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Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at

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That's right.  God may have created the universe but as far as planet earth is concerned the message to God from the Bilderberg is simply this: "Thanks, but we'll take it from here."

Many researchers find it curious that the Bilderberg plans and even its debates as promulgated by Council of Foreign Relations writings almost completely ignore environmental concerns.  Some believe their generations-old lust to rule the world is so all consuming that they are willing to rule over a dying planet rather than sacrifice their plans in order to stave off global extinction.  Some attribute their lack of apparent concern about the environment to a secret plan to exterminate massive portions of the global population.  Closer analysis proves neither is the case.

The Bilderberg has both a preferred solution to the global environmental problem and a contingency plan.  The contingency plan is described in my article Bilderberg Globalist Environmental Solution (  Briefly, it involves evicting most Americans and placing North America under United Nations control and off limits to all but the rulers of the world and approximately ten million people required to serve them and to operate, guard, and care for the continent.  The land mass and its surrounding oceans would serve as a gigantic filter, effective enough to insure the survival of a prison planet.  Much of extra-constitutional activities that are exposed on this website involve preparations being put in place to carry out that plan.  The laws, delegations of authorities, and personnel indoctrination and training required to repossess vast portions of the country and relocate the population are nearing completion.  Factor in the complacency of the unintelligent masses and it is no exaggeration to acknowledge it is nearly too late to oppose the plan.

However, the Bilderberg would prefer the solution that has worked for over two hundred years.  It is hopeful that the environment can be saved through technology.  Development of new technologies is running a race against the accelerating collapse of planet's marine ecosystems.  Recent news suggests that a major breakthrough has occurred in biotechnology and that the race has tightened.

Remember, the New World Order will consist of seemingly independent, ostensibly democratic nations with capitalist, consumer-driven economies that the Bilderberg can exploit for profit.  That exploitation requires a growing population and increasing per capita consumption.  The Bilderberg will not engage in any act that reduces consumption.  Increasing consumption is generating the environmental crisis the world is largely ignoring.  Given the fact that the opinions of much of population of the United States if not the entire world is manipulated by the Bilderberg through the media, it is no accident that we have ignored the environmental disaster that is gaining momentum all around us.

The Bilderberg's ultimate solution is to substitute itself for God and take dominion over the globe.  Toward that end it is pursuing biotechnology as the answer.  It expects to create organisms that can clean the environment faster than growing consumerism can degrade it.  Laboratories are working to patent life forms that will simultaneously enrich multinational corporations and insure that life on earth remains possible in the face of ever increasing consumption.  The risks inherit in such a strategy are quite disturbing as the condition of the planet rapidly approaches the point of no return.  If these technologies do not succeed, the Bilderberg will have to pursue the solution this website and many other researchers have predicted.  If these technologies do succeed, the further unexpected ramifications of playing God may be just as devastating.

To prevent Bilderberg success, save our country, and avoid the fate detailed in U.S. Citizen Invaders ( will require implementation of the five-step plan outlined in United States of America: Mankind's Last Best Hope (  The fourth step is to stop polluting and to build the infrastructure to clean our environment.  It will cost many of the billions of dollars the three previously detailed steps would save, but we will not survive as a sovereign nation and may not survive as a species if we do not act.  Using our current technology and available labor pool we can clean our environment.  We have the ability if we dedicate the necessary resources.  Unfortunately, experience vividly predicts that the consensus to do it will not be obtained until it is far too late.  Sociologically speaking, we are unlikely to come together in time to save ourselves.

Those who grew up on the shore of Lake Erie watched it go from a pristine playground to an open sewer that nearly died.  As the lake was dying, the country debated whether or not there was a problem at all.  There were a great many studies and a wide variety of opinions just as there are regarding the global environment today.  We came together as one nation and saved Lake Erie.  We were able to do it because an event occurred that eliminated all dissenting opinions.  The day the Cuyahoga River caught fire was the day that marked the end of all debate.  Denial was no longer possible.  Laws were immediately enacted and enforced, resources were allocated, and the lake was saved.

