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Vaccine myths unraveling: 600 percent increase in number of parents refusing vaccinations for their children (Australia)

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Jonathan Benson
Natural News [1]
Dec 6, 2012

Parents across Australia are waking up in droves to the dangers of vaccines, as evidenced by new government figures showing a major uptick in the number of parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children. According to the data, there has been a 600 percent increase in recent years in the number of informed vaccine opponents who are simply not willing to inject their offspring with toxic, and largely untested, chemical cocktails.

So many Australian parents are taking charge of their children’s health and making informed vaccination decisions, in fact, the Australian government is now working feverishly to dissuade and re-indoctrinate them back into the vaccine fold. According to 3AW 693 News Talk in Australia, the Australian Medical Association, along with the Academy of Science, has published a 20-page propaganda pamphlet that attempts to discard all the opposing science against vaccines as “common myths,” and instead reassure everyone that vaccines are perfectly safe.

But people are not buying it, and the establishment “down under” is starting to panic. During a recent interview with talk show host Neil Mitchell, who on numerous occasions has taken the liberty to express his misguided opinion that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are committing child abuse, Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) President Meryl Dorey explained how her work in presenting the vaccination science often ignored by the mainstream media is helping to shift public opinions.

“We believe that everyone has the right to make an informed decision about vaccination, and that includes having access to both sides of this issue,” said Dorey to a belligerent Mitchell during the segment. “We absolutely oppose any form of compulsory vaccination,” she added, contradicting radical new proposals that childhood vaccines be mandatory.

Mitchell, none too pleased with Dorey’s well-reasoned and logical approach to the vaccination issue, quickly employed common badgering and manipulation techniques in an attempt to put words in Dorey’s mouth and make her appear to be some kind of nutcase. But his feeble attempts were a complete failure, as Dorey successfully pointed out several important, and often omitted, facts about vaccines that simply cannot be refuted.

“We actually have the highest level of vaccination in Australia [2] that we’ve ever had against whooping cough, and the highest level of whooping cough that we’ve ever had,” explained Dorey, debunking the myth that decreased vaccination rates are responsible for the recent comeback of whooping cough in some areas. “We have more whooping cough now than we had since before the vaccine was added to the mass vaccination schedule in 1953.”

You can listen to the full segment with Meryl Dorey here: http://www.3aw.com.au [3]

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