, we know that some of the detainees that have come out of Guantanamo have gone back to the fight, to the battlefield.”

Zero Hedge | Over the last 2 days, more than two dozen Russian military aircraft, in four groups, were tracked and intercepted conducting aerial maneuvers around Europe.

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