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10 Downing Street Rejects Bilderberg Petition

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Monday, July 6, 2009

From a reader…..

Hi Guys

I tried to submit a petition regarding Bilderberg 3 times on the Number 10 Web-page here in the UK.

3 times it was submitted and 3 times it was rejected as being outside of the “power of the Prime Minister”.

I asked the following:

1) To Forbid his Cabinet from attending and publishing details of anyone who had attended
2) Telling MPs if they wanted to attend they had to declare it in the Register of Member’s Interests
3) Asking the Pm to commit himself to never going

All were outside of his power allegedly. I have written a letter of complaint.

Thought the story might interest you guys. I can give more details if it does.

Kind Regards

Thomas Mead