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Ronald Reagan is one of several former United States Presidents who are or were members of the Bohemian Club. Others include George Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, and Herbert Hoover. Reagan's administration had a strong overlap with the Bohemian Club, several of his cabinet members were also affiliated with the Bohemian Club. This photo was made July 29, 1989 after Reagan was out of office. He did not attend the summer Bohemian Grove encampments while in office. His travelling companion pictured in the yellow shirt is retired U.S. Marine Lt. General Victor Krulak who, along with Reagan, is affiliated with the "Owl's Nest" camp within the Bohemian Grove. Sort of a summer camp for grownups, the Bohemian Grove contains over 100 residential camps with names such as "Lost Angels", "Mandalay", and "Cave Man."
Secretary of State George Shultz (in the dark shirt on the plane ramp) arrived in Santa Rosa on an Air Force jet en route to the Bohemian Grove Friday, July 22, 1988. Traveling with Shultz was then National Security Advisor Colin Powell. This was before Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and before the Gulf War. Shultz is affiliated with the "Mandalay" camp at the Bohemian Grove and attended the summer gatherings while serving as Secretary of State.
Dr. Henry Kissinger, shown here en route to the Bohemian Grove with Drew Lewis of Union Pacific in 1986, likes to attend the Grove gathering and has been featured as a speaker at the "Lakeside Talks" that occur daily during the two-and-one-half week long Bohemian Grove encampment. At the Grove, Kissinger often host guests who have included foreign dignitaries and clients of Kissinger's consulting firm. Like George Shultz, former Secretary of State Kissinger is affiliated with the "Mandalay" camp, as is Drew Lewis.
Former United States President George Bush is seen en route to the Bohemian Grove on July 22, 1993. Bush belongs to the Grove's "Hill Billies" camp whose affiliates include quite a few others who, like Bush, attended Yale University. Bush flew in on Union Pacific Corporation's jet.
After a visit to the Bohemian Grove, Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney (in parka at center of photo) was met at the Sonoma County Airport by an Air Force Gulfstream jet on Sunday, July 28, 1991.
Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and his employer Malcolm Forbes, owner of Forbes Magazine came to the Bohemian Grove in 1989. Weinberger was Publisher of Forbes Magazine at that time. They arrived on Forbes' jet which had the motto "Capitalist Tool" printed on its tail.
Congressman Jack Kemp is greeted at the Sonoma County Airport en route to the Bohemian Grove in 1986. Kemp has visited the Grove several times.
Alan Greenspan (at left) is seen here after a visit to the Bohemian Grove. This was in 1984 before he became Chairman of The Federal Reserve System Board of Governors. At right is Emil Mosbacher, Jr. who is affiliated with the "Cave Man" camp at the Grove.