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Tea Partiers, some seeking to create militia, to clash with anarchists and federal provocateurs?

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Oklahoma Watchdog [1]
April 14, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY — With Tea Party activists gearing up for major rallies in towns and cities across the nation this Wednesday April 14 and Thursday April 15 – Tax Day – the Associated Press featured a story this week headlined “Oklahoma Tea Parties and lawmakers envision militia [2].”

Interviewed was Al Gerhart, with the Sooner Tea Party, who said that he and other fiscally conservative Tea Party activists are fed up with increasing federal tyranny, said a state-sanctioned militia could be formed within the next year to protect Oklahoma citizens.

“Is it scary? It sure is,” Gerhart told AP. “But when do the states stop rolling over for the federal government?”

The AP story accurately notes that “militia talks” are the result of frustrated Oklahoma activists who are “seeking new ways of fighting recent federal initiatives” like the unconstitutional ObamaCare law that Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, a Democrat candidate for governor this year, has refused to fight.

Joseph Thai, a constitutional law professor at OU was interviewed and rhetorically asked, “Have they heard of the Oklahoma City bombing?” It’s not clear how concerned citizens forming a state-sanctioned militia would lead to a bombing of a federal building. According to researchers and witnesses interviewed by Oklahoma Watchdog in the past year, that horrible tragedy, sadly, has the fingerprints of the federal government all over it. More on that in coming reports.

Tea Partiers, some seeking to create militia, to clash with anarchists and federal provocateurs?  040310banner3 [3]

The militia, Mr. Thai, is constitutional, experts note, although it is not clear how a constitutional law professor does not know that.

And Gerhart and his fellow Tea Partiers have supporters from Oklahoma legislators like State Sen. Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) who is running for governor and State Rep. Charles Key an Oklahoma City Republican who has pushed for the state to take the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution far more seriously.

J.W. Berry, with OKforTea, told AP that while he encourages citizens to buy more guns and bullets, forming a state militia to protect against federal tyranny is “(N)ot a far-right crazy plan or anything like that. This would be done with the full cooperation of the state Legislature.”

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