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Diana 'feared for her life'

Sydney Morning Herald

Diana, the late Princess of Wales, feared for her life, close friend Roberto Devorik, an Argentine fashion impresario and designer, has revealed.

Mr Devorik, who is director of the Ralph Lauren subsidiary in Argentina, said that, before a private jet trip with Diana to Rome, she had said to him: "Let's see if we fly together or they blow us up."

He told El Clarin newspaper that Diana said during the flight that she had a "premonition" that "they are going to kill me in one of these machines, in a helicopter".

He said Diana added: "But after I'm dead, it's going to be harder for them to forget me because if they kill me, the memory of me is going to stay with them the rest of their lives."

The first news that Diana might have feared for her life was from former royal butler Paul Burrell in A Royal Duty, his memoir of his service to her, which was released last month.

He said Diana wrote a letter 10 months before she died saying she feared somebody was planning "an accident" in her car.

Mr Devorik said that, after Diana's death, "obviously there was something very strange because the investigation was never carried out fully - there are things that were never explained and which deserve an explanation".

He said the love of Diana's life was Pakistani physician Hasnet Khan.

He said Dodi al-Fayed was not the man of Diana's life.

In the interview with El Clarin, that appeared on Sunday, he said Diana had told him that Dodi was "a summer romance".

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