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Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close “Restless Native” Encounters

Posted By admin On September 5, 2012 @ 3:13 am In U.S. News | Comments Disabled

Zero Hedge [1]
Sept 5, 2012

Just in case America’s debt slaves, who as of today can congratulate themselves on a brand spanking new 16 handle in front of the 12 zeroes that frame their public debt obligation, did not have enough to celebrate, here is what happens when the local Police station also wants to celebrate something brand spanking new: in this case the new and improved SWAT-H vehicle. This is merely the latest and greatest entrant in the “gentrification”-vehicles that taxpayer dollars are buying in order to be more effectively suppressed as one after another pillar of this country’s democracy is taken down. And, for your viewing pleasure, here are the highest crime rate regions that will likely get their ‘fair’ share of attention from this perriwinkle-blue camper-van of enforced docility.

The Heat-Armor SWAT-H [2] in all its glory…

Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close Restless Native Encounters 20120904 tank2 0 [3]

and where it will be deployed – possibly… (via Neighborhood Scout [4])

Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close Restless Native Encounters 20120904 tank1 0 [5]

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