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The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now

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Infowars Press Release
Infowars.com [1]
October 6, 2011

Public sentiment has shifted– against the trends of Washington and Wall Street– and now, against the private Federal Reserve bank which controls or influences so much of the world’s finances. Where as only a few years ago many Americans were unaware of the true nature of the shadowy organization, recent polls [2] confirm that the public overwhelmingly wants to audit [3] and even abolish [4] the Federal Reserve bank.

The momentum for a second American revolution is stirring, but the establishment is working overtime to steer the public’s anger into easy controlled avenues and big government solutions. Instead, by striking at the root of the true problems, we can attempt to reign in the predatory banking powers that plague our nation and begin to restore the Republic.

The Federal Reserve banking system is at the root of that problem and a perpetual impediment towards ending the global economic crisis that continues to grow. Join Alex Jones to “occupy” the Dallas Federal Reserve, or take the message to a Fed branch near you [see dates and times below]. We must start now by focusing media and political attention on this issue, and through our presence at these banks, start brushfires in the minds of men that will tip the momentum in favor of liberty and independence for all.


The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now 03Federal reserve locations

The Twelve Federal Reserve Districts [5]

**Note: There are several dozen more branch locations. Please check the Federal Reserve district near you

Dallas Federal Reserve [6]

Friday Oct. 7 @ 6pm

2200 North Pearl Street

Dallas, TX 75201-2272

(214) 922-6000

Houston Branch [7] of the Dallas Federal Reserve

Sat. Oct. 8 @ High Noon

1801 Allen Pkwy

Houston, TX 77019-2507

(713) 483-3000

San Antonio [8] Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve

Sunday Oct. 9 @ 10am – Noon

126 E Nueva

San Antonio, TX 78204-1020

(210) 224-2141



Targeting the Real Enemy: Occupy the Fed

Alex Jones urges supporters to take to the streets outside branches of the private Federal Reserve bank at locations across the country– not just to protest, but to “occupy” the source of real monetary tyranny in the U.S. The intent is to focus media attention not just on vague calls to ‘reform’ capitalism but to attempt to reign in the shadow banking cartel itself. The corruption of Wall Street is but a symptom of this unaccountable entity that holds a grip over finance, politics and freedom everywhere.

Alex himself will appear at three branches in Texas, including the head of the District 11 Federal Reserve in Dallas, as well as its subsidiaries in Houston and San Antonio (see dates & times below). However, it is hoped that a longer presence can be maintained at one or more of the locations throughout the nation, including possible campers and long-term demonstrators, in order to draw news coverage and expose the private bank that remains obscure and little known to most Americans. Join Alex in Dallas this Friday, Oct. 7 at 6 PM or head to the Fed near you and let’s use the momentum surrounding financial issues to point out the central role of the central bank that prints our money yet owes no allegiance to the people. Already, groups have spontaneously surrounded the Fed in Boston and other cities. Follow their example and peacefully send a message to the system that will reverberate to the very core!! The time is now to stand up for sovereignty and sound monetary policy– how else can we turn around the economic disaster that continues to spiral out of control across the globe?

The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now The Occupy Wall Street crowd has become predictably focused on issues like taxing the middle class and moderately “rich,” ending capitalism and even re-electing Obama to ‘fight’ the very elites who pushed him into power. Focus should instead be on the real source of power for the out-of-control bankster class- the private, unaccountable Federal Reserve bank that creates money out of thin air, issues secret loans to insiders and foreign governments and systematically institutes debt on the American people through their undue powers.

With this in mind, Alex Jones is calling on patriots to “occupy” branches of the Federal Reserve, with plans to appear at three locations in Texas this weekend in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The times and locations appear below. Further, people everywhere should converge upon Fed locations in their area to raise awareness about the real culprit behind the economic crisis.

Well meaning protesters who have joined the Occupy Wall Street effort, including solidarity activities in cities everywhere, need to be educated about the power held by this insidious institution, as well as the false solutions that have been proposed by leading figures on the left and right that only further expand the scope of big government, all while avoiding the elephant in the room.

Join Alex at locations throughout Texas or begin to address the issues at the Federal Reserve branch in your location. Don’t wait for orders from headquarters– go to the sound of the guns in this information war to awaken minds and stop the massive transfer of wealth being manipulated by the very offshore interests who control the Fed and even steer the protests at Wall Street.

FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Bullhorns Federal Reserve branch in Dallas 11-22-2008

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