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Journalism Professor Hopes for Death of NRA Members’ Children After Navy Yard Shooting

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Anthony Gucciardi
Prison Planet.com
September 20, 2013

Journalism Professor Hopes for Death of NRA Members’ Children After Navy Yard Shooting journalism professor nra

A professor of journalism from the University of Kansas says that not only is the blood of the Navy Yard shooting on the hands of the NRA and its members, but that he hopes for the death of their children.

The professor, who of course is responsible for teaching aspiring journalists how to conduct themselves and ‘fairly’ report on stories, was called out by none other than a campus reporting website [1] that appears to be student driven. In other words, the students aren’t buying the nonsense — especially when real statistics on the subject of gun control and real gun death data are available freely for everyone to read. But that said, there are in fact still individuals that believe we really should confiscate firearms and submit ourselves to total government control.

Take, for example, those who were commenting on the CNN coverage before anything really came out on the subject of the Navy Yard shooting. There were top voted users calling for a complete gun ban [2] already, and blaming gun owners for the work of crazed Aaron Alexis — the same crazed man now admitted [3] to be on psych drugs like mass shooters before him. But the media doesn’t want to talk about the fact thatvirtually all mass shooters [4] are drugged up on psych drugs.

Instead, they would rather fuel the minority of Americans that truly want to disarm the public, giving up any form of power left to the people by the Constitution.

After all, we are already living in a nation that dismisses the Fourth Amendment and Constitution at large within 100 miles of the ‘border’, swallowing up [5] 197 million citizens into the void of personal rights. So what’s one more right being stripped? Well, the professor appears to be invoking his First Amendment right to remove our Second Amendment rights.  In responding to one tweet challenging him to a debate, the professor responded:

“I appreciate your interest. But the subject isn’t relevant to the course subject. Free speech is for everyone. Thanks.”

And he’s right, we do all have our First Amendment rights (at least sometimes). The problem is that if we decide that we can just ‘give up’ our Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights, we will also lose the others.

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