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Senator Praises Inquisition as Proof that Torture Works

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Washington’s Blog [1]
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

George W. Bush and a key general in Iraq both called the Iraq war a “crusade” [2]. Many other high-level civilian and military leaders also believe in fighting a religious war against Islam [3].

Troops are actively being indoctrinated to fight a religious crusade in the Middle East [4]. The U.S. military has just been busted trying to convert Afghanis [5]and Iraqis [6] to Christianity.

Rumsfeld delivered Iraq war intel reports with prominent biblical passages [7], to buck up the crusader-in-chief.

Prisoners were tortured as part of a crusading inquisition [8].

And this week, prominent Senator Lindsey Graham basically defended the Spanish Inquisition, saying [9]:

“One of the reasons these techniques have been used for about 500 years is that they work”.

Hmmm … sounds familiar [10]. And see this [11].


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