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World News

Sputnik | Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that media claims of alleged civilian deaths in Russian airstrikes in Syria were a hoax.

Reuters | Shockwaves were felt in northern India and in Pakistan’s capital.

Prison Planet.com | Don’t worry, it’s ‘multiculturalism’.

Reuters | Balaclava-wearing man tried to force his car through gates of barracks near Namur but fled after exchange of fire.

RT | US military and intelligence officials are anxious about Russian submarines and spy ships operating around undersea global communications cables.

Tony Cartalucci | NATO’s irregular forces face their supply lines being completely cut, that is, unless a “buffer zone” can be created to save them.

RT | Armed masked men around the Greek islands have been targeting migrant boats and turning them back.

RT | No Arab units have received any of the ammunition so far.

Gateway Pundit | 1,200 migrants with beards entered Stockholm, Sweden in a single day claiming to be “refugee children.”

Julie Fidler | Would be a huge blow to the meat industry.

RT | Four hundred Foreign Office, Cabinet Office and MI5 files have been made public for the first time in 50 years.

RT | More than 40 people have been killed and eight injured after a bus and truck collided in Gironde province in southwestern France, say local authorities.

Sputnik | The Obama administration is reportedly embroiled in a new debate on the potential creation of no-fly zones and ‘safe havens’ in Syria.

Real Clear Politics | Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer reacts to Hillary Clinton’s handling of the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing.

Gateway Pundit | Afghan migrants with sticks beat new arrivals on Lesbos Island in Greece.

Gateway Pundit | This is reportedly taking place all over Europe.

CNS News | “We can only query against that which we have collected.”

RT | The US and Turkey, two of the Syrian President Bashar Assad’s key opponents, have not cheered his visit to Moscow.

RT | Four pupils and an adult have been injured at a school by a masked attacker with a sword or a knife.

Jon Rappoport | One of the basic principles of elite Globalism is: the end of borders, the end of separate nations.

Maram Susli | Russia achieved more in days than the US has in years.

London Telegraph | Young man held on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism – as four others arrested in Syria-related terror investigation.

Zero Hedge | With the ink still damp on voter slips, newly crowned elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasted no time in fulfilling the first of his liberal “hope” and “change” promises.

RT | The US Navy says it has successfully tested its anti-missile defense system during an exercise in Europe.

Joshua Krause | Ever since the Russians started their bombing campaign in Syria, one fact has become abundantly clear.

Truth Revolt | They even have their own discos, bars and shops.

Zero Hedge | On Friday, we previewed the battle for Aleppo, Syria’s largest city prior to the war.

Sputnik | Russia’s aerial campaign in Syria prompted the US president to halt the planned withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

The Daily Sheeple | Once the liberal bastion of the world, it appears that Europe’s political discourse is slowly shifting to the right.

Kit Daniels | Trains delayed for up to two hours as migrants flood tunnel leading to U.K.

Kurt Nimmo | 10,000 expected at anti-immigration rally in Dresden.

Reuters | Rebels battling the Syrian army and its allies south of Aleppo say they have received new supplies of U.S.-made anti-tank missiles.

Sputnik | A number of Iranian commanders are expecting further success and “proper advances” in the battle against the enemy very soon.

Tony Cartalucci | Enduring Imperialism.

Sputnik | Four US warships along forces from eight other nations will take part in the first missile defense exercise in Europe

Zero Hedge | The US is in a tough spot militarily.

Washington’s Blog | May Even Be More Widespread Than BEFORE the War STARTED.

Zero Hedge | Sunni extremists are now shaving off their beards and running for their lives.

Kurt Nimmo | CIA has a long history of assassination.

RT | Growing numbers of Islamic State militants in Syria have become discontent with their command.

RT | There are 7,000 foreign terrorists in Syria who went there from Russia and several other former Soviet nations to join Islamic State.

Gateway Pundit | “One person was killed in a shooting at the Bulgarian-Turkish border near Sredets, Burgas.”

F. William Engdahl | Russia in the last weeks has completely out-maneuvered the diabolical, and they are diabolical, agenda of the Obama Administration.

RT | President Obama will keep 5,500 US troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017.

Truth Revolt | The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is causing so much havoc in Afghanistan that many in the region long for the days-gone-by of the Taliban.

Truth Revolt | Maybe Kerry should ride a bike or something.

Joshua Krause | Russia’s current involvement in Syria certainly seemed to catch Western observers off guard.

Zero Hedge | To be sure, there are a lot of absurd things about what Washington has done and is currently doing in Syria.

Paul Craig Roberts | The only conclusion that the report reaches is one that we already knew.

London Independent | The nations are to hold new talks on air safety.

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