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TSA Gropers Prone To Predatory Criminal Behavior

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Deviants, perverts and rapists are attracted to airport pat down jobs

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News that a TSA employee abducted a woman before sexually assaulting her is just the latest example of how TSA workers are prone to criminal and predatory behavior particularly targeting women and children, emphasizing once again why they are attracted to jobs that allow them to sexually molest and ogle vulnerable members of society.

“A TSA employee based at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport tried to kill himself after allegedly abducting a woman, sexually assaulting her then giving her a suicide note to deliver,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [2]

49-year-old Randall Scott King kidnapped the woman after she had accompanied him from the airport. Whether or not King abused his power as a TSA officer to make the woman accompany him is still being investigated by police.

The story arrives on the same day as another incident highlighting once again how TSA workers transfer their predatory sexual behavior from their private lives to their jobs.

A young woman with ample breasts was targeted [3]by TSA workers for extra screening after they ogled her body.

“It was pretty obvious. One of the guys that was staring me up and down was the one who pulled me over,” said Eliana Sutherland. “Not a comfortable feeling.”

Working in airport security seems to attract perverts, rapists and pedophiles because it gives them legitimate cover through which to exercise their deviancy. Indeed, a prank caller who pretended to be a sex pervert phoned the TSA about applying for a job [4] and was treated seriously by a TSA staffer.

Back in March it emerged [5]that TSA worker Sean Shanahan, who was employed at Boston Logan International Airport to pat down passengers, had been charged with multiple child sex crimes targeting an underage girl.

Similarly, 57-year-old Charles Henry Bennett, who worked at Orlando International Airport as a TSA screener, was arrested earlier this month [6] in connection with the molestation of a 6-year-old girl whom he planned to make his “sex slave”.


TSA Gropers Prone To Predatory Criminal Behavior aj150709banner1 [7]

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Stories about TSA officials and other airport security workers abusing the use of naked body scanners have become commonplace.

44-year-old Rolando Negrin beat his supervisor [9] with a police baton after he had cracked jokes about Negrin’s small manhood when he walked through a naked scanner as part of a training exercise at Miami International Airport. The story underscored the fact that authorities had been lying all along about the claim that the scanners did not show sensitive details of genitalia.

Indian film star Shahrukh Khan told a BBC talk show [10] that naked images of his body from the scanner were printed out and circulated by airport staff at Heathrow in London. Heathrow denied the claim but Khan himself never retracted the story, and had no apparent motive for making it up.

Heathrow authorities were unable to deny a later example of the scanners being abused, when it emerged that a Heathrow worker had perved over a naked image of a female colleague [11] after she passed through one of the devices, before commenting, “I love those gigantic tits”.

Jo Margetson, 29, reported John Laker, 25, to the police after she had entered the x-ray machine by mistake and Laker took the image before making lewd comments.

Airport security staff workers are among the least trustworthy people to operate these machines. Such individuals are routinely caught abusing their authority for their own ego trip or sexual perversion.

TSA workers have also been caught in other abuses of power, including stealing laptop computers [12], sabotaging sensitive screening databases [13], and joking about planting drugs on travelers [14].

The naked scanners are being manned by people like a TSA agent who flipped out and began screaming, “I am god, I’m in charge,” [15]shortly after he got off duty at LAX earlier this year.

The fact that the most deviant, perverted, megalomaniacal and criminally-minded dregs of society are attracted to TSA pat down jobs tells you everything you need to know about the nature of the Transportation Security Administration and how its role has nothing to do with preventing terrorism and everything to do with ritualizing the degradation and humiliation of the American people.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com [16]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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