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World News

Truth Revolt | The indoctrination is elaborate and starts early — and this is what the West doesn’t understand.

Frontpage Mag | The teenage girl had converted to Islam and the attack was being planned with a 24-year old Jihadist who had fought in Syria.

Zero Hedge | By now, the world is largely familiar with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s fabled “Tigers and Flies” campaign.

Frontpage Mag | The driving force behind 82% of the world’s persecution of Christians.

London Independent | In the last three years the number of arrests of terrorist suspects has risen by 57 per cent compared to the previous three years.

Sputnik | Military drills between South Korea and the United States kicked off earlier in the day and are believed to be the largest-ever joint exercises of the two countries amid increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

RT | The exercise involves conducting amphibious operations for possible wartime missions.

Prison Planet.com | German leftist illegal squat cleared for new migrant home.

London Independent | As many as 50 children from the UK are said to be among the ‘future mujahideen’ forced to hold up decapitated heads and carry out brutal executions.

Daily Mail | Now being trained as the next generation of fighters.

CNS News | Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he would send more American ground troops to Syria, Iraq and now Libya, where Islamic State terrorists are gaining a foothold.

Speisa | Sweden’s population is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, emigration reaches record levels.

Sputnik | Mounting evidence appears to indicate that Turkey is providing extensive support to Daesh and al-Nusra Front.

RT | North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says his country must be ready to use nuclear weapons at “any moment.”

Breitbart | The Chechen men of the patrol harassed a woman, her daughter, and their female friends as they walked from a nightclub near to midnight.

London Independent | General Phil Breedlove claimed civilians were being deliberately bombed to drive migration to Europe.

RT | Around 2,000 legal cases have been opened in Turkey for insulting Recep Tayyip Erdogan, since he became president 18 months ago.

Reuters | “I took revenge against those who spilled blood.”

New American | Top officials with the European Union are exploiting the refugee crisis.

Jerusalem Post | A massive and shallow earthquake struck off the west coast of the island of Sumatra.

RT | US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has warned China against militarizing the disputed island chain in the South China Sea.

RT | The Obama administration says Islamic State’s persecution of Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria is not genocide.

Reuters | “I am Allah’s messenger. Hello everyone.”

The Daily Sheeple | On Friday, Syrian rebels posted a video of themselves striking a Russian T-90 battle tank with an American made TOW missile, in a suburb just north of Aleppo.

RT | A visa-free regime for Turkish nationals in the Schengen zone could open a “gateway” for a new refugee influx to Germany, a senior German official said.

RT | Around 150 migrants, some armed with iron bars, have attempted to block or climb lorries traveling towards the Eurotunnel.

Michael Snyder | Have the U.S government, Saudi Arabia and their allies been secretly plotting a massive ground invasion of Syria?

RT | The incident took place in Maale Adumim, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, 7km from Jerusalem.

BBC | A crowd of migrants has burst through a barbed-wire fence on the Macedonia-Greece border using a steel pole as a battering ram.

UK Mirror | The 43-year-old actor was in Calais to see the migrant camp before it is demolished, but was left shocked as residents behaved ‘like football hooligans’.

London Telegraph | Tom Bower’s new biography of Tony Blair claims the former prime minister paved the way for mass immigration to the UK but ordered civil servants and ministers never to discuss the issue.

London Independent | Isis claimed the car bomb attack in an online statement.

Kit Daniels | Fox pushed for EU-style “North American Union” where immigrants could freely flow across borders.

RT | Obama said that though there are “plenty of reasons for skepticism,” it could save lives if implemented.

Speisa | A reorganization to make the police more effective commenced January 1, 2015, but a year after the largest police reform in the history of Sweden, the fiasco is a fact.

Tokyo Reporter | Onder Pinarbasi and a 16-year-old boy allegedly sexually assaulted a woman inside a public toilet near JR Akabane Station.

Daily Mail | The government admitted the bizarre statistic in answer to a question posed in the Bundestag parliament on Thursday by the Left Party.

Breitbart | “The islands in the South China Sea have been China’s territory since ancient times, and China has the right to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.”

CNS News | “I will make a decision on it as soon as I have that additional evaluation and we will proceed forward from there,” Kerry said.

Sky News | ‘No Evidence’ BBC Bosses Aware Of Savile Abuse.

Reuters | The comments were the first official Egyptian indication that the plane was deliberately downed in a terrorist attack.

Sputnik | “The intensity of Russian airstrikes in Syria fell significantly in the past two days.”

Greek Reporter | Foreign reporters pay refugees 20 euros to act as if they have drowned, said Bishop of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael.

Breitbart | A 16 year old Afghan male claiming asylum in Belgium has been stripped of his asylum seeker status by the government after he raped an employee at a Red Cross shelter in Menen, West Flanders.

BBC | CCTV footage was not good enough to identify sex crimes, he told the BBC.

Daily Beast | The indiscriminate bombing campaign is tilting the balance of the war in Bashar al-Assad’s favor.

RT | Wikileaks published a new trove of top secret documents.

Zero Hedge | If you want our take – and let’s face it, you must because that’s why you’re here – we wouldn’t put too much faith in today’s announced Syrian “ceasefire” agreement.

London Telegraph | The US will deploy a combat aviation brigade to South Korea for the duration of the manoeuvres, as well as a mobile US Marine brigade.

Zero Hedge | Over the past two months, Europeans have become completely fed up with the wave of refugees streaming into the bloc from the Mid-East.

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