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World News

Mark Dice | Islamic terror groups post at least 90 tweets every minute, a new report has found.

Associated Press | No delegation from Moscow at planning session for 2016 summit on preventing terrorists gaining weapons-grade material.

London Independent | Dr Margaret Chan hits out at profit-driven vaccine industry.

Tony Cartalucci | Many “Occupy Central” supporters now admit the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) role in ongoing chaos in Hong Kong and simply say, “so what?” Here’s what…

Washington Post | Fighters linked to al-Qaeda routed U.S.-backed rebels from their main northern strongholds.

UK Daily Mail | Oblivious to passing traffic.

Maram Susli | The US is considering bombing pipelines in Syria, which it claims is in an attempt to cut off the huge profits being made by ISIS from captured oilfields.

AFP | Laser has 1.2-mile range and can bring down small low-flying aircraft within five seconds of locating target.

RIA Novosti | German Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly condemned Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to establish limits on immigration.

Al Jazeera | Ebola is spreading nine times faster than two months ago, according to the Africa Governance Initiative.

Reuters | Islamic State fighters have mocked the U.S. air strikes as a campaign against Islam.

Reuters | Unidentified drones illegally overflew five French nuclear power plants overnight.

CBS LA | One person was killed and another suffered major injuries.

CNS News | “Well, we know that some of the detainees that have come out of Guantanamo have gone back to the fight, to the battlefield.”

Zero Hedge | Over the last 2 days, more than two dozen Russian military aircraft, in four groups, were tracked and intercepted conducting aerial maneuvers around Europe.

RT | Hundreds of US-led airstrikes and daily multi-million dollar military operations have failed to stem the tide.

RT | A clandestine Home Office experiment in 1982 tested Britain’s capacity to rebuild after a catastrophic nuclear assault.

Zero Hedge | Why the sudden rush to defend its national interests in this odd, cold place?

Breitbart | Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus.

Cluborlov | This is probably the most important political speech since Churchill’s “Iron Curtain”speech of March 5, 1946.

London Telegraph | None of the drones were intercepted and their origins remain a mystery.

AFP | Far fewer Chinese couples applied to have a second child than expected.

RIA Novosti | The first major European country coming up with this decision.

RT | Two Royal Air Force jets reportedly threatened to shoot down a Latvian cargo plane.

BBC News | Nato has reported an “unusual” increase in Russian military aircraft conducting manoeuvres over European airspace over the last two days.

Reuters | “We can’t hermetically seal ourselves off,” he said at the White House.

London Guardian | Quotes from senior Obama administration figures damn Israeli prime minister over stance on settlements and Palestinian peace.

The Hill | Defense Secretary Hagel is considering a 21-day “quarantine-like” policy for all troops returning from West Africa, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

RT | The UK government has admitted for the first time that its spy agency, GCHQ, can access raw data mined by America’s NSA and others without a warrant.

Gateway Pundit | And, Obama thinks a quarantine is a bad idea.

UK Daily Mail | A giant sunspot on the solar surface has erupted for the sixth time in a week.

New American | The new ITU boss claims censorship is in the eye of the beholder.

RT | The chief Dutch prosecutor investigating the MH17 downing in eastern Ukraine does not exclude the possibility that the aircraft might have been shot down from air.

Ars Technica | Quadcopter flew “deliberately” at plane; neither drone nor operator were found.

London Independent | The business magnate, inventor and investor has warned about artificial intelligence before.

RT | Before launching his attack on Canada’s National War Memorial and the Parliament, the Ottawa gunman had recorded a video.

Ulson Gunnar | The US is its Own Worst Enemy.

Washington Examiner | Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the U.S. for destabilizing the post-Cold War order in Eastern Europe.

Washington Post | Included attempts to manipulate the virus’s genetic coding.

Zero Hedge | Russia’s leader has unleashed his most aggressive statements with regard the failing world order.

RIA Novosti | The interference of the United States in other countries’ internal affairs undermines the global stability, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

London Guardian | Eric Hobsbawm and Christopher Hill had phones tapped, correspondence intercepted and friends and wives monitored.

NY Times | Dizzy, vomiting and struggling to breathe, 11 Iraqi police officers were rushed to a government hospital 50 miles north of the capital last month.

London Guardian | World Health Organisation says trials could start in west Africa in December, but warns vaccines aren’t ‘magic bullet’.

London Guardian | Royal Canadian Mounted Police say passport application brought him to their attention and likely ‘figured prominently in shooter’s motives’.

London Guardian | Comedian refers to ‘interesting’ relationship between Bush and Bin Laden during appearance on BBC2’s Newsnight programme.

Reuters | Mali confirmed its first case of Ebola on Thursday.

Washington Times | Moscow’s military provocations signal return to Cold War-era gamesmanship.

London Independent | South Korean media reports link disappearances to Kim Jong-un.

Reuters | Russian prosecutors have detained four more Moscow airport workers over a plane crash which killed the CEO of French oil company Total.

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