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‘5,500 foreigners fighting in Syria’

Kounteya Sinha
TNN [1]
April 13, 2013

Nearly 600 Europeans have gone to Syria since early 2011, representing 7-11% of the foreign fighters there in total.

A day after G8 confirmed that Syria had become the hotbed for foreign terrorists [2], the international centre for the study of radicalization has pinpointed the exact numbers. The centre, which is part of King’s College, London has found more than 450 martyrdom notices that have been posted in jihadist online forums [3] around Syria.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in early 2011, the centre estimates that about 5,500-odd foreign fighters have gone to Syria to fight with opposition forces. From Europe,Britain may have exported 134 fighters, Netherlands 107, France 92, Belgium 85, Denmark 78, Germany 40, Ireland 26, Finland 13, Spain 6 and Sweden 5. European countries like Albania, Austria, Bulgaria andKosovo have exported one fighter each to Syria.

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