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I Heard Diana's Dying Words

Glasgow Daily Record | March 14 2004

Comment: Diana was still alive and would have survived had the ambulance not deliberately passed four seperate hospitals and had it not been going at a maximum speed of only 25 miles per hour.

PRINCESS Diana spoke to rescuers as she lay in the wreckage of her Paris car crash, it was claimed yesterday.

She was conscious and asked questions of a fireman who comforted her, he said.

Carlo Zaglia told how she repeatedly asked: 'What's happened?What's going on?'

His account contradicts official versions of the fatal crash,which claim Diana was too badly injured to speak.

And it will be seized upon by conspiracy theorists who believe her death, hours after the August 1997 crash, was murder.

Zaglia, who did not give evidence to the official investigation, said: 'She could speak, she could hear and her eyes were open.'

He comforted the princess in the wreckage of the Mercedes which had carried her, Dodi Fayed, her bodyguard and Ritz driver Henri Paul.

The Frenchman said: 'She looks at me with these wide eyes and says, 'What's happened, what's happened? What's going on? Show me what's happened.' 'And she looks around but at the moment she was already in serious shock.'

Zaglia said he remembered Diana trying to stand up but finding she was trapped in the wreckage.

She did not cry or complain, he told US television.

The volunteer fireman, who now works as a sports photographer, said he held her hand while rescuers worked to free her.

But it was only when a torch was shone inside that he realised who the injured passenger was.

He said: 'I get up close to that lady, I take her hand and she looks at me.

'And I say, 'Listen, everything is going to be all right. Don't worry, the firemen are here.' The official report into her death concluded that Diana was suffering from massive internal bleeding and she later died from her injuries.

Meanhile, a claim by Dodi's father, Mohamed al Fayed, that MI6 were implicated in the deaths was dismissed yesterday.

At the Court of Session, Judge Lord Drummond Young said that the Harrods owner, who owns Balnagown castle in Ross-shire, had not produced any facts to back up his allegations.

He threw out the bid to have a public inquiry in Scotland into the tragedy which he blamed purely on the high-speed crash.

A coroner's inquest has been launched in England but al Fayed believes its scope is limited and will keep pushing for a public inquiry.

American TV viewers yesterday saw the first broadcast of a film showing Diana giggling and pulling faces for Princes William and Harry as she rehearsed for a speech.
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