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World News

Zero Hedge | While the US scrambles to figure out what the least painful way is to admit yet another humiliating foreign policy defeat, things in Iraq continue to deteriorate.

Reuters | Shi’te Muslim Iran is so alarmed by Sunni insurgent gains in Iraq that it may be willing to cooperate with Washington in helping Baghdad fight back, a senior Iranian official told Reuters.

London Independent | Ahead of the meeting of the G7 leaders (the G8 minus Vladimir Putin after he annexed Crimea), the US President risks further wrath from Moscow.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China.

London Guardian | George Osborne, Lord Mandelson, Ed Balls and Eric Schmidt arrive for day two of the conference in Copenhagen.

Daily Caller | Obama and the woman who likely wants to be his successor held a secret meeting at the White House on Thursday.

Kurt Nimmo | Shell game as U.S. continues bloody effort to unseat Syrian government.

Paul Joseph Watson | Anti-EU revolution, Ukraine crisis threaten to derail global government.

Zero Hedge | Russia is conducting another massive airforce drill along its border with Ukraine on the weekend of Ukraine’s presidential election.

Kurt Nimmo | Former boss of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine is U.S. State Department’s choice.

Vestnik Kavkaza | Putin stated at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that the unipolar model of the world has failed.

Michael Snyder | How do you get rid of hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water?

RT | At least 31 people have been killed and more than 90 injured in a series of a dozen of explosions.

Michael Snyder | When the U.S. military “liberates” a nation, shouldn’t it result in more liberty, freedom and peace for the people living there?

Kurt Nimmo | And it’s all Ed Snowden’s fault.

Joshua Krause | It’s incredible what human beings will put up with before asserting themselves.

Michael Krieger | As the war/civil unrest cycle continues to march forward, there appear to be two main geopolitical tinderboxes percolating at the moment.

RT | The UN has voiced concerns over the apparent use of UN-marked helicopters by Kiev troops in their military operation against Donetsk regional militia.

Zero Hedge | It is America’s turn to retaliate.

Zero Hedge | In what is becoming a weekly ritual, the German press continues to demolish the US case of “idealistic humaniatrian” Ukraine intervention.

RT | The results of referendums have been announced in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

NY Times | A United States Special Operations commando and a Central Intelligence Agency officer in Yemen shot and killed two armed Yemeni civilians who tried to kidnap them.

Washington’s Blog | If We Don’t Learn Our History … We May Very Well Blow Off Our Own Foot.

RIA Novosti | Russia has drafted a program for colonization of the moon.

RT | Self-defense forces in the anti-Kiev stronghold of Slavyansk are Ukrainians, not Russians, who distrust the new regime and the Western powers that support it.

RT | Fighting, street battles are raging in Kramatorsk.

ITAR-TASS | “Helicopter gunships have made several attack runs and delivered strikes,” the eyewitness said.

RT | The Ukrainian army has begun a special operation against pro-autonomy activists in the eastern town of Slavyansk.

RT | The Ukrainian army is on full alert due to the “threat of a Russian invasion,” Ukraine’s acting President Aleksandr Turchinov said.

FoxNews.com | Al Qaeda-backed jihadists are hanging the bodies of executed enemies on crosses crucifixion-style in a town in Northern Syria, according to a Syrian opposition group.

RT | UK and France deployed eight fighter jets to Lithuania and Poland to strengthen NATO air defense over the Baltic regions amid rising tensions in Ukraine, according to officials.

Michael Snyder | In cultures all over the world, there are ancient stories about beautiful, prosperous cities that became submerged in the ocean and were never seen again.

Reuters | Leaders of the Group of Seven major economies agreed to impose extra sanctions on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine.

Voice of America | Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister said Friday that he is worried that Russia plans to invade his country.

Washington Free Beacon | A Russian intelligence-gathering ship has been operating off the U.S. East Coast and near the Gulf of Mexico.

Zero Hedge | The fighting-talk (and actions) is growing louder from Eastern Europe.

Tony Cartalucci | Deadly clashes broke out as the unelected regime occupying Kiev attempted to restart what it is calling “anti-terror” operations in eastern Ukraine.

Zero Hedge | “We will now fight with Russia troops.”

Lew Rockwell Blog | Anna-Marie Slaughter demonstrates that you need not scratch a “humanitarian interventionist” much to uncover the warmongering neoconservative just below the surface.

Washington Free Beacon | Moscow confirms it canceled flight last week.

Washington’s Blog | War Lies Sold Again By the Same Old Liars …

Zero Hedge | Yesterday, in the seceding Ukraine town of Kramatorsk, it is a woman’s turn.

Kurt Nimmo | Response to ineptness of junta and failure of its eastern operation to prevent secession.

RT | The manager of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant has admitted not having full control of the facility.

Consortium News | the U.S. news media continues to feed the American public a steady dose of anti-Russian propaganda.

RT | A Ukrainian general leading the operation against protesters in the east of the country has warned that activists who refuse to lay down their arms will be “destroyed.”

RIA Novosti | “The main armored transport vehicle had a Russian flag on it and they left together with our [protesters] towards Slaviansk,” a witness said.

Zero Hedge | The new puppetmaster appears to be in town (or was).

UK Daily Mail | ‘was abruptly cut off’.

RT | The satellite images released by NATO that allegedly show a current build-up of Russian troops near Ukrainian border were taken in August 2013 amid military drills.

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