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World News

UK Express | THE Netherlands has delivered a crushing blow to Brussels in a referendum widely seen as a barometer of feeling towards the EU in the increasingly Eurosceptic country.

Patheos | For the first time this year, and the first time in several months, an atheist has been slaughtered in Bangladesh.

AP | The Mexican army says it has discovered almost an acre (0.37 hectares) of opium poppies growing in the township of Ensenada, near the U.S border.

RT | The EU border agency’s annual risk analysis warns of terrorists using illegal migrant flows to enter Europe.

RT | Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is seeking “practical updates” to the Pentagon’s organizational framework established in the 1970s.

Zero Hedge | There appears to be a war brewing between Wikileaks and ICIJ over what “information” will be released next.

Truth Revolt | “The U.S. would not be able to do a damned thing.”

Daily Mail | In case they are shot by US secret service agents.

Sputnik | German authorities estimate that the number of undocumented migrants currently staying in the country amounts up to 500,000 people, local media reported Tuesday.

Chris Menahan | To the left, victimhood is an asset and serves as an instant claim to fame.

Louder With Crowder | Why would Muslims leaders lose “their status” if they spoke out against violence?

Reuters | Three passenger boats return migrants from Lesbos, Chios.

Sky News | As the first boats arrive in Turkey, migrants are rescued trying to cross the Aegean to Greece – a sign they remain undeterred.

Zero Hedge | One of the more prominent names featured in the Panama Papers disclosure is that of Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson.

New American | The Chinese are hard at work to develop a new battle cruiser.

Inquisitr | Female flight attendants employed by Air France are absolutely furious about new dress code policies that will be enforced when flights resume from Paris to Tehran next month.

The Hill | President Obama on Friday criticized Iranian leaders for undermining the “spirit” of last year’s historic nuclear agreement, even as they stick to the “letter” of the pact.

Gateway Pundit | They seem to be assimilating quite well, no?

RT | German intelligence agencies and police have granted asylum to roughly 1,000 refugees in exchange for sensitive information.

Washington Free Beacon | New multiple-warhead missiles to break arms treaty limit.

Mac Slavo | The threat is most certainly real and senior officials from Europe to the United States are now warning of the potential for a large-scale nuclear attack.

Michael Krieger | When fear becomes collective, when anger becomes collective, it’s extremely dangerous.

Sky News | UK School Promoting Extreme Islam.

Daily Mail | Police at Brussels airport have claimed at least 50 Islamic State supporters are working there as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff.

UK Express | THE barbaric Islamic State could be on the brink of unleashing nuclear weapons against the West, a top researcher has warned.

AFP | The businessman, a former partner of Yves Saint Laurent, accuses fashion houses of taking part in the ‘enslavement of women’.

Speisa | We were warned about the current situation way back in 2005, when FrontPage Magazine wrote about “The project,” an Islamic plot to take over the world.

The Local | “It is obvious that we do have problems, one needs only look at the social statistics.”

Gateway Pundit | Child taken to the hospital after they choked and beat him in the face.

TIME | “The road to revolution is long and arduous”

RT | Ankara reportedly pressurized Berlin into removing a satirical clip aired by NDR earlier this month.

Truth Revolt | “I don’t think people have grasped how significant these numbers are.”

UK Express | UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said Cologne-style mass sex attacks could happen in Britain if it remains in the European Union (EU).

UK Daily Mail | A pipe bomb exploded in an alley nearby to Disneyland Park in California Easter Sunday.

Daniel McAdams | The big news out of Syria over the past couple of days has been that Syrian government forces with the help of the Russian military have taken back control of Palmyra from ISIS.

Michael Krieger | Just the tip of the iceberg.

Gateway Pundit | At least 70 people were killed and several injured after Islamists bombed Christians at Gulshan Iqbal Park in Pakistan on Sunday.

London Guardian | Former PM says allied countries risk facing terror attack of ‘such size and horror’ as to make draconian security measures necessary.

RT | North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has ordered and observed artillery drills simulating an attack on the residence of the South Korean president.

CNN | Kriket was arrested in a raid Thursday night near Paris.

Truth Revolt | “I think they are already in Europe. Because ISIS is not a group, it’s an ideology.”

Speisa | The Pope’s ritual where he washes and kisses the feet of twelve men, took place at a center for asylum seekers just outside Rome, confirms the Vatican.

Gateway Pundit | Stockholm Syndrome.

Daily Mail | Two British Islamic State fighters have threatened terror attacks on Heathrow, Gatwick and Downing Street in a chilling video celebrating the Brussels bombings.

Sky News | The denial by Salah Abdeslam comes amid reports another bomber was involved in the deadly Belgium attacks and may be on the run.

Gateway Pundit | Rudy Giuliani went off on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday. Giuliani blamed Hillary for creating ISIS in Syria-Iraq.

Louder With Crowder | Brace yourselves.

Breitbart | “You can’t now deny that free movement of people is free movement of terrorists and weapons.”

Clarion | The Islamic State has been publicizing and boasting about the horrific attack which hit Brussels yesterday.

CNS News | Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Brussels was not about religion but a “depraved ideology,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

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