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Leaked News Network Memos: Election 2004 to be stolen again; Media to interview actors posing as troops on how great the war was

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There are two major and very serious problems looming on the horizon for us. The first is the coming vote in November and the strong probability that there will be a reprise of the Florida mess. Our sources, Beltway rumor and other indicators, are very clear that vote stealing via badly flawed "electronic voting" is in train now. This has the fingerprints of Rove all over it but there is always plausible deniability, as in the Wilson "leak" case.

The NYT has been pounding on this and it is also a favorite theme of anti-Bush internet sites. If the White House rams this national "Electronic Voting" program through, it could lead to another stolen election and that could lead to revolt inside both the Congress and the public…We have also learned that it is being "suggested" that all GI absentee votes be "directed" towards a Bush election.

Considering the anger of the troops at this point, these absentee ballots are anticipated to be strongly anti-Bush. "Electronic Voting" is being thought of as a "fast and convenient" method of allowing "our stalwart heroes" a "quick method of reelecting their Commander in Chief." Read Thomas Carlyle on the origins of the French Revolution or even study our own…

We have been firmly requested to conduct interviews of returning troops. The theme will be satisfaction on job well done. As the temper of the returning troops is highly uncertain, it has been suggested that we use actors in uniform. This has happened before…the Pentagon was writing dozens of praiseful letters allegedly from troops in Iraq to "their" local papers. The problem is that all of them were written by the same Pentagon PR official and sounded like it.

2004 might be an interesting year…Now the second major problem is illegal immigration which has reached epic proportions. It is officially estimated that there are 12 million illegal immigrants, mostly Mexican, now in America. Many are on welfare and many are taking jobs away from the lower level Americans, especially teenagers. No politician, and certainly no one from any level of the media, is going to tackle this one. I personally predict this will be the fuse that will ignite the public powder keg, if not this year, probably the next. Everyone from the President on down is keeping their mouths shut on this demographic disaster…
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