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World News

Zero Hedge | Europe’s leaders, we assume under pressure from Washington, appear to be making a big weather-related bet with their taxpayers’ lives this winter.

Business Insider | You shouldn’t let the possible breakup of the Sterling-zone distract you from the mess elsewhere.

London Independent | US Senate’s forthcoming ‘Torture Report’ will ‘deeply shock’ people.

RT | Switzerland will most likely guarantee safety to National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Zero Hedge | Europe’s latest sanctions round will boldly go where Europe has never dared to go before.

RIA Novosti | Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev commented on the possible new round of the EU sanctions against Russia.

The Australian | The prospect of a “yes” vote “horrifies” her household.

AFP | Russia on Saturday sent six ships carrying personnel and equipment to a Soviet-era military base in the Arctic.

Itar-Tass | The high-ranking source said: “Kiev’s statements about a ceasefire were only statements. These are statements only on paper and in the air. In reality, it does not seem to be truth”.

Robert Barsocchini | The USA started carrying out coups, assassinating leaders, and sponsoring terrorism and extremists in Syria in 1948.

The Hill | Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says President Obama does not need authorization from Congress.

RT | UK PM David Cameron said new sanctions against Russia could be lifted if the warring sides in Ukraine’s conflict agree to honor a ceasefire.

London Evening Standard | Details have begun to emerge about the man arrested for the murder of a great grandmother beheaded in her back garden.

Kurt Nimmo | Both sides in conflict agree to ceasefire.

RT | Some of Russia’s diplomats have joined a digital diplomacy row.

Business Insider | The station chief issued the ‘stand down’ orders on his own authority.”

New American | Signs of strain in the bipartisan consensus against putting “boots on the ground” again in Iraq.

Zero Hedge | So what happens next?

Zero Hedge | Shelling is reported to have started on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol.

Sky News | Scotland Yard gave few details but said that a man is in custody.

Daily Caller | Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer bemoaned President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to call a spade a spade.

London Guardian | David Cameron ramps up case for UK action as he suggests support of Syria’s president is not needed under international law.

BBC | More than 1,900 people have now died in West Africa’s Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

New American | Rapid Trident will go ahead this month from September 16-26.

Zero Hedge | ISIS threats, it would appear, are not limited to President Obama and his American allies.

RT | UK PM David Cameron is weighing Britain’s options.

RIA Novosti | The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that it will hold large-scale strategic missile exercises.

Zero Hedge | Preparations are under way near Ukraine’s western border for a joint military exercise.

Prison Planet.com | As a second video surfaces purportedly showing the beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff, reports emerge that Islamist militias in Libya have taken control of nearly a dozen jetliners.

Michael Krieger | The question as to whether or not he was more than just a journalist is a reasonable one to ask.

Reuters | Unclear whether any insurgent commanders were killed.

Zero Hedge | As if the fearmongery and vitriol of UK, Europe and the US were not enough, the Middle-East’s ‘allied’ leaders are now opining on the threat of ISIS.

RIA Novosti | The Kremlin responded that Putin’s words were misinterpreted and had completely different meaning.

RIA Novosti | Military aggression against Crimea will constitute an attack against Russia, Mikhail Popov, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, told RIA Novosti in an interview Tuesday.

RT | Moscow is to review its military doctrine.

Zero Hedge | The rhetoric this morning from Ukraine’s defense minister is the strongest and most actionable yet.

The Intercept | One side described it as a massacre; the other called it an accident.

London Independent | Computer contained plans to develop weaponised bubonic plague and religious justification for chemical attacks.

BBC | Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the airport of the eastern city of Luhansk following clashes with pro-Russian rebels, military officials say.

RT | Russia’s foreign minister believes that the peace plan offered by the Ukrainian president is “unrealistic”.

London Guardian | The European Union has warned that the apparent incursion of Russian troops on Ukrainian soil pushes the conflict closer to a point of no return.

Zero Hedge | The Islamic State is nothing if not ambitious.

RIA Novosti | US fighter aircraft and unmanned drones have struck the Islamic State (IS) militants near Iraq’s Mosul Dam.

RT | All Russian paratroopers who were detained earlier in the week in eastern Ukraine have been handed over to the Russian side.

Reuters | Up to 6.5 million Syrians are internally displaced.

Prison Planet.com | Russian president warns of nuclear war if Russia is threatened.

Kurt Nimmo | Threat level increase follows supposed beheading of photojournalist Foley.

UK Daily Mirror | Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst came across the gigantic red and orange light when flying from Hong Kong to Alaska and believes a volcano is to blame.

UK Daily Mail | Hours after execution of 300 Syrian soldiers.

Reuters | It was not clear how the government in Kiev would react to the offer.

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