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Ft. Dead Puking Buzzard
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and Lord Rothschild will write them off as damaged inventory not worth the price of hauling them back to the colonies.

In my last column I tried to explain the chief defect of our Glorious Imperial Legions. The chief defect of our Glorious Imperial Legions is that they can not execute any plan unless that plan can also be basically executed by a bunch of drunken cowboys on Saturday night in Dodge City.

Example: "Yee Haw! OK, boys, let's go saloon hopping, and smash all the windows, and stampede all the dancing girls, and shoot up all the whiskey bottles, and beat up all the piano players."

In my last column, I tried to explain this problem by saying that even if you read a Chinese menu to our Glorious Imperial Legions and then told them that it was the Glorious Imperial Battle Plan, it wouldn't make the least bit of difference in their actual conduct. All they can do is ride around and shoot things up, so that is what they do. Our glorious imperial generals encourage such conduct when it suits their needs. They call it "Iron Hammer," or whatever, but basically it's a bunch of drunken cowboys riding around shooting up the town.

(Technical note: When you assemble tens of thousands of our Glorious Imperial Legions, they are capable of annihilating any enemy in their path ... providing the enemy's equipment is at least two generations behind ours, and providing our Glorious Imperial Air Force has destroyed most of what rusty junk they do have, and providing that we have bribed most of their generals.)

Currently, our Glorious Imperial Legions sole talent fits in just fine with the overall NWO concept of eternal, worldwide war. Come what may, Iraq is now doomed to internal civil war because Bremer's paymasters are working overtime to stir up every conceivable form of hatred and warfare in Iraq and the surrounding area. So, when our Glorious Imperial Legions hose any bunch of Iraqis under any circumstances, it's all to the good. So what's the snag? If Her Majesty or Lord Rothschild tries to use our Glorious Imperial Legions to execute some actual military plan, they'll bungle it for sure. For instance, if the mucky mucks sic our Glorious Imperial Legions on Iran, the Iranians will make hot buttered toast of them. "Chomp! Gulp! Slurp! That was delicious. Can we have some more, Lord Bremer?"

Before long, they'll be holed up in their firebases in Iraq and under siege. This process has already begun. We've already evacuated two compounds inside Samarra.  Meanwhile, reports are coming in from all over Iraq about how our Iraqi stooge police and our Iraqi stooge army are turning their coats.

"Ali Jawad, a former Iraqi police recruit who left for Amman, Jordan when his comrades were killed in recent Baghdad attacks, claims that Iraqi police are poorly equipped, poorly trained, have communication barriers with coalition forces, and are constantly looking over their shoulders not only from Iraqi insurgents, but US forces which may be trigger-happy or uninformed of Iraqi patrol presence. He says that Iraqi police are stressed and many have domestic problems because of their torn loyalties. Jawad believes it wouldn't take much for the Iraqi police to join the insurgency if conditions in Iraq further deteriorated."

Lord Bremer must be smoking depleted uranium. How else could anybody suggest that Kurdish or Shiite militias patrol Sunni areas?

"According to Bahrain's Gulf Daily News, the CPA is using its influence with Kurdish factions to start using well-armed Kurdish peshmerga fighters, who formerly fought against the Iraqi Army, to patrol hotspots like the Sunni Triangle and Arab-dominated Mosul. Sunni religious leaders have expressed outrage over the proposed deal and have warned, in no ambiguous terms, that the Sunni areas will not tolerate being patrolled or policed by Kurdish (or Shiite) militia. They warn that a civil war would be inevitable."

(Technical note to Iraqis working for the CPA, either as civilians, or stooge police, or stooge soldiers: Gentlemen, in due course Iraqi patriots will drive the Glorious Imperial Legions out of Iraq. At that time Beloved Emperor Bonehead will doubtless want something from the new government, probably the destruction of various documents that might be ... ah ... embarrassing to him. Here's the snag - all your names and addresses are now in a huge computer in the Pentagon. Bonehead will swap that list of names and addresses for whatever he wants, and you will all be hauled away never to be seen again. I'm sorry, but that's showbiz. Yours truly, Sgt. Skull)

Our Beloved Masters are privatizing our Glorious Imperial Legions pretty much like they privatized things in Russia. Basically, they've just stolen many of our military units just like they stole the oil and timber in Russia, and no one seems to have noticed.

Here's basically how the looting worked. Many of the choice killers of Our Glorious Imperial Legions are now working for privately owned rent-a-goon corporations. These choice killers are veterans of special operations units like the Green Berets and Navy SEALs. These choice killers are still doing same old goonery for the same old reasons, but now they are no longer members of the Glorious Imperial Legions, they are mercenaries in privately-owned mercenary armies.

So what's the snag? For example: If our Beloved Emperor wants to liberate some aborigines from their oil-soaked barbarism, he must rent the necessary goons and their equipment from the oligarchs that own these private mercenary companies. We now have to pay the oligarchs to use the men whose training we paid for in the first place, including the equipment.  The private military companies stole the equipment they use as well as the goons. How do I know this? Because the oligarchs never buy anything they can steal, that's how. They probably got it all for ten cents on the dollar if they paid anything at all.

Our Beloved Emperor is now more of a puppet than he ever was. Why? Because he can't order these rent-a-goons to do anything. He must ask their oligarch masters if they are available for rent. This doesn't make any practical difference in the case of Beloved Emperor Bonehead, because he's a life-long rubber stamp. From the oligarchs' point of view, the privatization of our military not only insures more income for them, it also guarantees that in the unlikely event that some reform president were to take office, he would have no military to command. He would be their powerless puppet whether he liked it our not.

If this privatization of our military keeps on, there will come a time when we have no military whatsoever. On top of that, our remaining military is becoming a collection of females, cripples, geezers and foreigners. As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer real soldiers actually present in North America, and their ability to actually fight anything at all is less and less.

They are going to do to us what they did to Russia in 1917. It's coming, we're being set up. I can't give you the date when you'll be seeing foreign troops manning checkpoints on the freeway, but it's coming. If you haven't seen it before, check out "Fortress America" at the
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Yee Haw! Let's Go Shoot Up Dodge City

Tom Chittum January 6 2004

The vultures of Iraq are going to eat themselves circular feasting on our Glorious Imperial Legions. Why? Because when Her Majesty and Lord Rothschild find out what useless dunderheads they are, Her Majesty