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Shock Video Shows ‘Syrian Rebels’ Testing Chemical Weapons

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Clip shows gas killing lab rabbits as rebel threatens Alawite population

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
December 6, 2012

A shocking You Tube video shows alleged Syrian rebels testing chemical weapons on lab rabbits before making threats to use them against Syria’s pro-Assad Alawite population.

The video is particularly pertinent given reports yesterday [1] that claim President Bashar Al-Assad has ordered the Syrian military to load “the precursor chemicals for sarin, a deadly nerve gas, into aerial bombs,” in preparation for fighter jets to drop the bombs on the civilian population. The Syrian government has repeatedly denied that it will use chemical weapons in its war against opposition rebels.

The evidence contained in the video suggests that the rebels are just as likely to be considering the prospect of using chemical weapons. The clip, obtained by the Syria Tribune [2], shows lab equipment and chemical containers. Some of the containers display English writing and some bear the label of Tekkim, a Turkish chemicals company.

The video shows a poster on the wall with Arabic text which reads “The Almighty Wind Brigade (Kateebat A Reeh Al Sarsar).” The man in the clip then begins to mix the chemicals in a beaker which subsequently emits gas. Rabbits contained inside a glass box begin to have random convulsions, collapse and die.

“You saw what happened? This will be your fate, you infidel Alawites, I swear by Allah to make you die like these rabbits, one minute only after you inhale the gas,” states the man in the video.

“Judging from the rabbits’ reaction, the gas must be a nerve agent. The number of containers, if not a bluff, indicates ability to produce a considerable amount of this gas. Deployment could be by means of a smoke generator placed in the target area, an explosion, possibly a suicide one, of a ”chemmed” car, or simply by using a humidifier,” reports Syria Tribune.

Given that the only suggestion Assad’s government is preparing to use chemical weapons comes from western media reports and somewhat hysterical proclamations from the Obama administration, the weight of evidence indicates that it is the rebels themselves, who have repeatedly been caught committing atrocities [3], that are more likely to resort to such tactics.

Indeed, reports circulated 6 months [4] ago that rebel fighters had been given gas masks and were willing to stage a chemical weapons attack which would then be blamed on the Assad regime and grease the skids for NATO military intervention.

In August, a source told Syrian news channel Addounia [5] that a Saudi company had fitted 1400 ambulance vehicles with anti-gas & anti-chemical filtering systems at a cost of $97,000 dollars each, in preparation for a chemical weapons attack carried out by FSA rebels using mortar rounds. A further 400 vehicles were prepared as troop carriers.

The attack would be blamed on the Syrian Army and exploited as an excuse for a military assault. A March 2012 Brookings Institution report entitled Saving Syria: Assessing Options For Regime Change outlined this very scenario [6]- where a manufactured humanitarian crisis would be cited as justification for force.

The history of western governments and intelligence organizations manufacturing a fake “weapons of mass destruction” threat in order to justify wars planned years in advance clearly inform us that claims Syria is about to drop chemical weapon bombs on its own population should be treated with the utmost suspicion.

With the USS Eisenhower and other warships now facing Syria [7] with thousands of troops and dozens of fighter jets in place, only the very naive would think the media’s sudden hype over Assad using chemical weapons – generated off the back of unverified claims by anonymous US officials – is a mere coincidence.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com [8] and Prison Planet.com [9]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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