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Sunspots do not cause climate change, say scientists

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Steve Connor,
London Independent [1]
Monday, Dec 14th, 2009

Comment: So that giant unstable nuclear reactor in the middle of our solar system that’s volumous enough to house a mllion earths and has a core temperature of more than a million celcius has no effect on climate variation at all. Yet 0.04 of our atmosphere has a huge effect. Forgive us for being a little skeptical.

Leading scientists, including a Nobel Prize-winner, have rounded on studies used by climate sceptics to show that global warming is a natural phenomenon connected with sunspots, rather than the result of the man-made emissions of carbon dioxide.

The researchers – all experts in climate or solar science – have told The Independent that the scientific evidence continually cited by sceptics to promote the idea of sunspots being the cause of global warming is deeply flawed.

Studies published in 1991 and 1998 claimed to establish a link between global temperatures and solar activity – sunspots – and continue to be cited by climate sceptics, including those who attended an “alternative” climate conference in Copenhagen last week.

However, problems with the data used to establish the correlation have been identified by other experts and the flaws are now widely accepted by the scientific community, even though the studies continue to be used to support the idea that global warming is “natural”.

Full article here [2]

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Sunspots do not cause climate change, say scientists  FOTR 340x1692 [3] 

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