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Video: Mom upset about daughter’s full body security scan experience

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American’s Journey [1]
July 22, 2010

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“Her 12-year-old daughter, whom she did not want to appear on camera, was at Tampa International Airport on vacation with a family friend when a TSA officer chose her.

“It’s an image of a nude child that they’re seeing. This is child pornography whether people want to believe this or not. How is this any different,” said Nemphos. ”

Video: Mom upset about daughters full body security scan experience 270510banner2 [3]

Note: It seems to me that the best place to work if you are a pedophile is at the TSA since there is no penalty for viewing child porn – an activity that otherwise would be criminal. Legally viewing child porn as a TSA “naked body scanner” operator may be the perfect cover,and a life-saver, since convicted pedophiles get murdered in prison. This TSA job is a “stay out of jail free card” for those interested in viewing naked children.

The war on terror has finally transformed America into a police state where obedient and docile robots are expected to obey any command of “authority figures” immediately and without question. The penalty for asserting one’s rights – or even applying common sense can range from travel delays to Tasering, from arrest to being shot.

We cannot continue to pretend that a person in a uniform gawking at the naked body of a twelve-year-old girl is “protecting” the girl or the country. One can certainly conclude that a TSA person viewing their naked 12-year-old daughter is NOT protecting that daughter from pedophiles. Child porn is child porn.

Don’t fool yourselves – the very people that want to look at naked kids are going to be attracted to these “jobs” allowing them to legally look at your naked kids – and some of them WILL get through.

So where is your limit? Will you obey when it is your child’s turn?

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