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Woman With Baby Rams Gates Near White House; America Freaks Out

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From the country that not so long ago faced down the imminent threat of nuclear war

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 3, 2013

Given the fact that not so long ago, the United States faced down the threat of imminent nuclear war, you’d think the mainstream media would put the threat posed by a woman ramming some gates near the White House in some kind of perspective.

Woman With Baby Rams Gates Near White House; America Freaks Out 031013car

Image: Today’s incident in DC.

Instead, the incident prompted a contrived freak out with alarmist rolling news coverage which went from characterizing the incident as a potential terror attack with attendant gun battle to clarifying that it was in fact a mentally disturbed woman with a baby who tried to ram some gates somewhere near the White House. It is now confirmed that the woman was unarmed and police were responsible for firing all of the shots.

The woman was killed at the scene, according to reports. The child was unharmed.

“We have no information that this is related to terrorism or is anything other than an isolated incident,” US capitol police chief, Kim Dine later acknowledged.

The urgency and hand-wringing freak out that followed courtesy of the network news media once again underscores how the corporate press thrives on turning comparatively minor criminal incidents into crises of apocalyptic proportions.

Continuous speculation about whether or not President Barack Obama was in the White House when this woman began her (not so deadly) act of vehicular rampage raged across CNN and Fox News, while Senator Pat Roberts remarked that he was ready to get out his Marine sword [1] and do battle.

Buildings went into lockdown as the police state got another chance to showcase its fearsome proficiency in defending the nation’s capitol from deadly terror threats.

It’s unclear whether or not this will just be passed off as a mentally challenged woman who tried to ram some gates, or as some racist government-hating, Obamacare critic desperately acting out on her political grievance.

What’s certain is that the news media will get to enjoy weaving fanciful narratives about the incident over the next couple of days while ignoring actual news stories that genuinely impact a significant number of Americans.

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