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2012 London Olympics Will See Deployment Of ‘Copyright Cops’

Darryl Mason
Your New Reality [1]
Sunday, March 7, 2010

The police paid for by the people of London will be deployed during the 2012 Olympics to stop punters carrying “non-sponsor items” into venues.

Moves to safeguard company trademarks and stamp out ambush marketing, to preserve the monopoly of official advertisers and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) logo, are raising concerns among civil liberty groups.

Police will have powers to enter private homes and seize posters [2], and will be able to stop people carrying non-sponsor items to sporting events.

The people of London should tell The Advertising Olympics to go fuck themselves, and immediately start making ‘illegal’ poster art featuring the 2012 London Olympics logo, violating as many copyrights as they please, and hand them out for free on the streets. Or just hang them in their front windows.

It’s not copyright violation if it’s free original art.


Here’s the official logo to get you started :