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World News

Lew Rockwell Blog | Saudi Arabia not only bombs Yemen into the fourth world, but stoops so low as to bomb a runway so that an Iranian Red Crescent humanitarian aid plane cannot land.

New American | United Nations “peacekeeping” troops deployed on a UN “peace” mission in the Central African Republic were systematically raping and sexually exploiting starving young children.

Truth Revolt | He said that he’s “tired” of drawing the figure.

London Guardian | Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities because of UN’s failure to stop abuse of children in Central African Republic.

RT | Adjust their trajectories to hit moving targets in difficult environments and from long distances.

New American | A team of top scientists and experts is launching a major inquiry into the integrity, or lack thereof, of the surface temperature data.

RT | The Ukrainian National Guard has been put on high alert due to worsening forest fires around the crippled Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Washington Post | The joke Obama can’t stop telling.

Prison Planet.com | Is it dangerous for the president to have what is de facto a personal army like this?

RT | Iran has demanded that Israel give up its “nuclear weapons”.

Zero Hedge | This may be the most destructive tremor in the history of the poor Himalayan country.

Sputnik | Anti-air S-300 missiles were successfully fired by units from the Kapustin Yar Testing Range in Russia’s southern Astrakhan Region.

Business Insider | A new video from Mount Everest base camp shows people fleeing from Saturday’s deadly avalanche that left at least 17 dead and 61 injured.

Zero Hedge | Russia is set to deploy its own Orlan-10 drones in the oil- and gas-rich Arctic region.

RT | A fresh 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck 17km south of Kodari, Nepal, on Sunday morning.

Zero Hedge | the most visually stunning, if quite deadly, phenomenon was a massive avalanche on Mt. Everest.

Sputnik | It seems to be only a matter of time until the next military escalation, a German magazine wrote.

Sputnik | A 7.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Nepal on Saturday, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

Steve Watson | POTUS acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Reuters | Authorities in the Japanese capital have cordoned off a playground where high levels of radiation were detected this week.

Sputnik | The United States and their allies have used military force more than 50 times over the past decade, with six US operations ending in local armed conflicts.

Kurt Nimmo | Al-Qaeda captured key airport and military base in al-Mukalla.

Agence France-Presse | George Maat, who has been helping identify victims, is fired after showing photographs of the dead , the government says.

RT | US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has claimed that Russia’s military is continuing to expand its presence in eastern Ukraine.

Washington’s Blog | The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would take sovereignty away from the American government.

The Washington Times | Covert CIA-China cooperation was part of successive administrations’ programs to undermine the Soviet Union.

London Independent | Ethical and medical concerns abound about the study, which had been rumoured to be taking place in secret.

Business Insider | Chinese nuclear experts have warned that North Korea may already have 20 nuclear warheads.

Adan Salazar | School board supports driver’s decision to ban girl from reading.

London Guardian | Interior minister announces arrest of student after stash of weapons found in car and lodgings.

RT | He mentioned the Pentagon’s incredible budget compared to Iran’s as proof.

Zero Hedge | Over the past several years, there has been an alarming escalation of two very disturbing trends.

Eric Draitser | The reality of Ukrainian fascism is obscured by vague assertions that such conclusions are merely “Russian propaganda.”

RT | All the eight water transfer pumps at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power station have been shut down due to a power outage.

Sputnik News | Dolgov stated that the truth about the tragedy is finally beginning to emerge.

Washington Times | Counterterrorism officials grappling with implications of group’s polished productions.

Zero Hedge | Few individuals polarize the public with their opinions, statements and mere presence, like Noam Chomsky.

Sputnik | WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text.

CNS News | “The Americans controlled Iraq, and ISIS came from Iraq to Syria, because chaos is contagious.”

Sputnik News | “Let them all kill each other!” Lynton wrote in a response email.

AP | USS Theodore Roosevelt is steaming toward the waters off Yemen.

RT | US army commander in Europe says Russia is a “real threat” urging NATO to stay united.

Sputnik | The top commander of the Iranian Armed Forces said the US military planes are making regular flights to and from ISIL-controlled cities in Iraq.

Zero Hedge | What happens when a launch of a S-300 SAM goes horribly wrong.

The Daily Sheeple | When Czech politician and libertarian activist Vít Jedlička decided to create a micronation in the Balkans, he never had any intention of succeeding.

Sputnik |

RT | Leaflets have surfaced in Copenhagen threatening a new and bigger terror attack.

The Hill | U.S. military officials are concerned that Iran’s support for Houthi rebels in Yemen could spark a confrontation with Saudi Arabia and plunge the region into sectarian war.

Adan Salazar| Water was previously deemed unfit to drink in weeks following nuclear disaster.

RT | The EU is expected to permit over a dozen new genetically modified agricultural products into its market.

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