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Dirty Secrets of the Pharma-Cartel: Part Four

Mary Louise November 25 2003

Nicknamed "compassionate conservatism", by the influential neo-conservative Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, the new eugenics is a repackaged modern version of early 20th century Eugenics, to make these dangerous "ideas" more acceptable to the general public.
Presented as an effort to improve human health, this pseudo science developed by eugenicists playing God, and applied by government, is possibly the greatest threat to humanity ever devised. According to advocates of eugenics such as the Rockefellers, Henry Ford, and Margaret Sanger, the government should decide who can reproduce and which medical or psychological conditions should qualify for sterilization or euthanasia. MI has received subsidies from large "conservative" foundations, as well as funding from major pharmaceutical companies and Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, the main sponsor for the Manhattan Institute.

The Enron, Bush, Baker, Rockefeller Connection -

Chase Manhattan Bank's Right-Wing Relationships -

The religion of Eugenics is alive and flourishing in such things as the Human Genome Project, genetic alterations of the food supply, UN population control measures, mandatory vaccinations, pesticide misuse, welfare reform, school vouchers, national ID card, war on drugs, and the prison-industrial complex. Headquartered at the Cold Spring Harbor laboratory on Long Island, NY, which is the location of the Eugenics Research Office started by the Harrimans in 1910, the Human Genome Project is advancing an agenda that would shock most people, if they truly understood it. Eugenics is called scientific racism because behind the foundations, that financed the research, publication, and distribution of books by social scientists, are former Nazis, supremacists, proponents of depopulation, defense contractors, and pharmaceutical companies with ties to IG Farben. In the final analysis, however, the eugenic description of human life reflects the prejudices of eugenicists (scientists, doctors, psychologists) and policy-makers, rather than scientific facts.  

The Human Genome Project and Eugenics  -

Margaret Sanger was a socialist, feminist, and a disciple of Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky, as was Adolph Hitler. Sanger was also founder of the American Birth Control League, which became the American Birth Control Federation and later changed to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which has recently filed a suit challenging the partial birth abortion ban. The deceptively worded ban isn't even a ban; it has simply been redefined. Her scientific racism was based on the belief that to be a valuable part of society people must demonstrate "a good quality gene pool", otherwise, dysgenic groups with objectionable inheritable traits should have their fertility curbed, along with other "inferiors and undesirables". On the basis of health instead of punishment, she recommended a rigid policy of sterilization and mandatory segregation, by corralling large segments of the population on homesteads (concentration camps), where they would work under the supervision of "competent" instructors their entire lives ("A Plan for Peace", published in Birth Control Review, April 1932, pp.107-108). She also wrote the controversial "Pivot of Civilization".

The Eugenic Connection -

The Manhattan Institute was founded in 1978 by William Casey, who later became the CIA director during the Reagan administration. As a top intelligence operative, Casey helped the CIA bring thousands of Nazi SS officials into the US after WWII, as part of Operation Paper Clip. Nazi doctors, scientists, and intelligence experts were installed in private industry, in the CIA, in medical and psychological research programs in universities, and in the media. The scientists included specialists in eugenics, propaganda, and using pharmaceuticals for social control and research on genetics, and many of them had extensive experience in rounding up people to be exterminated, as former Nazis became a core group within the newly formed CIA. Under Casey's leadership covert action increased in Afghanistan, Central America, and Angola. Among other endeavors, he funded bin Laden and Co. with billions in arms, cash, and terrorist training and was a pivotal figure in the Iran-Contra Affair, in which US weapons were sold to Iran and the money was funneled to Nicaraguan rebels. William Casey suffered seizures, underwent brain surgery, and died from nervous-system lymphoma just before he was to testify in Congress (1986).

Compassionate conservatism became public policy in New York City under the reign of Rudy Giuliani, who claimed to get his ideas directly from MI. Many of his policies were based on the books of Charles Murray, who was a top MI resident scholar when he co-authored "The Bell Curve", which is clearly supremacist eugenic propaganda of the "over class". Murray was a paid consultant on then-Governor Tommy Thompson's welfare program. Other high level neo-conservatives that associate with Murray's ideas include Bush Senior and Junior, Karl Rove, DOE Secretary Spencer Abraham, Elaine Chou, and Linda Chavez. Tommy Thompson's corporate connections include Philip Morris, Amtrak, America Online, Time Warner, General Electric, Merck, and Abbott Laboratories. Also linked to MI, Jason Turner was Thompson's #2 man on welfare reform in Wisconsin and then later hired by Giuliani to head up NYC's welfare reform. Turner was forced to apologize for using a Nazi death camp slogan, "Work shall make you free" (Arbiet Macht Frie), to explain Giuliani's workfare policy. Nazi methods of extermination included starving and working slave labor to the point of death, under a program called "Vernichtung durch Arbeit" (annihilation through work). 

