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Texans to Launch ‘Citizen Filibuster’ Over TSA Groping

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Campaign seeks to pressure public servants into following will of the people

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, June 27, 2011

Texans to Launch Citizen Filibuster Over TSA Groping tsapatdown

Texans outraged by repeated attempts on behalf of state representatives working in consort with the federal government to kill legislation that would ban invasive TSA groping are set to launch a ‘citizen filibuster’ that seeks to pressure public servants into following the will of the people.

Despite the fact that the anti-groping legislation in Texas passed the House unanimously last month and also looked set to sail through the Senate, repeated dirty tricks [2] by the likes of Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have sabotaged a bill that merely seeks to reinforce laws already codified in the Fourth Amendment.

With lawmakers going AWOL [3] for a vote on the legislation Friday, we have now learned that a hearing by the Texas House State Affairs Committee scheduled to take place today has been cancelled [4] and the bill is all but dead. The legislation is likely to be replaced with a toothless Joint House Resolution [5] that does little to address the epidemic of TSA abuse, most recently characterized by an incident in which TSA goons forced a 95-year-old sick woman to remove an adult diaper for screening [6], and merely recommends that Congress pick up the baton.

In response to Texas lawmakers’ failure to follow their constitutional duty, Austin-based radio host Alex Jones is leading a ‘citizen filibuster’, calling on people to contact their representatives over the next three days to salvage the legislation before the special session of the legislature ends on Wednesday.

This represents a continuation of last month’s actions [7]which forced Governor Rick Perry’s hand in having the bill added to the special session when at one point it looked doomed. The first protest will take place today at 4pm CST.


Texans to Launch Citizen Filibuster Over TSA Groping 150709banner2 [8]

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Jones wants all Texans to launch a massive and sustained campaign this week to lobby lawmakers both in person and over phone and email, with a particular emphasis on people showing up at the Capitol building to protest against Dewhurst and Straus’ underhanded efforts to kill the legislation.

By promoting this grass roots campaign, Jones hopes to pressure Governor Rick Perry into extending the special session beyond Wednesday in a bid to get the TSA bill in its original format, stripped of the amendments added by Straus and Dewhurst that have gutted the legislation [10], signed into law.

Jones wants Texans to encourage their lawmakers to filibuster against efforts to kill the bill in any way they can, be it mass walk outs or any other form of resistance.

The fact that this bill in its original form has not been enacted despite having enough votes to pass both chambers is a harrowing reminder of the fact that the federal government and the Supreme Court have all but declared the Fourth Amendment null and void [11]. The real reason the likes of Straus, Dewhurst and the Justice Department are so terrified of the anti-groping bill becoming law is the fact that it would re-instate a constitutional liberty that has been eviscerated by stealth.

This issue is not just about TSA policy in Texas, it’s about the fact that the 4th Amendment is on life support nationwide. Become part of the citizen filibuster and tell your public servants to grow a backbone and stand up for freedom in the face of intimidation and threats from the federal government.

Click here [12] to contact Texas Senators. House members can be contacted here [13]. Find out who your representative is in Texas by clicking here [14].


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com [15]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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