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World News

RT | A massive blaze has engulfed one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

Jon Bowne | President opens the flood gates while ignoring the threat from radical jihadists.

Reuters | Kiev accused Russia on Friday of sending more tanks and troops into eastern Ukraine.

CNS News | A Muslim prayer was recited at the start of the second day of the White House summit on “Countering Violent Extremism.”

London Independent | Russian aircraft have been flying near Britain’s airspace.

RT | Russia has begun deploying the next generation of Nebo-M anti-missile radar facility systems.

Kit Daniels | NATO countries to support rebels, many of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Kurt Nimmo | IS threatens to flood Europe with 500,000 migrants as “psychological” attack

Paul Joseph Watson | Terror group envisions apocalyptic final battle in Jerusalem.

Daily Caller | Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz accused President Obama of being “an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists” on “The Kelly File”.

CNS News | People talk a lot about Islamic extremism and ISIS/ISIL (the guys who behead Christians, among others), but what about Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army?

Reuters | Britain said on Thursday it had scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to see two Russian long-range Bear bombers off the south coast of England.

Sputnik | The remarks turned Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari into an instant hit on social media.

Kit Daniels | President claims radical groups can be stopped if governments listen to them.

RT | Kiev troops surrounded in the city of Debalstevo have started to surrender en masse.

Sputnik | The US broadcaster CNN has given the world another riddle.

Washington’s Blog | Why Are We Backing the Bad Guys?

Kit Daniels | Song promotes censored Chinese Internet where “each individual represents the whole nation.”

London Guardian | Warring sides had been due to begin withdrawing heavy weapons from frontline on Tuesday under ceasefire agreement.

RT | “They were all high-fiving each other and waving at us.”

Washington’s Blog | Ukraine is running out of bullets, guns, and other necessary equipment to achieve his goal.

CNS News | Absent from a 192-word statement from White House press secretary Josh Earnest condemning the brutal killings were the words “Christian,” “Coptic,” “Islam” or “Muslim.”

Zero Hedge | What is Russia doing in the East Mediterranean?

London Independent | The protest mimicked the burning of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh.

AP | White House denies Channel 2 report claiming US has stopped updating Israel about developments in nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Sputnik | The annual military exercises are likely to contribute to escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Sputnik | According to state television Egyptian Air Force has killed between 40 and 50 Islamic State militants during airstrikes in Libya.

Truth Revolt | “Terror is not a reason to move to Israel.”

Der Spiegel | The Ukraine crisis has dramatically worsened relations between NATO and Russia.

Reuters | Ukraine’s rebels disavowed a new truce on Sunday hours after it took effect, saying it did not apply to the town where most fighting has taken place in recent weeks.

Reuters | Fighting intensified in eastern Ukraine on Saturday as separatist rebels tried to seize more territory before a ceasefire takes effect at midnight, the Ukrainian military said.

NY Times | The United States released satellite images on Saturday meant to bolster its case that Russia has joined separatists in an all-out assault on the Ukrainian Army.

Gateway Pundit | ISIS has reportedly executed 21 Coptic Christian hostages in Libya. The Christians were reportedly captured around New Year’s Day.

The Hill | Two-thirds of Americans want the U.S. to put some boots on the ground to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Bill Gertz | AGI Viktor Leonov recently spotted in Cuba.

RT | The photos turned out to have been taken during the conflict in South Ossetia back in 2008.

BBC News | New shelling has been reported around the rebel-held east Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, a day after a peace deal was reached in Minsk.

London Independent | Astronomers consider sending radio signals to newly found habitable planets.

Eric Zuesse | Putin has won, and Obama has lost.

London Independent | ‘They don’t care if they are raped on the roadside – but we do’.

Zero Hedge | “The Americans are trying to involve the Russian Federation in an interstate military conflict.”

RT | An agreement has been brokered in Minsk to stop hostilities in Ukraine from Sunday.

YouTube | EU Faces Greek Democracy in Great Euro Poker Game.

Mac Slavo | Up until now, on the record at least, all aid military and otherwise that the US has sent to Ukraine has been more in the vein of non-aggression.

Kit Daniels | Saudi Arabia proposed RFID program to U.S. back in 2010.

USNI News | “They’ve been very aggressive.”

RT | The US Air Force dispatched a dozen A-10 Thunderbolt II attack jets and about 300 airmen to Germany as part of a military exercise.

FoxNews.com | The State Department announced late Tuesday that the U.S. Embassy in Yemen had been closed and evacuated.

London Guardian | President confirms his government is being kept informed by third parties of campaign against Islamic State.

RT | Social media is abuzz after CNN labeled Ukrainian forces involved in Kiev’s deadly military operation in the country’s southeast as “pro-US troops.”

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