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Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism

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NoWorldSystem.com [1]
January 25, 2011

Virgin Atlantic launches a new television commercial that will be premiering in the U.S. later this month, this commercial is packed-to-the-brim with New World Order symbolism.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_cCCE-0lZs [2]

The first scene is of a giant female flight attendant wearing red (a symbolic color for Communism and sex) stepping over a man, showing their dominance over them.

The second scene shows big brother eyes looking down on travelers walking through x-ray scanners. This is just more subconscious conditioning on society to accept full-body scanners, they are trying to make it look SEXY. As we know full-body scanners will do nothing to stop terrorism [3], they store pictures of you naked [4] and zap you with cancer causing radiation [5].

The third scene, the sun dawns behind a pilot while he struts towards the camera wearing a hat that looks to be adorned with the Communist coat of arms. The song itself sings “Its a new dawn, a new day” which is actually the Communist slogan “The Dawn of a New Day for World Communism”. Jordan Maxwell breaks this down very nicely:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07REkvATHb8 [6]

The next scene shows more Illuminati symbology, the sun is shown beaming golden rays across the sky which represents a nation entering a World Dictatorship or a New World Order.

In the same scene on the left side (0:42) you can clearly make out a nude female showing breasts while the flight attendant opens her jacket.

Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism virginatlanticsexnipple

SEX SELLS, and this company knows it. Take a look at the Virgin Atlantic logo again, you can clearly see the words SEX in the logo:

Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism sexvirginatlantic

The 9th scene you see the sun again but this time it glares in the eye of a man, again this is more symbology that man is entering a “New Dawn” of a New World Order, men and women flying around in the sun with a building that resembles the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel is an ancient symbol that the Illuminati cult uses to exemplify their dominance over the entire world.

Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism sundawnbabylon

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Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism 5months 340x169 [8]

The next scene is of the Statue of Liberty under chemtrails. The Statue of Liberty itself is packed with occult meaning. It was made to represent the future triumph of the New World Order. The Liberty’s torch represents the life-force burning in the hearts of men and woman who’s souls are devoted to the Masonic deity otherwise known as Lucifer, or Satan.

Virgin Airlines Promoting Sex and Communism statueoflibertychemtrai

Illuminists anticipate a New World Order, they wish to create a global government that will destroy all nations, patriotism, religion, marriage, families, private property and all political and civil liberties in order to establish a World Government Dictatorship.

This massive propaganda piece has already aired in the UK and will soon air in the United States, this is nothing more than a PR campaign for the New World Order agenda that’s coming out of New York and London. They are setting up the public into accepting this ‘new era’ of world dictatorship just in time for the 2012 Olympic Illuminati ceremonies and the marriage of Prince William and the future Princess of England coming April 28, 2011.

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