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Terrorist Acts Organized By Russian Secret Services

Kavkaz Center News

The Press Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) released a statement that the blast near Hotel National in Moscow was organized by Russian secret services. "Terrorism in Russia is organized and directed by Russian secret services and military intelligence for propaganda purposes".

The statement by CRI Foreign Ministry concerning the events says: "It is true that Russian secret services are committing terrorist acts in Russia and other places; they are using their agents of Chechen ethnic background, but they are not succeeding in blaming the responsibility on the Chechen people and on the Government of Chechnya for the grave crimes that the Kremlin commits".

"Government of Chechnya is against violence used against civilians. We repeat, we condemn terrorism in any forms". Foreign Ministry also condemned the position of Western states for not being ready to acknowledge the FSB involvement in the terrorist acts in spite of multiple evidence and proofs.

For instance, Khanpasha Terkibayev, ethic Chechen, one of the organizers of the hostage-taking in the Moscow theater in October 2002, has been working for the FSB. This fact is a direct proof that terrorism in Russia is initiated in the government circles. After the Nord-Ost events in the Moscow theater Terkibayev continued to work at the FSB and in the presidential administration as well.


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