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World News

Information Liberation | A Muslim migrant of Tunisian origin was arrested on New Year’s Eve with a shotgun, bomb making materials and a collection of fake IDs in his car, but the German media has chosen to ignore the story.

RT | A special commission in the northern German city of Braunschweig will investigate over 300 cases of fraud committed by asylum applicants.

Zero Hedge | The absence of a deployed U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, long seen as a symbol of American power projection, is noteworthy.

London Independent | Police chief defended detention of 650 North African men saying ‘their characteristics were such that potential crimes could indeed be expected’.

London Independent | ‘They are trying to create chaos, demoralise our people, and destabilise our country with abominable attacks that target civilians,’ says the Turkish leader.

Reuters | Monitors and rebels reported almost immediate clashes, and violence appeared to escalate later on Friday.

Reuters | “We believe these steps are important because Russia is not going to stop.”

Pamela Geller | As if playing dress-up with Muslims and personally welcoming refugees at the airport wasn’t enough.

Information Liberation | Under Angela Merkel’s scheme, German taxpayers are financing terrorism against themselves.

Reuters | Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart on Thursday.

Mac Slavo | The war could be over in Syria. A peace is being negotiated on Putin’s terms, signaling a drastic shift away from American hegemony and unipolar world order.

Louder With Crowder | The nice thing about burkas is that they make great rain ponchos. The not so nice thing about them? Everything else.

AFP | Turkey and Russia will work for the plan to come into force at midnight.

Zero Hedge | IS has assembled teams in Syria which are sent to the EU.

Michael Snyder | The passing of UN Security Council resolution 2334 was the most prophetically significant event in at least 40 years.

Prison Planet.com | He later deleted the tweet after discovering that civilians also died.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama has just made the worst decision of his entire presidency.

RT | The Pakistani defense minister threatened Israel with nuclear war on Twitter

The Hill | Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Friday dismissed a question about whether he interfered with the U.S. election, instead ripping Democratic leaders for blaming their loss on Russia.

AP | Police say 5 suspects detained were inspired by ISIS to carry out attacks on several targets in Melbourne.

London Evening Standard | Two Kosovan-born brothers have been arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack at a shopping centre in west Germany.

Information Liberation | According to a group of “new Swedes,” the poor state of predominately African neighborhoods in Sweden is white people’s fault — and they’re also to blame for the poor state of Africa.

Michael Krieger | Something we should all be aware of.

AFP | Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called for the country to reinforce its military nuclear potential and praised the army’s performance in its Syria campaign.

Daily Mail | Far-right leader ‘KNEW attacker was a Tunisian Muslim’ hours after the atrocity.

Sputnik | NATO has doubled the intensity of military exercises, most of which are directed against Russia.

Sputnik | The New York Daily News article on Andrey Karlov’s murder in Ankara could only be written by an ignorant person, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday.

UK Express | PROTESTS have erupted outside Angela Merkel’s office by campaigners saying the German Chancellor “has blood on her hands”.

Breitbart | “How many more people must die at the hands of Islamic extremists before our governments close our porous borders and stop taking in thousands of illegal immigrants?”

London Independent | Footage shows fireworks exploding as massive plume of smoke billows into the sky.

RT | The US roundly denied accusations of being involved in the killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

RT | Heavily-armed special forces descended on the small Alpine community of Fuschl am See in Austria to arrest a 25-year-old Moroccan refugee, after being tipped off that he was planning a terrorist attack.

UK Express | A MASSIVE protest erupted on the streets of the Italian port city of Trieste after an 18-year-old girl was attacked by a migrant group.

Kit Daniels | Even if vetting worked, there’s too many migrants to vet properly, says expert.

Breitbart | The attack will “create a feeling of insecurity”.

The Sun | Developed by the Nazis, Tempelhof Airport is now home to around 13,000 refugees who live in cramped conditions.

Breitbart | The anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has hit out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel after Monday’s Christmas market attack, saying the victims are “her dead”.

London Independent | Four men questioned but no arrests made, says spokesman for refugee agency.

Daily Sabah | A man, suspected to be the head of a Russian foreign ministry department, was shot dead in Moscow on Tuesday morning.

Information Liberation | Celebrating Christmas in a Christian country is islamophobic.

RT | The school denies the accusation.

Information Liberation | “Silent night” just got BTFO’d.

Breitbart | Body counts “make no sense.”

Sputnik News | Norwegian columnist Trond Andresen argued that Marine Le Pen was “the lesser of the two evils” in the French presidential campaign.

RT | “All women and children who were in militant-controlled districts have been evacuated.”

Information Liberation | Upon release, the migrant, referred to only as “Adil B,” went and allegedly raped a woman after she rejected his advances at a club.

Information Liberation | An epic freak out ensued.

UK Express | MORE than 1000 Muslims took to the streets of London last night chanting Allahu Akbar and demanding an Islamic caliphate.

UK Express | ROME is on the verge of war as friction grows between poor Italians and and an increasing number of migrants, the Vatican City’s mayor has warned.

UK Mirror | Human rights’ groups fury as footage sneaked out of the secretive country shows children subjected to slave labour.

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