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Esquire Editor Calls For ALL Guns To Be Banned

Steve Watson | “God help me, I want to take all of your guns out of your hands, by myself, right now.”

Report: Obama Pleads With Jay-Z to Prevent Other Hip Hop Artists Meeting With Trump

Paul Joseph Watson | Democrats terrified of slipping support amongst millennials.

Video: Conservative Pundit Hammers Jimmy Kimmel For His ‘White Privilege’ On Gun Control

Daily Caller | “He’s a rich white man that has security but he doesn’t want other Americans to have security as well, have the Second Amendment.”

Labour’s Would-be Chancellor: We Will ‘Overthrow Capitalism’ and ‘Radically Transform Society’

Breitbart | Praised the former leader of socialist Venezuela.

New ‘Italy First’ coalition wants to deport 500,000 migrants

Voice Of Europe | On the 18th of May, the Five Star-Movement and the League struck a deal to form a populist government. One of their government’s pledges is to deport half-a-million migrants.

DoJ Confirms Inspector General Will Probe “Impropriety, Political Motivation” Of Obama FBI Spying On Trump

Zero Hedge | The liberal media is in full panic, meltdown mode, exclaiming that Trump has “interfered” with the investigation…

“Insensitive” Principal forced to apologize for referencing 1776

Courier Post | Cherry Hill principal apologizes for ‘insensitive’ prom tickets.

Donald Trump To Kim Jong-un: Make A Deal Or Suffer Same Fate As Gaddafi

Information Liberation | Kim Jong-un has said repeatedly he has no desire to meet the same fate as Gaddafi, Bolton drew the comparison to sabotage the deal.

Why Are So Many People Moving Out Of California?

Michael Snyder | In recent years, the number of people moving away from the state of California has greatly outnumbered the number of people moving into the state.

Roger Stone says Trump may not run in 2020, pledges to line up challenger to Pence-Haley ticket

Washington Examiner | “I guarantee you I will have a candidate challenge Mike Pence.”

  • Subversive Pope

Monday, May 21st - Pope Francis shocked the world by telling a gay man “God made you like this.” The man was a victim of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Also, the DOJ officially begins the investigation of whether or not Trump’s campaign was infiltrated by feds. Joining today’s show is technology expert Dr. Nick Begich discussing how globalists use big tech for political control. Furthermore, bestselling author Vox Day explains his pro-West body of work and his fight against progressives. Start your week informed. Call and tune in now!


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