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State Department Spends $630,000 On Facebook Likes

Daniel G. J.
Story Leak [1]
July 7, 2013

Somebody at the U.S. State Department must be feeling very lonely these days. The Washington Examiner reported that the department’s Bureau of International Information Programs spent $630,000 to increase the number of likes that its Facebook pages received.

The money was apparently spent on social media advertising campaigns designed to lure in fans. What this has to do with diplomacy and foreign relations is hard to determine.

If spending $630,000 on social media wasn’t bad enough, the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General spent even more money and time on a report on social media. The Inspector General discovered that the State Department has 150 social media accounts, and those accounts are uncoordinated. Right now, the State Department has 280,000 fans — but only 22,000 are ‘talking about’ it on Facebook.

The Inspector General also determined that the State Department has no strategy for social media. What this really means is that the Inspector General wants the State Department to invest several million of the taxpayers’ dollars on an organized social media effort. In other words, it wants to invest more money on something that is outside the State Department’s primary role of conducting relations with foreign governments.

Full story here. [1]