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WeAreChangeLA challenges former CFR president Leslie Gelb on Global Terrorism, Mossad and 9/11

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leslie Gelb, who was the President of the Council on Foreign Relations for over a decade was at the LA Library in early April to speak about a foreign policy based on common sense. Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, of WeAreChangeLA was on hand to clarify some crucial matters about terrorism. Gelb didn’t desire to clarify factual matters after pointing out that Iranians are Persians not Arabs, and chose to dismiss Rothe-Kushel by saying that they must agree to disagree. Rothe-Kushel, while being asked to leave, reminded Gelb that there was such a thing as facts and that ideas have power.

You can see a write-up of the evening and get video and audio of the entire presentation (with Jeremy’s comments about celebrating Mossad agents edited out) here:
http://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/thepublicsquare/2009/04/last-night-les… [2]

WeAreChangeLA challenges former CFR president Leslie Gelb on Global Terrorism, Mossad and 9/11 250509BANNER [3]

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