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Tony Cartalucci | Because it didn’t stop ISIS terrorists in Iraq or Libya. Try Washington instead.

Reuters | Hundreds of Hong Kong police used sledgehammers and chainsaws to dismantle pro-democracy barricades.

Reuters | North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, shown using a cane for support, re-appeared in state media on Tuesday after a lengthy public absence.

BBC News | The man had been working as a UN medical official in Liberia.

London Independent | The savagery of Isis laid bare.

RT | The possible establishment of a no-fly zone over northern Syria was hinted at by Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

The Hill | Turkey is denying American claims that it has granted permission for the U.S. to use its military bases to launch strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

RT | Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a return of 17,600 troops involved in several military drills in the Rostov region.

London Independent | America’s plans to fight Islamic State are in ruins.

Tony Cartalucci | China’s People’s Daily says “Occupy Central” is a US-backed color revolution … because it is a US-backed color revolution.

RT | Islamic State’s offensive on the Iraqi capital has intensified.

Reuters | “If this falls, the 700, plus perhaps the 12,000 people, apart from the fighters, will be most likely massacred.”

Reuters | The U.S. military conducted nine airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria during the past two days.

Zero Hedge | Seven more people turned themselves in late on Thursday to an Ebola isolation unit in Madrid.

Eric Draitser | Kobani and the Story Not Being Told.

The Hill | Would be key military assistance in the fight against Islamic State militants.

Paul Craig Roberts | We have known since . . . well, when haven’t we known that our public officials are incompetent.

London Independent | The Foreign Office is “urgently” investigating the reports.

London Guardian | The Department for International Development would be a more appropriate agency to help provide emergency medical aid.

Reuters | Islamic State fighters have seized more than a third of the Syrian border town of Kobani.

Michael Snyder | There are some who believe that the next great financial crash will not begin in the United States.

London Guardian | Jim Kim demands $20bn fund and says ‘we failed miserably’ as cases in Spain and US fuel fear of western pandemic.

RIA Novosti | The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has been flying its planes over Iraq since Sunday but has not participated in an armed airstrike so far.

London Independent | The likely fall of Kobani to the Islamic militants has huge implications for Turkey, which has ignored its Kurdish minority’s pleas to help fellow Kurds in Syria.

London Independent | Four people in Spain are in hospital after a nurse tested positive for the virus on Monday.

Michael Krieger | Leon Panetta is pretty much the epitome of a status quo insider.

RT | Kurdish forces are readying for battle.

Tony Cartalucci | As usual with reports from the Western press, the deception can manifest itself just as much from what is omitted as from what is actually said.

Jerusalem Post | The incident occurred at the Parchin military compound, not far from the Iranian capital, according to the Iranian Students News Agency.

Tony Cartalucci | Iran as a Documented Precedent.

Reuters | Called for people to use the name he has taken since converting to Islam, Abdul-Rahman Kassig.

RT | Syrian Kurds have echoed the warning of a British military official, claiming that airstrikes against ISIS are not enough to defeat it.

London Guardian | Isis fighters have pushed to the edge of Kobani and evade western strikes, says spokesman for Kurdish fighters.

RT | An alleged policy plan of the Islamic State outlines some chilling, if unrealistic, plots of the would-be terrorist state.

Ron Paul | After 13 years of war in Afghanistan – the longest in US history – the US government has achieved no victory.

London Guardian | Turkey orders troops to border but refuses to intervene to repel brutal jihadist advance as refugees report atrocities.

London Guardian | Demonstrators say they will stay put as Monday deadline approaches, but offer to open access lanes.

London Telegraph | Government urged to put pressure on Gulf leaders into tackling extremism by strangling the funding of terrorist networks and the religious ideology that fuels them.

UK Daily Mail | The brother-in-law of murdered hostage Alan Henning rounded on the Government yesterday, saying they could have done more to save the aid worker.

Prison Planet.com | ISIS Beheads British hostage Alan Henning – Promises to Behead American Peter Kassig.

Prison Planet.com | Paul Joseph Watson talks with Syrian Girl about what has actually been happening in Syria with regards to ISIS and the airstrikes.

Reuters | Journalists will need official permission to cover many aspects of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, under new rules that the government said aimed at protecting patient privacy.

The Hill | “We are seeing them change their posture.”

Michael Thomas | They care not about democracy … nor freedom from oppression … nor gaining independence from tyranny.

Tony Cartalucci | This latest turmoil is but one part of a greater ongoing campaign by the United States to contain and co-opt the nation of China.

Weekly Standard | After freelance crew member tests positive for Ebola.

Prison Planet.com | Paul Joseph Watson talks with Gerald Celente about the current geopolitical climate and the current ISIS situation.

Tony Cartalucci | The US State Department through a myriad of organizations and NGOs is behind the so-called “Occupy Central” protests in Hong Kong.

Tony Cartalucci | The goal of the US in Hong Kong is clear – to turn the island into an epicenter of foreign-funded subversion with which to infect China’s mainland more directly.

New American | The Obama administration is boosting its collaboration with the self-styled “law enforcement” partner of the United Nations known as Interpol.

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