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The Health Ranger: Big Pharma’s Secret Agenda Exposed

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Health Ranger: Big Pharmas Secret Agenda Exposed            adams4

The Health Ranger Mike Adams gives a special presentation Big Pharma’s agenda to make sure you die broke, as well as neo-eugenics and how it ties into food contamination and vaccines. Why are they pushing so hard to get you to take vaccines when the science shows that vaccines doesn’t really work?

The pharmaceutical industry makes money from sickness and disease, so it’s in their interests for you never to obtain a reasonable standard of health, and that you exist in a degenerative disease zone where they can extract all the money you’ve worked so hard to earn for your entire life. Adams explains why alternative health treatments which are cheaper, safer, more effective and more readily available than pharmaceuticals, are suppressed by Big Pharma, because you can’t patent superfoods, pomegranate seeds, walnuts, or any other natural product of nature.

Bio-engineered foods, combined with the synthetic compounds in pharmaceuticals, and toxic personal products like shampoos and deodorants, are combining to create a highly toxic environment for our body, turning your liver into a toxic waste dump and preventing your vital organs from functioning properly.

Adams also discusses medical experimentation on humans beings conducted by pharmaceutical companies, the government and the military, explaining how we are all unwitting guinea pigs being bombarded with innumerable different attacks on our health as part of the global population reduction agenda being promoted and funded by elitists like Bill Gates.

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