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World News

Bill Gertz | Hypersonic strike vehicle test is high-tech arms breakthrough that will be difficult for missile defenses to counter.

Michael Snyder | Did you see Katy Perry’s performance at the Grammys? It was essentially an Illuminati-themed occult ritual.

RT | Hackers claiming to be from the Syrian Electronic Army broke into CNN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and one of the news channel’s blogs on Thursday.

BuzzFeed | “I would love to put a bullet in his head,” one Pentagon official told BuzzFeed.

Washington’s Blog | Can We Avoid the “Thucydides Trap” with China?

Mac Salvo | The biggest sun spot in recent history has been identified on the sun and it has moved into position facing earth.

Kurt Nimmo | Autocracy encourages bizarre and brutal behavior.

Paul Joseph Watson | Beijing to emerge victorious from East Pacific conflict.

Kurt Nimmo | Attacks likely precursor to events that will unfold during Olympic games in February.

CNS News | House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) told “Fox News Sunday” that the assertion Ansar al-Shariah does not have links to al-Qaeda was wrong.

Washington’s Blog | Stop the Anti-American Power Grab.

Ron Paul | It is the time of year we feel a sense of joy and optimism.

AFP UK’s General Communications Headquarters spied on foreign leaders, including former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.

Kit Daniels | Analysts told House members that the U.S. is unprepared for a potential war.

The Washington free Beacon | Landing ship sailed dangerously close to U.S. guided missile cruiser.

Tony Cartalucci | “Moderate” myth is dropped as West prepares to leverage terror threat to end war in their favor.

Techdirt | In other words, the USTR is not a fan of democracy.

South China Morning Post | Countering the North Korea missile threat is the stated objective, but many see the move as being more directed at the strength of China.

Land Destroyer | West scrambles to cover up Syria false flag revelations as Pulitzer Prize-winner & Syria’s Electronic Army expose all.

Zero Hedge | As fear and nationalism rise in Japan, so another party has joined the debacle in the East China Sea.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The distinguished journalist Seymour M. Hersh throws into serious question the account of the Obama administration of the use of sarin gas by the the Assad government.

Prison Planet.com | A Star Wars-style “death star”.

Prison Planet.com | Japanese Senator Shouts “This is The Way the Reign of Terror Begins” … Then Others Physically Restrain Him.

RT | “I was absolutely clear on behalf of my president: We do not recognize the zone.”

Prison Planet.com | Mandela’s death was announced by South African President Zuma.

Paul Joseph Watson | Beijing’s jingoistic rhetoric shows no signs of abating.

Washington’s Blog | Yup … They’re Going to Dump It.

Washington’s Blog | Stunning Hypocrisy.

RT | Chinese fighter jets were scrambled and followed US and Japanese planes.

Breitbart | “It’s important to make a change in American policy.”

New American | Critics of the climate hysteria and the UN summit, though, were left confused.

Jeruslaem Post | Laurent Fabius gave radio interview saying such a move would gain little understanding.

New American | As the end of 2013 approaches, so does President Obama’s deadline for approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Mike Adams | The USDA has announced its intention to allow China-grown chicken meat to be imported into the USA.

Washington’s Blog | Even Threatens the International Space Station.

Mike Adams | The typhoon devastation of the Philippines is far worse than all of us originally thought due to the fact that the infrastructure is so devastated, virtually all communications are down.

The Australian | FEDERAL cabinet has ruled that Australia will not sign up to any new contributions, taxes or charges at this week’s global summit on climate change.

Reuters | The Senate Intelligence Committee has quietly approved a plan to step up both public and internal government oversight of the use of armed drones.

Kurt Nimmo | Saudi Kingdom would be able to deploy nuclear weapons more rapidly than Iran.

Washington Free Beacon | The missile is capable of attacking Hawaii and Guam.

AFP | A PLO official on Thursday called for an international inquiry into “the killing” of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, a day after Swiss scientists said he probably died from polonium poisoning.

RT | Eyewitness describes seeing smoke and flames emerging from a minivan while social media reports said small steel ball bearings scattered the scene of the blast.

RT | Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks to mark their support of the Anonymous hactivist movement are staging protests all around the world on Tuesday.

Washington Times | Beijing’s nuclear submarines can attack American cities as a means to counterbalance U.S. nuclear deterrence in the Pacific.

Lew Rockwell Blog | This marks at least the fifth time in 2013 that the Israeli military has, in clear violation of international law, launched military attacks against neighboring Syria.

London Guardian | Edward Snowden papers show UK spy agency fears legal challenge if scale of surveillance is made public.

Washington’s Blog | Charts Show that U.S. Policy Has Increased Terror Attacks.

Ron Paul Institute | The Times of London yesterday published a sensational Syria story.

RT | Radioactivity levels in a well near a storage tank at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan have risen immensely on Thursday, the plant’s operator has reported.

Business Insider | China on Thursday welcomed the resolution of the US debt ceiling deadlock, saying it will contribute to global economic stability.

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