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World News

London Independent | His captors spoke of had little to do with religion, saying they “didn’t even have the Koran.”

Zero Hedge | Saudi Arabia has been trying to pressure President Vladimir V. Putin.

Ron Paul | Last September President Obama cited his drone program in Yemen as a successful model of US anti-terrorism strategy.

London Independent | Sir Peter was considered a pillar of the establishment.

Kit Daniels | Student can’t even leave isolation booth for lunch.

Steve Watson | Austrian counter-terrorism, special-ops forces to run security.

Zero Hedge | In November of last year, Mikhail Gorbachev first warned “the world is on the brink of a new Cold War.”

Zero Hedge | Why engage in such a major weapon loading process now?

London Independent | The iconic PM led Britain to victory against Hitler’s Nazi Germany. But the wartime hero had a darker side.

RT | “We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today…”

Defense News | Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored Vehicles.

Mac Slavo | The powers that be have all-but-officially designated the American people as their enemy in a foggy battleground.

Kit Daniels | NATO ally shipping missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria.

WND | Obama runs guns to terrorists.

Sputnik | “We are not Charlie, we are Kouachi,” screamed the protesters in reference to the two brothers.

Reuters | Unrest continues as globalists split country apart.

Sputnik | Meanwhile Obama opens the borders for everyone.

Financial Times | Oil price plunge has stoked worries over global growth.

Sputnik | Lawmaker fuels new Cold War.

Kyodo News | Poison gas was brought into Okinawa in 1962 under President Kennedy.

Sputnik | Newspaper received “it’s your turn” threat.

Korea Times | Sanctions typically hurt the public more than the targeted government.

RT | We are in a new Cold War.

Sputnik | Saudi Arabia lowering oil prices to bankrupt Russia.

Prison Planet.com | Evidence reveals CIA, FBI complicit in allowing Paris shooting to happen.

Pepe Escobar | U.S. will be progressively squeezed out of Eurasia.

Fox News | France’s deadliest attack in decades.

CNN | French authorities “lost interest” in radical Islamic militants, according to CNN.

Washington’s Blog | Ukraine completely torn apart.

RT | Another enormous march to take place in Paris on Sunday.

RT | Blogger called for an end of religion domination over public life.

Washington’s Blog | Stakes are too high not to negotiate peace.

Sputnik | Suspect said that at the time of the attack he was in lycée in Charleville-Mezieres.

Sputnik | Buckingham palace denied on Monday the reports suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II met Virginia Roberts.

CNBC | The U.S. government tightened sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for the devastating cyberattacks against Sony, the White House said Friday.

RT | The bodies of 30 victims of the AirAsia Flight QZ8501 plane crash have been recovered.

RT | Currently, there is hardly any information available about the new missile system because it was developed in secrecy.

Sputnik | A Ukrainian jet took off carrying air-to-air missiles and returned without them on the day MH17 crashed.

Gateway Pundit | ISIS has found a new way to fund their jihad.

Bill Gertz | Five commando units trained for strikes, sabotage.

Sputnik | Eight children, aged between 18 months and 15 years were found stabbed to death on Friday in Cairns, Australia.

Ron Paul | I have a better suggestion if the US truly wants Cuba to become a free and prosperous country…

RT | More than 120 people, most of them students, have been killed.

Washington’s Blog | Prosecute … Or They Will Do It Again.

News Corp Australia | A SYDNEY court heard details of an alleged terror plot to be carried out in Martin Place in the wake of terror raids in Sydney and Melbourne in September this year.

RT | A freight train carrying a whole column of American armored vehicles has been caught on camera in Latvia.

RT | The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has released new information claiming the Bush administration misled the American people in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

London Independent | ‘Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims’.

Ron Paul | Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.

Reuters | Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said on Wednesday an accident had occurred at the Zaporizhye nuclear power plant.

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