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Anomalies in new 9/11 footage

Simon Aronowitz:

New footage of the WTC planes has been released. Apparently the man who made the video didn't realise what he had. The New York Times has released a redacted version of the footage, but one of the frames is very intriguing.

I don't even know what to make of the white flash in the middle, but can you see something on the bottom of the plane body that shouldn't be there? I have added an arrow pointing to the object in question.

The NY Times is
touting this footage as the only other film in existence which has the first plane, besides the work of the Naudet brothers who were making a film about New York's firefighters.

Here are the shots NYT provided of the first plane. The arrow in the second shot is the work of the NY Times:

Maybe it's just me, but looking at these pictures and the shots from the Naudet footage, the first plane looks too small to be a Boeing 767:

There is a hypothesis about these two airborne weapons of destruction. Check out
`The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All Been Overlooking'.

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