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World News

Gateway Pundit | ISIS has reportedly executed 21 Coptic Christian hostages in Libya. The Christians were reportedly captured around New Year’s Day.

The Hill | Two-thirds of Americans want the U.S. to put some boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Bill Gertz | AGI Viktor Leonov recently spotted in Cuba.

YouTube | EU Faces Greek Democracy in Great Euro Poker Game.

Mac Slavo | Up until now, on the record at least, all aid military and otherwise that the US has sent to Ukraine has been more in the vein of non-aggression.

Kit Daniels | Saudi Arabia proposed RFID program to U.S. back in 2010.

Mac Slavo | The world is now on the cusp of total war.

Sputnik | A powerful explosion has occurred at a chemical factory in the city of Donetsk in southeastern Ukraine as a result of artillery shelling.

Global Research | He accepted news stories written and given to him by the CIA and published them under his own name.

Zero Hedge | The head of China’s Dagong Rating Agency, Guan Jianzhong, had some very blunt words for the world’s investors and policymakers overnight.

Michael Snyder | When ISIS released a video which showed Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive, it shocked the entire planet.

London Independent | His captors spoke of had little to do with religion, saying they “didn’t even have the Koran.”

Zero Hedge | Saudi Arabia has been trying to pressure President Vladimir V. Putin.

Ron Paul | Last September President Obama cited his drone program in Yemen as a successful model of US anti-terrorism strategy.

London Independent | Sir Peter was considered a pillar of the establishment.

Kit Daniels | Student can’t even leave isolation booth for lunch.

Steve Watson | Austrian counter-terrorism, special-ops forces to run security.

Zero Hedge | In November of last year, Mikhail Gorbachev first warned “the world is on the brink of a new Cold War.”

Zero Hedge | Why engage in such a major weapon loading process now?

London Independent | The iconic PM led Britain to victory against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. But the wartime hero had a darker side.

RT | “We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today…”

Defense News | Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored Vehicles.

Mac Slavo | The powers that be have all-but-officially designated the American people as their enemy in a foggy battleground.

Kit Daniels | NATO ally shipping missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria.

WND | Obama runs guns to terrorists.

Sputnik | “We are not Charlie, we are Kouachi,” screamed the protesters in reference to the two brothers.

Reuters | Unrest continues as globalists split country apart.

Sputnik | Meanwhile Obama opens the borders for everyone.

Financial Times | Oil price plunge has stoked worries over global growth.

Sputnik | Lawmaker fuels new Cold War.

Kyodo News | Poison gas was brought into Okinawa in 1962 under President Kennedy.

Sputnik | Newspaper received “it’s your turn” threat.

Korea Times | Sanctions typically hurt the public more than the targeted government.

RT | We are in a new Cold War.

Sputnik | Saudi Arabia lowering oil prices to bankrupt Russia.

Prison Planet.com | Evidence reveals CIA, FBI complicit in allowing Paris shooting to happen.

Pepe Escobar | U.S. will be progressively squeezed out of Eurasia.

Fox News | France’s deadliest attack in decades.

CNN | French authorities “lost interest” in radical Islamic militants, according to CNN.

Washington’s Blog | Ukraine completely torn apart.

RT | Another enormous march to take place in Paris on Sunday.

RT | Blogger called for an end of religion domination over public life.

Washington’s Blog | Stakes are too high not to negotiate peace.

Sputnik | Suspect said that at the time of the attack he was in lycée in Charleville-Mezieres.

Sputnik | Buckingham palace denied on Monday the reports suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II met Virginia Roberts.

CNBC | The U.S. government tightened sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the devastating cyberattacks against Sony, the White House said Friday.

RT | The bodies of 30 victims of the AirAsia Flight QZ8501 plane crash have been recovered.

RT | Currently, there is hardly any information available about the new missile system because it was developed in secrecy.

Sputnik | A Ukrainian jet took off carrying air-to-air missiles and returned without them on the day MH17 crashed.

Gateway Pundit | ISIS has found a new way to fund their jihad.

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