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World News

Prison Planet.com | Lew Rockwell of www.lewrockwell.com joins Alex Jones and discusses how Hillary wants world war 3 and how she is willing to achieve it by any means necessary.

Daily Mail | Riot police clash with Afghans and Eritreans as they clear up camps in French capital following Calais Jungle closure.

Breitbart | A Russian military spokesman is blaming the United States for a near-collision of the countries’ warplanes in Syrian airspace.

UK Express | VLADIMIR Putin is said to be on the brink of a major military assault on Aleppo as Russian warships advance towards Syria.

RT | The defeat of Islamic State militants in their Iraqi stronghold Mosul may spark terrorist attacks across Europe.

AFP | A Russian fighter flew dangerously close to a US warplane over eastern Syria, US defence officials said Friday, highlighting the risks of a serious mishap in the increasingly crowded airspace.

RT | Terrorist group Islamic State has forced tens of thousands of people, mostly women and children, into Mosul.

Sky News | The ex-PM urges Remain voters to “prise apart the alliance which gave us Brexit”, declaring: “We’re the insurgents now.”

BBC News | Tens of thousands of Germans have signed a petition demanding a group of teenagers are jailed for a brutal rape.

Information Liberation | Intolerance will not be tolerated!

Breitbart | More cultural enrichment.

RT | Britain is deploying troops, aircraft and armor in the biggest military buildup in Eastern Europe since the Cold War.

RT | A number of refugees and migrants apparently remain at the half-demolished camp.

Sputnik | “Endless war-games and rotational deployments essentially amount to permanent military presence.”

Bill Gertz | China engaged in campaign to oust U.S.

Breitbart | Alice Assaf, said that she had heard that her son, who was beaten and shot to death, was spared a much worse fate.

RT | Spain says Russia’s warships have been mooring there “for years.”

RT | Around 300 civilians were killed in eleven airstrikes conducted by the US-led coalition in Syria, which Amnesty International investigated for its latest report.

UK Express | FRENCH president Francios Hollande looks set to lose his leadership of the socialist party after a controversial list of claims was leaked.

Breitbart | An editor of Austria’s largest paper, Kronen Zeitung, is to be tried for hate speech over a commentary he wrote about the migrant crisis last year.

London Independent | The Republican presidential nominee said the Iraqi-led operation to recapture the Isis-held city is a ‘total disaster’.

CNS News | The United States is ranked 41st in a 2016 global index produced earlier this year by Reporters Without Borders.

International Business Times | The Kremlin has dusted off Soviet-era civil-defense plans.

RT | British special forces will resume training moderate Syrian rebels through the US-led program which collapsed last year having utterly failed to reach the stated objective.

Sputnik | Chancellor Angela Merkel has advised all those worried about Islamization to play the flute on Christmas Eve, according to the German news network n-tv.

Breitbart |Hillary’s obfuscation doesn’t reflect many of her past claims nor even the policy proposals on her own website.

Ron Paul | While the mainstream media continues its obsessive reporting on the mud-slinging campaign for the White House, a dramatic development in China last week brought President Obama’s “pivot to Asia” to a sudden halt.

UK Express | RUSSIA has entered a new Cold War with the West that could lead to confrontations across the world, experts warn.

RT | ‘Not interested in staying & integrating’

Reuters | Hackers could post documents, some of which might be falsified, that are designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud, the officials said.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claims Moscow plans to march into Baltic states.

The Sun | Jihadis are caught on the run disguised in women’s clothing.

Gatestoneinstitute.org | A growing number of Germans are abandoning neighborhoods in which they have lived all their lives.

NY Post | “We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one specifically is a forged one,” Assad said.

Christian Post | Persecution watchdog group Open Doors has found that at least 743 Christian refugees living in camps in Germany were attacked by Muslim refugees in 2016.

Louder With Crowder | Most people can agree Pakistan doesn’t know how to do things – like be a successful nation. The terrorism and third world country-ness gives it away.

Zero Hedge | “In this venue, your honours, in this venue, I announce my separation from the United States,” Duterte told Chinese and Philippine business people.

UK Express | GERMAN migrants are hitting out at Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy and the influx of NEW migrants saying it has wrecked their standard of living.

UK Express | DISABLED people in Britain are put through “inhumane” “degrading” tests just to get vital funds to live on – while basic checks on even the ages of foreign migrants are ruled out as “intrusive”.

RT | “She doesn’t like Putin because Putin has outsmarted her at every step of the way.”

Daily Sheeple | So the lines are drawn. Will the US and NATO attack Syria or its President and start a war? We will all know within two weeks.

Information Liberation | The shameless propaganda is real.

Daily Mail | Facial recognition software suggests some may be THIRTY EIGHT years old.

Daily Caller | The Clinton Foundation invited the prime minister of Kosovo to the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting knowing full well that he had been implicated in a human organ trafficking scheme.

The Sun | Royal Navy prepares to scramble fleet.

UK Express | A SWEDISH council wants to give ISIS fighters state-financed driving licenses and housing grants to stop them from committing acts of terrorism.

AP | WikiLeaks said unspecified “contingency plans” were in place and its Twitter account was still active Tuesday.

RT | A Danish newspaper has deleted a post claiming that migrants kidnap Danish girls for sex after the story became one of the most viral in local media.

London Telegraph | The Home Office has no way of verifying the age of child refugees being brought to the UK, it has emerged amid concerns that adults are posing as minors to gain access to Britain.

UK Express | GERMAN police have arrested a 19-year-old Moroccan migrant on suspicion of raping a 90-year-old woman who had been attending a church service.

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