Such a galvanizing event, though inevitable, will not save the planet.  Unlike the oceans, Lake Erie is a relatively small body of water that is replenished rapidly.  By the time a disaster of the proportions necessary to gain the attention of world occurs, the oceans will be well past saving.  Two other lakes in the United States have since been killed by mankind.  Fish carcasses and bones are piled several feet thick on the shore of our Salton Sea, previously a playground of the rich and famous just outside Palm Springs.  Brine shrimp are the only animal surviving in California's Mono Lake, a previously fresh water lake high in the Sierra Nevada range.  Such news has not reached the American public.

The situation in other parts of the world is worse.  What are the chances that North and South Korea will come together to save the Yellow Sea?  The death of the Black Sea illustrates the problem.  That sea is fed by four river systems flowing through many countries that do not border the sea.  As it was dying, the countries that surround it pleaded for a consensus to save it.  Such a consensus could not be obtained and the Black Sea has essentially died.  The Mediterranean is suffering through the earlier stages of a similar predicament.  There are too many countries contributing to its demise.  The history of the sociology of environmental action predicts its death.  The Mediterranean will likely replace the Black Sea as the largest body of water to die.  Only a European consensus can save it, and we all know that has never and will never happen.

The Gulf of Mexico faces a situation similar to Lake Erie.  The United States is the primary polluter, so we have the ability to reach a consensus to save it.  Each summer a larger dead zone grows in the Gulf.  Last summer an area larger than New Jersey was completely devoid of all life.  Great numbers of fish washed ashore.  Locally, it was tragic news and bad for tourism.  Nationally, few outside the environmental movement took notice.  We can expect a galvanizing event in the Gulf of Mexico.  When a shockingly large number of the marine animals wash ashore it will be national news and we will come together to try to save it.  Sadly, it will be too late.  Consider the success of Lake Erie, the death of the Salton Sea, Mono Lake, and the Black Sea, and the approaching death of the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico.  These experiences may convince us to act before the oceans die.  We can not survive as a species without them.

Most have heard or read various opinions and studies about global warming and the population explosion.  Personally, I do not know if the globe is warming.  If it is warming, I do not know if that is a good or bad thing or whether it is caused by man or nature.  In any event, it is not a problem on which the world can reach a consensus.  Population is similar in that regard.  The carrying capacity of the earth is open to debate.  Some do not think it can continue to support the current population while others expect it can support twice that number.  Both groups entirely miss the point.  It is not population but the increase in the rate of consumption that will ultimately doom the planet.  As has been carefully detailed in this series, the Bilderberg vision of the New World Order has the growth of consumption as a primary goal.

Iraq is a case in point.  We pay an Iraqi policeman $60 per month.  The world could easily support billions more people with family incomes of $60 per month.  Once Iraq is stabilized and converted to a capitalist, consumer-driven economy, those same families may be earning $600 per month.  They will consume at ten times the current level.  Increasing worldwide consumption ten fold will have the same effect as raising the population from six to sixty billion at today's rate of consumption.  Such an increase in consumption will likely have a Malthusian result.  Absent new technology, the New World Order will rapidly overwhelm the earth's ability to support life.

This article has attempted to show that consensus has been impossible to achieve in the environmental debate with the lone exception of the success of Lake Erie.  The same nation that achieved that environmental success can choose to stop polluting and to clean its environment.  We can do it because we are one nation, we have learned that lesson, and we can see for ourselves that the oceans are dying.  We can not ignore the problem simply because the controlled media does not report it.  If we fail to act and set an example for the world, global environmental consensus will be impossible.

As of today, the United States remains mankind's best hope to save the planet and fight the New World Order.  It causes me great anguish to write these words, but if we do not act to clean our environment the day will come when we are forced to accept one of the two Bilderberg plans as our last hope for survival.  If the new technologies are not ready in time, rising interest rates will signal that the Bilderberg prison-planet contingency plan is under way.  If the new technologies win the race, media reporting on the impending death of our marine ecosystems will manipulate the public to demand action just as new life forms are patented and ready for introduction into the environment.  In the former case, the Bilderberg will be our masters.  In the latter case, the Bilderberg will replace God and take dominion over the planet.
Bilderberg Almighty

Rick Lacey December 19 2003

The Bilderberg does not plan to stop with the establishment of its New World Order and its semi-secret, behind-the-scenes control over all mankind.  Its plans include total dominion over the planet including its atmosphere, oceans, land, and all creatures whether great or small, existing or yet to be created.