"The Bell Curve" -

"The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties' Legacy to the Underclass" by Myron Magnet (Editor of MI's quarterly magazine) is the book that strategist Karl Rove called a roadmap to Bush's compassionate conservatism. President-elect Bush told the Wall Street Journal that it was the most important book he had ever read, apart from the Bible. While Governor of Texas, G.W. Bush presided over an unprecedented number of executions by lethal injection, at a rate almost equal to all the other governors combined. He has opposed laws that would prohibit the execution of the mentally retarded and it is a position he still holds, according to spokeswoman Linda Edwards (NY Times 8/7/2000).

Many of the Pentagon's biochemical weapons are pharmaceuticals that are called calmatives, disabling chemicals, nonlethal chemicals, and etc. Donald Rumsfeld was the President and CEO of Searle Pharmaceuticals from 1977 to 1985. He has also served on the boards of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences (biotech company), and the Tribune Company which owns the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Searle was later bought by Monsanto, which was subsequently taken over by Pharmacia. The FTC recently approved the merger of Pfizer Inc. and Pharmacia Corporation, making it one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, if not the largest. Pfizer is purchasing Pharmacia for an estimated 60 billion. John Ashcroft received generous contributions for his campaign as senator (Missouri) from Monsanto, Schering-Plough, AT&T, and Microsoft. Monsanto is the producer of Agent Orange, Aspartame, DDT, Dioxin, Roundup, PCB, Terminator seeds, and other contaminants. Some of the companies that will profit, by manufacturing incapacitating biochemical weapons, are Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Pharmacia, and Pfizer.

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The Monsanto Files -

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Pfizer/Pharmacia Merger: The Biggest Just Got Bigger -

Behind the phony "conservative/Christian" curtain exists a consortium of institutions run by an interlocking directorate of global power brokers. Global politics is under the control of the super-rich, large corporations, and the international bankers. The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs have established a global network of power elites, with institutional affiliations that occupy strategic positions at the upper end of the corporate sector. The mask of religiosity has been invaluable in blinding the public, to the true nature of the activities and interests of the Rockefeller Empire, Hitler, and now Bush. Following in Hitler's footsteps, Bush's war propaganda and twisted "religious convictions" are a cover for fascism and straight out of "Mein Kampf" -

Many descendants, of the architects of Hitler's genocidal apparatus, are carrying forward their ancestors' program of 'race purification' under the pretexts of conservatism, free enterprise, patriotism, education, philanthropy, and pseudo-Christianity through various think tanks, institutions, foundations, and political agendas. People really need to wise up and stop falling for this great deception. True Christians have always been persecuted for their belief and should be outraged that Christianity is being used to deceive and destroy people, of all faiths and races, including real Christians. To be associated in any way with this false Christianity is shameful and shows an extreme lack of spiritual discernment, among other things. These are NOT real Christians and this is NOT the real America. Those who are guilty, of giving America and Christianity a bad name, amuse themselves with our "collective" stupidity.

Behind the Conservative Curtain: Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Fronts for Corporate/Government Takeover (Charter Schools, Character Education & the Eugenics Internationale) -

First there was the Nuremberg Tribunal and now there is the Hague Tribunal, instituted by Dr. Rath's Health Foundation. The purpose of this tribunal is to help put a stop to WWIII before it happens and to call upon governments to submit a formal complaint against Bush, Blair, and the financial interests behind "the business with disease", to the International Criminal Court. The Cartel is charged with starting and conducting a war against all international laws, mass murder, exploitation, plundering of public and private property, and other crimes against humanity in connection with the pharmaceutical business with disease, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of millions of people. Manipulation of the public's health by a power elite composed of financiers, politicians, scientists, and the media has led to a situation, where the side effects of prescription drugs are one of the leading causes of death in the US. The ones who profit from the exploitation and suffering of others must be brought to justice somehow, someway.

Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Ridge, and Rice stand accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and continuing crimes involving the global business with disease. In the pharmaceutical sector the accused companies are Pfizer Inc., Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Amgen Inc., Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories. Corporations accused in the petrochemical sector include ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, and Chevron Texaco. The financial groups behind these corporate multinationals that stand accused include the Rockefeller Financial Group, the Rothschild Group, and the JP Morgan Group. Also included in the complaint are the Trilateral Commission and its members, corporate lobbyists, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and other financial institutions, politicians, national and international bodies, members of the military, pharmaceutical health executives, members of the media, and any other person or organization found to have participated in committing these crimes, or have financially benefited. 

Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity, Committed in Connection With the Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' (submitted to the ICC by Dr. Matthias Rath on behalf of the people of the world) -

We have been tricked into blindly accepting something that our military fought against, not so very long ago. The tricksters try to keep their dirty secrets quietly hidden, while they squelch protesters and strategize how to lead the unsuspecting masses into bondage. I have always wondered how so many German people could worship Hitler and go along with the Third Reich, or simply look the other way and deny the horrible reality. Now that the same thing is happening here, it has become painfully clear how easily people will allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled. However, we are without excuse, for if we have not learned anything from history, we will also surely suffer the consequences. Wake up America!