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Rush Limbaugh In a Flap Over Skull and Bones Caller | March 9 2004

On Monday, Cameron in Buckley, Michigan rang me up to say, "Nobody in the media has touched the biggest, the most controversial and the most important news item of this year. The George W. Bush and John F. Kerry Yale University Skull and Bones connection. And unless there's a massive, blatant cover-up on the part of both the left and the right media outlets, I don't see why nobody is touching this."

Now, I've heard about this super-secret society - but only as it relates to George W. Bush's membership. "Skull and Bones" sounds like a very exclusive society. How did Bush get into this bunch? I thought he was a doofus hayseed hick from Texas that hangs around the barbecue and whips up wars for the fun of it. Seriously, folks, Cameron's description of the Skull & Bones Society sounds like the whole Ivy League and the Kennedy School of Government in particular. I just don't think it's a conspiracy.

Listen to the audio. First Rush insinuates he doesn't know what Skull and Bones is but when the caller displays a good grasp of the facts Rush has to acknowledge Skull and Bones and then try and whitewash it.
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