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150+ Commonly Prescribed Drugs Could Make You Feel Tired and Run-Down

Christina Sarich 
Prison Planet.com
Aug 8, 2013

According to the National Pharmaceutical Association, there are over 150 commonly prescribed medications [1], mostly those for depression, hypertension and hormone replacement, that are causing chronic fatigue syndrome. (CFS) If you take any of the following medications, they may be causing you to feel endlessly tired, irritable and run-down:

Doctors don’t know what causes CFS [5], so they don’t have specific medications to prescribe for it, even though many of the medications they currently prescribe may be causing it to occur more frequently in world populations. CFS may be an immune disorder that could be boosted by natural therapies that help to promote a healthy immune system like supporting healthy gut flora, or increasing the consumption of important phytonutrients that boost immunity with simple things like Vitamin C.

Some common reasons we feel fatigue are:

Other reasons we may feel overly tired are:

It may be possible to treat chronic fatigue (and numerous other diseases currently being targeted with prescription medications) by actually treating the underlying causes (naturally) instead of nursing them as an overarching generalized malady.

Additional resources:

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This post originally appeared at Natural Society [8]