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World News

Zero Hedge | This “defeat”, Islamic Jihad claims, prompted Israel to blame the group for a rocket attack that hit an Israeli village on Thursday.

Sputnik | According to Eastern Military District spokesman, Russian-Chinese military drills have started off the coast of Russia’s eastern Primorsky region.

RT | The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group plans to send 16 of its fighters on suicide missions after they were tested positive for AIDS, a Syrian source claimed.

Zero Hedge | The latest images from the massive fish die-off…

AP | North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared his frontline troops in a “quasi-state of war”.

Sputnik | Attempting to discredit the Chilcot inquiry.

Sputnik | North Korea has fired shells at a South Korean military base across the demilitarized zone, local media reported Thursday.

Washington Times | More than 20 ships and featuring anti-submarine operations as well as a joint-beach landing.

Sputnik | Russia’s 154th commandant regiment arrived in Beijing on Tuesday to rehearse for a parade that has been called unprecedented in the history of modern China.

Business Insider | Russia is moving air defense systems modified for the harsh Arctic environment to key areas near its borders with Norway and the US.

Sputnik | The US State Department disclosed part of its “Foreign Relations of the United States” series covering the 1969-1972 Arab-Israeli dispute.

London Independent | The identity of the programmes’ funders was not disclosed to the audience.

Zero Hedge | The immediate concern is that rain could react with water soluble sodium cyanide.

RT | An explosive device has been thrown near a rail station in Bangkok, AFP reported, citing police.

Michael Krieger | In the event you were becoming concerned that the U.S. government might be backing away from its longstanding policy of endless violence, militarism and bloodshed, fear not.

Mac Slavo | “Cities Burning, Hundreds Dead.”

Sputnik News | The location of US Patriot surface-to-air missile systems, subject to withdrawal from Turkey, will not be disclosed for security reasons.

London Guardian | 19 people were killed.

AFP | Russia is investigating an online community that urges members to post selfies with dead people.

Sputnik | In a recent opinion piece Scales condemned the Obama administration for cutting 40,000 soldiers.

RT | North Korea has issued new nuclear threats to the US saying it will respond accordingly if Washington does not cancel military exercises with South Korea.

RT | International naval drills by the Russian and Chinese navies will be conducted in the Sea of Japan next week.

Reuters | Villagers in Indonesia’s eastern Papua region reported that an aircraft had crashed, a Trigana Air official said after an aircraft carrying 54 people went missing.

AP | New small explosions rocked a disaster zone in the Chinese port of Tianjin on Saturday.

RT | The leader of the Islamic State extremist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, raped an American hostage multiple times before she died earlier this year, according to a new report by ABC News.

Sputnik | Behind closed doors some Pentagon officials have acknowledge that the US military has been battered by years of war in the Middle East.

Sputnik | In order to weaken Russia, the US is ready to use any means and fight until the last breath, American historian Eric Suess wrote.

Sputnik News | Up to 10 Russian warships and support vessels are permanently deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Truth Revolt | Churches in France have been placed under police protection.

Sputnik | A politician from Finland’s conservative Finns Party suggested implanting welfare recipients with satellite-tracking chips.

Zero Hedge | With at least 50 dead and over 700 injured, it is no exaggeration to say that the massive explosion in the Chinese port of Tianjin is a total disaster.

Kurt Nimmo | Newlywed allegedly declared support for Islamic State on social media

The Blaze | A representative for a pro-Islamic State hacking group issued a chilling warning to members of the U.S. military and government Wednesday.

Zero Hedge | Two powerful explosions at a “dangerous materials” warehouse jolted China’s northeastern Tianjin on Wednesday night, leaving at least 42 people dead.

Mac Slavo | A massive explosion has rocked Tianjin, China killing seven people and injuring 300 others.

Joshua Krause | For decades, Russia has been the most wily foe of the US Government.

Truth Revolt | ISIS Claims Responsibility.

Paul Joseph Watson | A massive explosion has hit China’s northern port city of Tianjin, reportedly injuring many people.

Bizpac Review | “Throws like a girl” has never been more serious.

Sputnik | The German tabloid Bild has been alarmed with pictures from the recent Russian naval aviation military exercises.

FT.com | Russia and Nato are training for a full-blown confrontation.

The Korea Times | The South Korean military resumed loudspeaker propaganda broadcasting Monday.

AFP | Sweden’s wonderful mass immigration policy reaps more benefits.

RT | The US didn’t interfere with the rise of anti-government jihadist groups in Syria.

The Siberian Times | ‘Up to 30 million could move to Far East to receive enticing land gift’: but will they?

Truth Revolt | An alarming change in strategy.

The Local | The three victims were stabbed early on Monday afternoon inside the Västerås branch of the global furniture giant.

BBC News | Cemil Bayik told the BBC he believed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted IS to succeed to prevent Kurdish gains.

Daniel McAdams | Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Michael Flynn is not backing down from his claims that elements of the US government were aware of and supported the rise of jihadists in Syria.

Zero Hedge | Turkey has been in a heightened state of alert since it launched what officials described as a “synchronized war on terror” last month.

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