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Inconsistencies of the Saddam arrest story

Bruce Kennedy

Saddam Hussein was true to form until the end. A weak man who used murder, torture and even religion when it suited him to further his secular aspirations of power, Saddam went down like the coward he is - without a fight.

Captured by US forces in a spider hole with two Kalishnikovs and a pistol, he never fired a shot. The man who tried so desperately to portray himself as a great warrior folded his tent and went home when it came down to the final battle - the one that sorts the men from the boys. But did he undertake this humiliation, one that disgraces any legacy he might have hoped for to be viewed as the man who defied America, through a deal with his US backers? Or was he simply to weak to pay the ultimate price?

For months, reports from Baghdad rumored secret negotiations between Saddam and the US. In September, 2003 several reports surfaced that where then quelled by the Washington tout rags, including CNN and Fox News. At a time when George Bush is being accused of everything from war crimes against Iraqis to exercising a reckless disregard for the lives of America soldiers and who is currently seen as virtually incapable of winning re-election for his gang of thugs, could it be that Bush has negotiated with his so-called No. 2 enemy?

Curiously, Saddam had not a scratch on him. If he had been aggressively avoiding arrest, once would expect a cut or two when retreating to a 6 x 8 spider hole. The fact is that Saddam has lived a pampered life, mostly due to the backing of America, and it is not likely he would give that up for a life on the run without three square meals a day if he had a suitable alternative, even at the cost of his legacy.

There are other oddities about his arrest so far including the fact that only two other unnamed Iraqis where with him when he was captured in his home town of Tikrit. Surely a man who has managed to evade a host of enemies for decades has more brains than to hide in the most logical place to find him, his home town, let alone without protection. Where were Saddam's Fedayheen and the security forces that shadow him when all of this was going down? Was the Ace himself, supposedly the target of a country wide search, virtually alone on a farm feeding the chickens?

And of course, there is Time Magazine's exclusive report of what Saddam is saying not even 24 hours after the fact. They claim that along with the AK's and the pistol, he had the $750,000 in cash and a briefcase along with him. The man is on the run, being pursued by 600 special ops, and jumps into the spider hole, supposedly covering himself with dirt to avoid detection but he happens to take his briefcase along with the minutes of his last meeting that conveniently provides a list of names of those involved in resistance in the Sunni Triangle? I suspect as the details of Saddam's arrest emerge, so will more inconsistencies. This is what we have come to expect in US warfare.
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