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“Turn Your Camera Off” …. “No, F*** You!”

Carlos Miller
Feb 28, 2013

In what is probably the most educating 30 seconds you will spend today, a man drives by an accident scene in Kentucky with his camera recording, only to be ordered to turn his camera off.

The driver immediately tells him, “no, fuck you,” and keeps driving.

The video was posted today on Live Leak with the following description:

I was on my way home from work and saw a pickup upside down and decided to film it as we passed. No one was hurt in this accident. Right to film in public and freedom of speech are both used in this video lol.

While it’s not the most courteous response, it’s even more discourteous to use a position of authority to bark an unlawful order.

Profanity, just like photography, is protected [1] under the First Amendment.

The man in the video is a contrast to our very own, HONORYOUROATH [2], who never fails to stand up for his rights while remaining courteous.

But that courtesy still didn’t prevent him from getting arrested [3] last year.

His charges were dismissed in that arrest and he has posted [4] numerous [5] other [6] videos [7] in which he did not get arrested, including his most recent one below where he paid a visit to the Jacksonville FBI office and began recording outside from a public sidewalk.

Whether we remain courteous or not, there is no question that we, as citizens, are in an all-out war with authorities over our Constitutional rights.

Full article here [8]