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Iran earthquake triggered by HAARP?

Phase III

Folks, it's just my opinion, but I believe that Iran was hit with an earthquake by means of HAARP, here is why:

I remember reading yesterday (I believe on a link from
Propaganda Matrix and on about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) being turned on at the same time that the terror color alert was issued (HAARP comes on in idle Hi-power mode just after High terror alert issued).

I told one of my friends that I wouldn't be surprised if we started getting hit with earthquakes, volcanoes, or some other condition that HAARP reportedly causes (
HAARP Home Page - Radar Matrix -

I then got a phone call this morning as I was on the way back home, that Iran was hit with a massive earthquake with reported deaths at around 5,000-6,000 (
Iran Quake Reportedly Kills 5,000-6,000). Once I arrived home, I began pulling articles and have found that now the number is estimated more closely to 20,000 (Thousands Feared Dead in Iran Earthquake).

I began talking to my friend Eric Hufschmid about this, in which case he sent me a copy of recent massive earthquakes (
Data of MAJOR Earthquakes within the past 5 days)... NOTICE HOW THERE HAVE BEEN 8 MAJOR EARTHQUAKES (7 listed on the article, 8 listed on the Govt's website) THAT HAVE BEEN OCCURRING SINCE DECEMBER 21st?! BUT YET THE NEWS IS TRYING TO WHITEWASH THIS BY LISTING MAJOR EARTHQUAKES SINCE 1923, AS IF THIS IS A RANDOM AND NATURAL OCCURRENCE?! (Raw Data: Major Earthquakes Since 1923). They even go so far as to call it "raw data" --- GIVE ME A BREAK!

I then called my friend and told her that I'm sure there will be a press conference, that will try and justify this as a convenient excuse to invade, er, help Iran (
White House Offers Aid to Iran After Earthquake) --- even though we were gearing up to invade them a while back... (U.S. Accuses Iran of Trying to Make Nuclear Weapons - In-House Memos on Television and Print Media News Presentations - Project for the New American Empire & Archie's Comments)

Now I can only wonder what pre-text we're going to use to go after Syria, since it appears that we'll now use this to get Iran.