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US Naval Update: It’s A Mediterranean Party And The Enterprise Is Invited – Libyan Endgame Expected Within 5-7 Days

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Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge [1]
March 3, 2011

As we speculated last week [2], the LHD 3 Kearsarge [3]deftly left the treacherous waters of the Red Sea a few days ago, and after crossing the Suez is now well on its way to the shores of Tripoli (where it is set to meet Canadian, Korean and Dutch warships). Yet to those who argue that the US military is a well-oiled machine, look no further than the schizophrenic moves the CVN 65 Enterprise [4]has had to endure in the past two weeks: after it was just off the coast of Libya as recently as February 9, and rushing into the Red Sea in direction Straits of Hormuz two weeks ago, the storied aircraft carrier was halted dead in its tracks en route, and ordered to do a 180. It is now hot on the heels of the Kearsarge and we believe will also cross the Suez within 48 hours as it moves in to provide air support to Libya by the weekend. And with air coverage, the no fly zone will likely be instituted by Monday of next week, which, as Robert Gates telegraphed earlier [5], is the codeword for a “NATO” invasion. Which means this weekend will likely be do or die in terms of game theory defection choices for the Gaddafi family: will he defect peacefully and spend the rest of his days with his friend Robert Mugabe, the world’s second best performing stock market after the NYSE Borse, and a few hundred pounds of gold, or will he set fire to the Libyan oil infrastructure as he leaves the scene kicking and screaming.

US Naval Update: Its A Mediterranean Party And The Enterprise Is Invited   Libyan Endgame Expected Within 5 7 Days  Naval Update 03 02 11 800 0 [6]

US Naval Update: Its A Mediterranean Party And The Enterprise Is Invited   Libyan Endgame Expected Within 5 7 Days  161008pptv3 [7]

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