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Kim Jong Il may be dead, but his illustrious great spirit lives on in police state USA

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Mike Adams
Natural News
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong Il officially died yesterday, according to mainstream news reports. Perhaps he did. Or maybe they finally decided to end their charade of pretending he was still alive by propping up his corpse at public events or parading around a body double.

Either way, his death is official now, which means that hundreds (if not thousands) of North Korean citizens will be committing suicide this week. Their “illustrious great leader” has died, you see. Yeah, the one who ran North Korea as a police state, who maintained a huge array of secret prisons filled with political enemies, and who routinely kidnapped young women to use as sex slaves. North Koreans are “the most enslaved people on Earth,” writes Paul Joseph Watson (http://www.prisonplanet.com/north-k…), and even their public display of crying and wailing over Kim’s death is conducted under threat of arrest and imprisonment.

If you want to see a video of some of the most mind-numbed brainwashed zombies on the planet, watch this jaw-dropping compilation of North Koreanscryingover the death of the very leader who imprisoned their family members, stole their wealth and raped their daughters:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSWN…

Delusional worship of big government

I cannot think of a more stunning example ofmass delusional thinkingby human beings. North Korea’s citizens will no doubt soon be told some mythological fairy tale such as “a thousand cranes descended from the sky to carry away Kim Jong Il’s body and raise it to the heavens” or some other such nonsense. The North Korean people have no way to know whether it’s true or not, of course, since the entire North Korean media is completely controlled by the state, and it tells people whatever lies and myths it wants them to believe.

Of course, every nation has its own fairytales — and its own gullible zombies who believe it. In North Korea, the nonsense is centered around the god figure Kim Jong Il (and now his son). In America, the nonsense is centered around false flag terrorist attacks like 9/11 or Oklahoma City, both of which are just as fabricated and silly as the claim that a thousand cranes will descend to carry Kim’s body to the heavens.

Americans who believe in their false government are just as self-deluded as the North Koreans who now moan and weep over the death of Kim Jong Il. The one thing that’s universal about modern human beings is thatmost of them are ridiculously gullibleand will fall for almost anything if it’s stated by an “official” source. Very few people have the courage and wisdom to question their government and think for themselves.

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Do America’s political leaders also worship Kim Jong Il?

As it turns out, there may be more in common between North Korea and the United States than you ever imagined. One of Kim Jong Il’s great admirers must be, of course, U.S. President Barack Obama who has:

1) Advocated an “indefinite detention” bill that allows the U.S. military to secretly kidnap and “disappear” citizens just like they do in North Korea (http://www.naturalnews.com/034414_N…).

2) In doing this, he has therebyexpandedthe role of Gitmo and other secret prisons in the USA, even after he promised to shut them down.

3) His administration has modeled the TSA’s “reach down your pants” police state searches after Kim Jong Il’s illustrious sexual escapades involving the young women of his choice.

4) His administration plots false flag attacks against his own countrymen with hare-brained schemes such asOperation Fast & Furious, a failed government gun-running setup that was designed to cause escalating gun violence and a reactionary call for abolishing the Second Amendment (http://www.naturalnews.com/033628_O…).

North Korea would be proud… these are tactics right out of Kim’s playbook! And in terms of making Obama look like a god, check out all the incredible propaganda found across mainstream media photos that try to place a “halo” around Obama’s head, just like this Associated Press photo:

(Search Google images for “Obama halo” to find hundreds more…)

In fact, watch this hilarious parody video showing North Koreans weeping in the streets over Obama’s delayed Hawaiian vacation:

Dear glorious leader of our righteous nation, we worship your great dictatorial power over the universe!

North Korea is, by any reasonable definition, a cultist state. It really is a nationalistic cult of worshipping Kim Jong Il, their “dear leader” who presided over a government which instructs all citizens how to run their lives. If we continue on our current path in America, we’ll look a lot like North Korea in a few years, by the way.

If you’ve never actually seen videos of everyday citizens in North Korea running around kissing Kim’s picture on their wall, uttering phrases of blind obedience to their “illustrious leader,” and crying over his every move, then you don’t know what fun you’re missing. Watch some of these videos to witness the utterly bizarre depth of government brainwashing North Korean citizens have been subjected to:

Welcome to North Korea

Undercover In North Korea

Life in North Korea

North Korea is a dictator love fest orgy of mindless obedience, carried out by a nation of total zombies who have lost any semblance of individuality or non-conformist ideas. That nation is the ultimate expression of fitting in and “going along.” It’s the status quo, expressed to the political extreme, and it’s perhaps the world’s best example of what happens when the People let their government lie to them, generation after generation, until the whole nation becomes some sort of pathetic mass of deluded worker slaves who are wholly incapable of standing up against tyranny. (At the same time, a FEW of the North Koreans actually realize they’re living in The Matrix and they try to resist the system. Kudos to all those who have tried to resist government tyranny in North Korea. Real revolution may soon be within your reach…)

Many leftist Americans would love Kim Jong Il’s policies

Here in America, some of the more extreme leftist “we want government to run everything” people would absolutely love to see Kim Jong Il’s socialist policies rolled out across the USA. These Americans, you see, are acting more and more like North Korean every day: Mindlessly allowing themselves to be hypnotized by the state, spying on their own neighbors and family members (“if you see something, say something!”), and even worshipping some disingenuous political leader while he’s stealing all their wealth. Get on your knees and kiss the photograph of our illustrious, glorious leader, you pathetic slave!

