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Bush's Skull and Bones Sleepovers

MSNBC | March 11 2004

Fundraisers and campaign donors aren't the only ones who've been sleeping over at the White House lately: so are some of George W. Bush's buddies from his Skull and Bones days.

The Administration yesterday released the official list of guests who stayed overnight at the White House between June 2002 and December 2003, and among the names are at least three members of Skull and Bones, the secret society that Bush belonged to while at Yale.

Donald Etra, Ken Cohen, and Muhammad Saleh were all members of Skull and Bones, the society that President Bush belonged to - as did his father and grandfather. Democratic hopeful John Kerry was also in the group, which allows only 15 members.

Another fellow Yalie bringing his overnight luggage to the White House was Bush's frat brother, Roland Betts. When Bush was president of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Betts was his rushchairman. The New Yorker once described the Yale fraternity as  "the hardest-partying, baddest-boy, most athlete-venerating of the campus fraternities."
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