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Medical Expert's Doubts Over Dr. David Kelly's 'Suicide'

Channel 4 News | March 9 2004

Roweena Thursby of
The Kelly Group concludes,

This was a very good report, and fairly done. Many thanks for your interest and hard work putting it together.  Glad you left Milroy in - the fact that even he asks for an inquest, when he spoke of the doctors as "fantasists" will turn some doubters round.

We thought Forrest rather got away with simply claiming that Kelly took 29 tablets when only one fifth of a tablet was found in his stomach.  And Milroy seems almost cavalier (for a forensic pathologist) when he suggests that absence of evidence of "a struggle" (as if there had to be a struggle and Kelly could not, say, have been rendered unconscious by that stage) plus a cut wrist and a low dose of co-prox must automatically equal suicide (as if the possibility of murder being made to look like suicide could not even be admitted).

We are talking to various lawyers right now to help plan the next steps.  It will be interesting to see what the press have to say over the next week or so."


I was disappointed with it.

They didn't clarify the fact that only half a tablet was found in Kelly's stomach. This is lying by ommission. They made the pro-suicide 'experts' sound more credible even though they are too stupid to read the Hutton transcripts which stated that 29 tablets were NOT ingested.

Plus they only briefly mentioned the most important point which was the manipulation of the death scene.

Thanks to Simon of for the video upload.