As America’s freedoms are being stripped away by tyrants, the economy is imploding and unemployment is now approaching Great Depression numbers. We’re inching closer and closer to a North Korea-style economy with each passing day, especially as nearly all industry has been moved to Mexico or China. Before long, all we’ll be left with is a landscape of McDonald’s, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacies and hospitals, where half the population works for the Department of Homeland Security, spying on the other half who serve up genetically modified cheeseburgers and doll out mind-numbing pharmaceuticals at the corner store. That’s corporate-run police state socialism for ya!

Many Americans also seem to love Kim’s economic policies, which were based onequality for everyone!This was achieved by making sure that every citizen was equally destitute and lacking in basics such as food, running water and even primitive health care. It’s all about equality, right? We can achieve that in America, too: Just steal all the money from the people and give it to the wealthy banksters!

That’s already been done, of course, with the banker bailout programs and the total takeover of the U.S. money supply by the Federal Reserve, a private institution run and owned by globalist bankers. All these globalist Goldman Sachs operators and Jon “the Don” Corzine wannabe crooks must look up to North Korea with great admiration. What a wonderful nation! No need to worry about pesky voters or rigging the electronic voting machines, since there are no elections in the first place. No need to deal with political opponents or free speech advocates — you just arrest them and toss ’em in the state-run prisons under “indefinite detention” provisions (sound familiar?). And best of all, there’s no worry about dealing with a population that might overthrow your government since all you have to do is cause a few crop failures andstarve ten percent of your population to deathevery year. Keep ’em weak, and they won’t march against you.

North Korea is every American tyrant’s ultimate fantasy land! Toss in a tractor trailer rig full of cocaine brought in across the Mexico border or heroin grown by U.S. troops in Afghanistan (http://www.naturalnews.com/034289_A…), and you’ve got yourself a dictatorial socialist military police state extravaganza!

U.S. tyrants secretly admire the power of Kim

It’s so sad that our illustrious great leader of the world has suddenly died, but have no fear, my fellow citizens: There are many ready to take his place! Newt Gingrich, for example, thinks we should crank up the War on Drugs in America, turning every U.S. city and town into a reefer madness battleground that would require hiring one million more drug enforcement officers (job creation!) and unleashing them with TSA-style powers to molest innocent people over a couple of rolled-at-home whacky tobbacky smokes.

Newt also wants to arrest federal court judges who disagree with his illustrious great wisdom, as he has brazenly admitted in recent interviews (http://abcnews.go.com/m/blogEntry?i…). Add in a few secret prisons and a mandatory cultist worship of the President, and New Gingrich could actually pass for a white Kim Jong Il! And if Newt isn’t elected to the presidency, there are always other tyrants willing to step in and get the job done, like Rick “Gardasil” Perry who thinks mandatory vaccine injections should be administered at gunpoint.

Kim Jong Il’s illustrious soul must be in heaven now, looking down upon Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama and others with a sense of self disappointment. “Why didn’t I think of that?” he must be asking himself. “If I had only used false flag staged terror events, I could have achieved even greater power and control because my citizens would have enslaved themselves!”

Perhaps his illustrious “great leader” son, Kim Jong Un, will yet discover even greater tactics of total government mind control over gullible authority worshippers. He was officially declared “a great person born of heaven” by the North Korean mainstream media, which operates almost exactly like the United States mainstream media by lying to the People while parroting government propaganda. Kim Jong Un has been described as “the spiritual pillar and the lighthouse of hope” with the operative keyword being, of course, “Hope.” Ring a bell? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack…) That’s the word Obama ran on while being described as a “savior” by the government-worshipping press (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ar…). Every nation of zombies, it turns out, needs to be presented with a god-like figure to believe in while they’re being looted blind by their own government.

What’s next for the great heavenly nation of North Korea?

Observers are closely monitoring the situation in North Korea, in the expectation that Kim’s death may stir up strategic military trouble. North Korea has an army of 1.2 million half-starved soldiers, and they’re armed with paintball air guns featuring Kim Jong Il’s smiling face hand-painted on every paintball by the nation’s 2+ million political prisoners. The soldiers have so far refused to fire their paintball ammo, claiming they do not wish to see an image of their “great leader” hurled across the battlefield at high velocity and splattered upon impact.

Is there a lesson in all this? Only that North Korea proves how cowardly and pathetic human beings can be in kow-towing to tyranny. Notice how North Korea has no Bill of Rights? No Free Speech rights? No Second Amendment? No protection of due process? Eliminating the rights of the people is the first step to enslaving them. No wonder the USA is currently following in the footsteps of North Korea by eliminating individual freedoms while ramping up the power and belligerence of Big Government.

Take a good, hard look at North Korea and its secret prisons, folks. It’s all gonna look mighty familiar in the years ahead right here in the USA. Where did you think the “indefinite detention” NDAA bill was leading us to, anyway? …Some sort of utopia?

Stop kidding yourself. Open your eyes and look around. What North Korea is today, the USA is headed toward at breakneck speed. Only a trulyprincipled leader— not some cultist false messiah — can put us back on course to a future of economic abundance and individual liberty.

There is a person like that in our world today. He’s not a god and he has no interest in being worshipped. His name is Ron Paul, and he’s the total antithesis of Kim Jong Il.

If you want America to head inthe opposite directionof North Korean, where we can restore our liberties, shrink the size of tyrannical government, and avoid the enslavement and “disappearing” of Americans into secret military prisons, there’s only one person to even consider for the next U.S. President.www.RonPaul2012.com

This article was posted: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 4:20 am

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