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World News

Reuters | Russian courts could get the green light to seize foreign assets on Russian territory.

FT.com | The Baltic countries are registering a dramatic increase in Russian military provocations.

RT | Russian FM Sergey Lavrov was puzzled with Barack Obama’s ranking of international threats.

RT | At least 14 Islamic State militants and five civilians have been killed in airstrikes carried out by the US-led forces overnight in northeast Syria, according to a monitoring group.

RT | Algerian jihadists linked to Islamic State militants have claimed in a video to have beheaded a French tourist abducted on Sunday.

PJ Media | Harakat al-Hazm has been hailed by the Washington DC foreign policy establishment as “Rebels Worth Supporting.”

Kurt Nimmo | Children die as U.S. targets mysterious al-Qaeda splinter group more awesome than ISIS.

RIA Novosti | Britain’s Parliament is expected to be recalled on Friday to approve UK air strikes against the Islamic State.

RT | Five air strikes by a US-led coalition have hit Syrian territory near the Turkish border held by IS.

Tony Cartalucci | Carving Off a “Terror Capital” for the West’s Proxies.

Zero Hedge | First time in three decades that Israel had downed a Syrian warplane.

New American | Shortly before getting on the plane, 10-year-old Miguel Calehr, as countless children do before flying, asked his mother what would happen when it crashed.

NY Times | After six weeks of American airstrikes, the Iraqi government’s forces have scarcely budged the Sunni extremists.

Truth Revolt | “So he came up with a strategy for ISIS’s eventual defeat, which is designed not to succeed so much as to fail slowly in a mission he doubts should even be undertaken.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Officials admit viral videos have prompted wave of suspicion.

Kurt Nimmo | The CIA’s hydra: ISIS, al-Nusra and FSA.

Reuters | Iran has sent mixed signals about its willingness to cooperate.

AFP | A second deployment of United States troops arrived in Liberia on Sunday.

Zero Hedge | “You will pay a great price, when your economies collapse,” ISIS blasts Kerry.

Zero Hedge | There has been an increasing groundswell of de-dollarization across the world’s energy trade.

Prison Planet.com | In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms. ‘Yes’ ballot papers were spotted on a ‘No’ table.

AFP | Two Chinese destroyers have arrived at Iran’s Gulf port of Bandar Abbas.

Truth Revolt | Predicts eventual boots on the ground.

RT | Some 60,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed into Turkey in the past 24 hours, fleeing Islamic State (IS) militants who are advancing on dozens of villages close to the border.

RT | Without paying a ransom, Turkey secured the release of dozens of Turkish consulate workers.

Michael Krieger | Fear was a driving force behind the NO voters.

The Hill | Army chief of staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said Friday that more U.S. ground troops would likely deploy to Iraq to train local forces fighting Islamic militants.

Washington’s Blog | By Bombing ISIS, We Are Only Feeding the “Parasite of War”.

Washington Free Beacon | Russian strategic nuclear bombers carried out air defense zone incursions near Alaska and across Northern Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson | Kremlin-aligned body sensationally claims vote count was fixed to secure ‘no’ victory.

Business Insider | France’s military conducted its first airstrike in Iraq.

NY Times | When you get past the details of the Scottish independence referendum Thursday, there is a broader story underway, one that is also playing out in other advanced nations.

RIA Novosti | West Seems to Forget That Russia Has Own National Interests.

Zero Hedge | Moments ago, the Senate passed a $1 trillion government-funding bill that according to the Hill also gave the president new authority to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

RT | US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue to insist that American ground troops will not be involved.

Zero Hedge | Seems they have a different definition of truce.

The Daily Sheeple | Some 800 of police officers took part in the raids, arresting 15 men.

RIA Novosti | Yatsenyuk ordered the defense minister to keep the country’s armed forces in the highest state of combat readiness.

Sky News | Military experts believe a mystery object spotted streaking across the sky over the US was a Russian spy satellite.

CNS News | Russia on Tuesday accused the West of ignoring its warnings about the growing terrorist threat in Syria.

London Guardian | Islamic State video threatens to target White House and US troops.

RT | Al-Qaeda has urged militant groups in Iraq and Syria to put their differences aside and unite against a US coalition.

London Telegraph | World Health Organisation programme is suspended after reports that up to 36 children have died after receiving the vaccination.

RIA Novosti | Iraq has praised Monday’s US airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militants near Baghdad as important, Iraqi military spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassim Atta said Tuesday.

Daniel McAdams | Just over ten days ago, as the pro-independence forces in east Ukraine were on the march with significant gains on the battlefield, a ceasefire was signed in Minsk, Belarus.

RT | The United States launched at least one airstrike against Islamic State militants near Baghdad on Monday.

RT | US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has been caught posting unverified images on his Twitter feed Monday.

Michael Krieger | The real culprit is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the America’s closest global allies.

Reuters | France sent fighter jets on a reconnaissance mission over Iraq.

Washington Post | Iran has rejected a U.S. appeal to join a global fight against Islamic State militants.

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