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World News

Michael Krieger | Just the tip of the iceberg.

London Guardian | Former PM says allied countries risk facing terror attack of ‘such size and horror’ as to make draconian security measures necessary.

RT | North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has ordered and observed artillery drills simulating an attack on the residence of the South Korean president.

CNN | Kriket was arrested in a raid Thursday night near Paris.

Truth Revolt | “I think they are already in Europe. Because ISIS is not a group, it’s an ideology.”

Speisa | The Pope’s ritual where he washes and kisses the feet of twelve men, took place at a center for asylum seekers just outside Rome, confirms the Vatican.

Daily Mail | Two British Islamic State fighters have threatened terror attacks on Heathrow, Gatwick and Downing Street in a chilling video celebrating the Brussels bombings.

Sky News | The denial by Salah Abdeslam comes amid reports another bomber was involved in the deadly Belgium attacks and may be on the run.

Louder With Crowder | Brace yourselves.

Breitbart | “You can’t now deny that free movement of people is free movement of terrorists and weapons.”

Clarion | The Islamic State has been publicizing and boasting about the horrific attack which hit Brussels yesterday.

CNS News | Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Brussels was not about religion but a “depraved ideology,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Christian Post | Unidentified attackers hacked a Christian convert to death this week in northern Bangladesh in the latest attack in the Muslim-majority country.

Truth Revolt | The Left is (finally) getting tired of all of this terrorism.

RT | Belgian police have discovered that the alleged suicide bombers in the CCTV footage at the Brussels airport were brothers.

Daily Mail | Najim Laachraoui, 24, is also suspected of being responsible for the bombs used in the Paris massacre.

London Independent | ‘In revenge for Belgium’s role fighting militants in Syria and Iraq

Daily Beast | It was supposed to be a secret where these 200 Marines were headed. And yet the terrorists had them in their sights.

CNBC | “In the past,” said Norwegian terror expert Thomas Hegghammer, “nobody got to strike twice.”

Breitbart | “I’m there a lot. I have a lot of investments in the UK and I will tell you that I think it may leave based on everything I’m hearing”.

Truth Revolt | One grande Naive-a-TEA, please.

New American | Guevara promised a “tsunami” of communist oppression in the future.

AFP | “Surveillance is stepped up with added security measures at nuclear plants.”

Sputnik | Airports across Europe stepped up security after attacks in Belgium, which took the lives of at least 13 people, according to local media.

Daily Caller | Germany is about to run out of prison cells due to the unprecedented migrant influx in the country.

RT | North Korea has launched short-range projectiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan, South Korean Yonhap News Agency reports.

Reuters | It appears Europe’s most wanted man never left the Belgian capital.

UK Express | AN Austrian businesswoman has issued an emotional warning urging women to go on self defence courses.

AP | Air Force One touches down in Havana on Sunday.

CNN | North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles off the west coast of the Korean peninsula, the South Korean military and U.S. defense officials said Friday.

Sputnik | Pyongyang’s multiple-missile launch on Friday is another provocative move by North Korea, Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov told Sputnik.

New American | The communist-minded regime ruling Brazil is quickly becoming almost a caricature of a “Banana Republic,” but there are still glimmers of hope amid an unprecedented public uprising.

Breitbart | Obama plans to interfere in the process.

Sky News | A Donald Trump campaign video shows Russia as a US opponent, with a clip of Putin laughing – but the Kremlin is not amused.

AFP | More than one million migrants and refugees have entered Greece since January last year, the United Nations refugee agency said Wednesday.

PJ Media | The French see René Descartes, a 17th century philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, as the truest expression of their national mind. I am afraid they are right.

Breitbart | “Allah told me to do this.”

Sky News | The suspect killed during a shoot-out with police is identified as 35-year-old Mohamed Belkaid, who was in Belgium illegally.

Zero Hedge | If there’s one person who exemplifies anti-refugee sentiment in Europe more than anyone else, it’s not Frauke Petry, it’s not Geert Wilders, and it’s not Lutz Bachmann. It’s Viktor Orban.

RT | CIA largely ignored data that could have helped suppress the terror group from the outset.

Truth Revolt | Translation: stealing a propaganda banner.

Bill Gertz | On Sunday, North Korean state news media warned its missiles could destroy New York City in a thermonuclear attack.

Breitbart | Monday during a MSNBC town hall, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton discussed the push for regime change in Libya while she served was secretary of state.

Sputnik | A Syrian Air Force MiG-21US jet has been shot down by a US-produced portable surface-to-air Stinger missile, a Syrian military source told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

RT | The Russian Air Force has begun to return home after fighting in Syria.

Pamela Geller | A Muslim paper in Windsor, Canada used an editorial to declare knife attacks in Israel a “sacred duty of jihad.” Will they declare this a sacred duty as well?

London Independent | Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Germany will continue to ‘pursue its refugee policy at home and abroad’.

Sky News | The US Secretary of State also claims the militant group has recently lost territory around twice the size of London.

RT | Exit polls in German regional elections show significant success for the right-wing AfD party.

RT | Shocking footage of Sunday’s explosion in Ankara shows the blast ripping through a busy street, sending flames into crowds of people running for safety.

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