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White House Blocks Opposition From Staged Obama Town Hall Event

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Phony meeting will see President take scripted questions while Secret Service watches protesters outside, but liberal commentators who slammed Bush for doing the same are noticeably silent

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, August 10, 2009

In an effort to protect the the saintly image of Barack Obama as his popularity plummets to new lows, the White House has ensured there will be no opposing voices to the Obamacare agenda when the President makes a town hall appearance in New Hampshire tomorrow.

The Secret Service will also be keeping a close eye on the throngs of protesters that are likely to gather outside.

However, the many liberal commentators who rightly slammed President George W. Bush for his numerous scripted town hall meetings are noticeably silent in their criticism of Obama’s similarly staged event.

“The White House controlled the distribution of the free tickets to get into the gym at Portsmouth High School. And the Secret Service will take care of any unruliness,” reports the Boston Globe [2]today.

Helping the Secret Service to chill the free speech of Americans will be White House front groups such as HCAN, ACORN, MoveOn.org (a George Soros outfit), the National Council of La Raza, the eugenics front Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the Clintonite John Podesta’s war-mongering Center for American Progress, who have organized “marshals,” less favorably described as “brownshirts” by some, whose job it will be to police protesters and stifle their freedom of speech.


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As we reported on Friday [4], pro-Obamacare union thugs, who will also be in attendance in New Hampshire tomorrow, last week assaulted Kenneth Gladney, who was handing out Gadsen flags outside an event in in Mehville, Missouri that opponents of the health care bill were barred from entering. The fact that Gladney is a black man is a fitting rebuttal to claims that Obamacare protesters are motivated by racism.

The efforts on behalf of the White House and the Secret Service are designed to prevent a repeat of the raucous scenes of protesters speaking truth to power that have unfolded over the last two weeks across the country, actions labeled “Un-American” by Nancy Pelosi [5]yet in reality as American as apple pie, baseball and George Washington.

“Barack Hussein Obama will be arriving in Portsmouth on Tuesday to hold a STAGED “Town Hall Meeting”, where he will essentially hand pick who the guests will be and what types of questions will be asked of him,” reads an advisory released by the New Hampshire Republican Volunteer Coalition. “A MASSIVE protest rally is being organized just outside of the facility where Obama will be holding his ‘Town Hall Meeting’ to promote his plan for a government takeover of your healthcare decisions.”

Beyond the sideshow of the partisanship divide, it’s interesting to note that liberals who were rightly up in arms over President Bush’s innumerable staged town hall events are in fact supporting measures to ensure Obama can preside over a similarly scripted meeting.

In February 2009, the Think Progress website [6], which is the media arm of the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank whose stated goal is focused around “driving the White House’s message and agenda” according to its own director Jennifer Palmieri, and who have been busy attempting to discredit the town hall protests, reported that Obama was ensuring a “clean break” from the era of George Bush, “who aggressively screened his audience members.”

Now that the Obama White House is screening its audience members, will Think Progress be as critical of him as they were of Bush for doing the same thing? Or will they just continue to peddle government talking points as part of their stated mission to ‘drive the White House’s message and agenda’?

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