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Experts question Kelly 'suicide'

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On the day the Hutton Report was delivered to Downing Street amid tight security, doubt among medical experts is growing over whether David Kelly killed himself.

The experts have questioned whether the weapons expert committed suicide after they detailed flaws in the pathologist's explanation for his death.

In a letter to The Guardian, they said the cause of death as presented to the Hutton Inquiry was "improbable" although they said they were not accusing anyone of murder.

The specialists, including a trauma consultant and an anaesthetist, believed Dr Kelly could not have died from cutting his wrist and taking an overdose of painkillers as set out in the inquiry.

Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner, who is considering holding a full inquest into the death, has received numerous letters questioning the account given to the inquiry.

Consultant surgeon David Halpin said he was not accusing anyone of murder but the cut to Dr Kelly's wrist was unlikely to have been fatal.

"The picture is not a happy one. We would like the inquest reopened in this very important case." One of Dr Kelly's closest friends said he had received death threats.

Lord Hutton will deliver a "substantial summary" of the report at 12.30pm tomorrow.

The actual document will then be formally published at 1.30pm, ensuring that it is his statement which will set the tone for the ensuing media coverage.

The Speaker, Michael Martin, will interrupt Commons business at around 2pm so that Mr Blair can make a statement in the House on the report. The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, will make a statement in the Lords.

The widow of Dr David Kelly's also got a copy along with other key players in the inquiry. The Lords will debate the Hutton report next Wednesday.

This is expected to be opened by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer of Thoroton and takes place on the same day as the Commons' debate on the issue.

Dr Kelly was found dead near his home last July after being named as the source of a BBC report claiming the Government "sexed up" a dossier on the threat from Iraq.
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