Exclusive: Bohemian Club Book for sale on Ebay
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Exclusive: Bohemian Club Book for sale on E-Bay

Ebay.com | 16th March 2004

The following is advertised on the auction website Ebay.com as a publication of The Bohemian Club. It features the familiar owl that represents Molech the Cananite God to which Israeli children were sacrificed. As we have exposed, thousands of elite figures have flocked to the Bohemian Grove every Summer for years to engage in bizzare rituals and make decisions that steer world events. The following passage is the book seller's advertisement.

~ 1904 Hoot of the Owl ~ Behr 1st ~ Bohemian Club Californiana ~


by H.H. Behr, M.D.

1904 First Edition

Published by A.M. Robertson, San Francisco

A collection of short humorous essays and addresses. American wit and humor in the Flavor of the Bohemian Club philosophy. Early California.

The titles of all the subjects are given below in the pictures, examples are:

Address In Response To The Introduction At The Bohemian Club


Heroic Deeds of Old Bohemia

Schiller and Goethe as Bohemians

Ancient Bohemians

Letter From The Bear Who Swam Across The Golden Gate and Landed At The Presidio

Many more!

I have included a few pages for your reading so you can get a feel for these unusual addresses.

The Bohemain Club was chartered in 1872. Its founding members represented diverse occupations and included a newspapermen, vintner, printer, artists, actor-manager, poet and a few businessmen, Ambrose Bierce among them. Famous members included Mark Twain and Jack London. The club was best known for its contributions to the visual arts. Many of the artists who joined in the 1870s went on to become "painters who are today recognized as important mid-nineteenth century American artists." The Bohemian Club was most influential in the arts from the 1870s to around 1915.

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The Bohemian hegemony on artistic talent continued through the turn-of-the-century period as a second generation of Bohemian artists, a number of them California-born, returned from European study to Northern California with high ambitions. "These younger painters were joined by a generation of sculptors, designers, architects, and writers -- again, many of them active in the Bohemian Club -- whose cumulative creativity made these years a second and even more brilliant era." It was "an astonishingly rich cadre of artists who had before themselves no less a task than the translation of American civilization, in all its eclectic vigor, to the shores of the Pacific."

I managed to find a great old photo/postcard on the web of a vintage party in 1908 of the Bohemian Club so you can see the type of club it was! (See the last two pictures)

Hardcover with decorated cloth boards, gold gilt on spine and cover, uncut edges, published by A.M. Robertson, San Francisco in 1904, First Edition, Frontisportrait of Behr, 6 x 8, 227 pgs. In excellent condition, nice and tight binding, gold gilt untouched; previous owners signatures on front endpapers. Inside clean.
A wonderful and unusual vintage item for your library!!

Click here for more exclusive photos from the Annals of the Bohemian Club (vol 7), 1987-1996, published by the Grove.