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World News

Channel News Asia | The United States suspended military cooperation with Russia due to its military intervention in Ukraine.

UK Daily Mail | Britain will not impose sanctions or support military action against Russia, according to a briefing paper that was revealed in error yesterday.

RIA Novosti | Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an end Tuesday to combat readiness drills.

Washington’s Blog | The Big Picture: The U.S. and NATO Have Been Trying to Encircle Russia Militarily Since 1991.

Daily Caller | Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened on Sunday to use his country’s missile system against the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

CBS News | At least five Iranian scientists were murdered, most of them by bombs planted on their cars as they drove to work in the morning.

CNS News | Russian military intervention in Ukraine could go beyond Crimea.

RIA Novosti | North Korea reportedly fired two missiles into the Sea of Japan on Monday.

RT | The US Secretary of State spoke today of the unacceptability of invading a sovereign country on phony pretexts in order to assert one’s own interests in the 21st century.

Reuters | Ukraine mobilized on Sunday for war.

The Bureau Of Investigation | The report, by British lawyer Ben Emmerson QC, identifies 30 attacks between 2006 and 2013 that show sufficient indications of civilian deaths.

NY Times | Putin requested that the Russian Senate authorize him to use military force in Ukraine.

Prison Planet.com | Alex presents two articles about how Al-Qaeda has basically been handed Syria.

Prison Planet.com | Tension builds as Ukraine accuses Russia of “military invasion”.

Sky News | Barack Obama has warned the Kremlin not to intervene in Ukraine amid claims thousands of Russian troops have been sent to Crimea.

Zero Hedge | Here we go.

London Telegraph | Russia has finally confirmed that it has moved troops into Ukraine’s restive Crimea region, after speculation about Moscow’s involvement.

RIA Novosti | Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych lashed out at the West on Friday.

RIA Novosti | Deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych landed at a military airport in southern Russia late on Thursday escorted by fighter jets, a local news agency has reported.

ITAR-TASS | A poll shows 29% of Russians call the situation in Ukraine “anarchy, unlawfulness”, 27% think it’s a civil war, 25% believe a state coup was committed.

Zero Hedge | China Not Afraid of Conflict.

RT | A group of unidentified armed men in military uniforms have raided Simferopol International Airport in the capital of Crimea, Ukraine’s autonomous region.

RT | Yanukovich vanished over the weekend and his whereabouts have so far been unknown.

Itar Tass | Yanukovych says he considers the Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine of February 21 not fulfilled.

Itar Tass | President Yanukovych addressed the authorities of the Russian Federation asking to provide him personal protection.

Mac Slavo | For most Americans the crisis is over. For the people of Syria, war rages on and the fight for survival continues.

Reuters | Ukraine said on Thursday it would regard any movements by Russian military in Crimea outside the Russian Black Sea fleet’s base in Sevastopol as an act of aggression.

RIA Novosti | Russia’s Pacific Fleet in the next six months will take part in three large-scale international naval exercises.

RT | Regional parliament members in a Ukrainian city held a session at gunpoint.

RT | The surprise drill tested ground troops, Air Force, airborne troops and aerospace defense.

Paul Craig Roberts | In 2004 Hungary joined the EU, expecting streets of gold.

Bloomberg | Ukraine is weighing measures to stem cash withdrawals.

Zero Hedge | TEPCO admits that levels of radiation measured from water samples around the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactor were “significantly undercounted.”

RIA Novosti | The proposal to dissolve Berkut was put forward earlier this week by the nationalist Svoboda party, which played a key role in the street protest movement.

New American | Demonstrations against totalitarianism and economic collapse across the nation are still growing.

Zero Hedge | Twice in recent years, Russia has suspended gas supplies…

Zero Hedge | The Russians are staking out their claim.

Mac Slavo | The timing of the Ukranian revolution was just… a little too perfect.

RT | The vast majority of corn and soybean crops grown in America are genetically-engineered variants.

AFP | The Pentagon plans to scale back the US Army by more than an eighth to its lowest level since before World War II.

Tech Dirt | It’s long forgotten now, but back in August, the US and Germany were said to be working on an agreement not to spy on each other’s governments.

The Washington Times | The Obama administration warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday not to react too aggressively.

Twitchy | Demonstrators have taken control in much of Kiev, according to numerous eyewitness reports.

Zero Hedge | Many have been surprised by the lack of public response by Russia to the ongoings in Ukraine.

RIA Novosti | Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday ruled out the possibility of a popular uprising in his country similar to the recent events in Ukraine.

Business Insider | Late Friday, Urainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev.

BBC News | Ukrainian MP’s have been told they have until Tuesday to form a unity government.

RIA Novosti | Ukraine’s embattled president was blocked from taking a plane to Russia, hours after Ukrainian MPs voted to remove him from office, new parliamentary speaker said Sunday.

RT | Newly freed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has called on protesters not to abandon Kiev’s Independence Square, even though a deal with opposition leaders has already been signed.

Zero Hedge | More than a handful wanted in.

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