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Vice President Joe Biden’s PR Stunt Spoiled by WeAreChange Ohio

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Members of WeAreChange Ohio crashed a press event headlined by Vice President Joe Biden. The Vice President was speaking in Cincinnati to tout the stimulus packaged that was passed in the opening weeks of the Obama Administration. Biden did not mention that over 12.8 trillion dollars has been funneled into international banks and financial institutions. Instead, he played politics and blamed the whole situation on the George W. Bush Administration.The facts indicate that world leaders engineered this collapse from its inception. Daniel Estulin reported at the 2006 Bilderberg meeting that the banks intended to crash the economy after convincing people to invest their money in stocks and in the housing market.At the Cincinnati event, a group of union workers assembled along the secured perimeter. Members of the UAW were fighting in court to keep their pensions and benefits, which will likely be withdrawn just as they are about to be collected.

During Biden’s prepared remarks, members of WeAreChange Ohio bullhorned the event from two locations. Biden was urged to come out of his comfort zone and talk to the assembled workers on the street. The Vice President was told to allow the taxpayers to keep the fruits of their labor, instead of being forced to pay into an oppressive carbon tax scheme. Biden was urged to work for the people of the United States, rather than a group of criminal bankers on Wall Street.


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Ever the clever politician, Biden tried to paint his critics as being against the unemployed of America. His political tactics may have served the two party system in past generations, but people are becoming more sophisticated in the wake of the staged attacks of 9/11, the stripping of the Bill of Rights, the engineered Swine Flu scare, the criminal looting of the Federal Treasury, and the hysteria of the Climate Change propaganda.

At the close of Biden’s remarks, the WeAreChange Ohio members took to the streets. Among a phalanx of protesters on the sidewalks, the Biden motorcade exited onto Spring Grove Avenue. When the motorcade came by, the WeAreChange Ohio activists called for resistance to the New World Order.

Afterward, the WeAreChange Ohio members distributed an array of DVDs to the crowd, including The Obama Deception and America: Freedom to Fascism.

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