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Leaked News Network Memo: Staged discovery of WMD will follow Saddam arrest

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Great rejoicing over the capture of Hussein but realists inside the Beltway know that it is purely symbolic.

S. wasn't doing anything but hiding in holes in the ground while others, many not even connected with or sympathetic to him are now running the resistance. He might even be viewed as a martyr because, if the truth is ever known, Saddam used to work for us and never attacked the United States.

Well, the neocons had to have their empire and the Bush supporters had to have their oil so off for a nice, shock and awe war with lots of medals and big military rallies George W. could strut his stuff at. God what an unholy mess he dragged us into!

The media now has to express its very own shock and awe over the superb brilliance over the capture. The SPCA could have done just as good a job.

Now we all expect the Pentagon to fly in planeloads of WMD and "find" them where Saddam told us they were hidden. The question here is who will they get to unload and bury them? GIs are liable to spill the beans, the CIA is too stupid so that leaves George W. and his Bible Buddy Karl Rove to do the work.

Another mysterious trip to Iraq, shovels out and here comes the election!
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